Photo Mashups: Firefly+TOS & Mad Men+TNG

The photos of the day for today are two great photo-mashups of two great shows re-imagined as two great Star Trek shows. We have Captain Mal Reynolds in the 23rd century and Captain Don Draper in the 24th century. Check them out below.


Serenity Trek

ITL on TrekBBShas come up with a very cool poster for the crew of Joss Whedon’s Firefly re-imagined as the crew of the original Star Trek.

Star Trek: The Mad Generation

While on the subject of TV show photo mashes, here is one that is actually a few months old, but now that Mad Men Season 4 has just kicked off, it is time to check out Captain Don Draper and the Crew of the USS Sterling Cooper Draper Price, as envisioned by


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Its hot in here, must be Summer.

Love the Firefly pic they fit really well as TOS era crew on the edge of the frontier.

err, uh, I like the originals better.

Pete Campbell as Wesley Crusher — that I would like to see!

The TOS/Firefly mashup is almost perfect! Jewel Staite with a communicator looks like she could really be a crew member….

Someone chime in to agree or disagree…
Summer’s red outfit looks like a colorized version of Nurse Chapel’s blue outfit. Her uniform always had a different cut to it.
Am I crazy? (which is probably a separate question)

Rosario in that TOS skirt….mmm, mmm.

Lordie, I do love good lookin’ ladies in TOS unis.

That TOS/Firefly image is now officially my favorite picture in the world in which nobody’s actually naked.

FIREFLY TREK FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That firefly pic is amazing. Someone needs to make that happen

Kaylee in that uniform….Oh my…

“Gosh darn it, Mal, I’m a highly trained medical doctor, not a frontiersman!”

# 7 – “Rosario in that TOS skirt….mmm, mmm.”

That’s not Rosario. That’s Gina Torres. Lawrence Fishburne’s wife.

Shouldn’t Wash and the Rev be redshirts?

Firefly is modern drek, it does not even deserve to lick the slime off of JJ Treks boots, much less the real star trek.

The Firefly image is really great art! You can catch the dynamic of the crew in this still.

I love the Firefly/Trek mash. It’s my new desktop!

Wow, the firefly one is AMAZING. It makes me miss it that much more now. =\

You know having those characters in the TOS universe would be bad -ass.

#20, I wouldn’t complain if somehow such a thing happened, but I think it’d be more appropriate to transplant them into the Star Wars universe, since that’s where Joss Whedon patently drew inspiration from (he’s gone on record saying Mal was drawn from Han Solo, Firefly the Millennium Falcon, etc.). Now I’m waiting for someone to do a mash-up with Mal in full Corellian garb, and Kaylee in Princess Leia’s white gown from A New Hope!

The Firely/TOS mashup is the “old photo” look of it :-)
The Mad Men/TNG is not so good. I mean, Christina Hendricks has much larger chest than that!..

Christina Hendricks is so beautiful and voluptuous. American perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

I always said that if it had of been “Star Trek: Firefly” it may have had a few more seasons…

Quality show which is sorely missed…

Surely it should be the other way round? TOS and Mad Men are both ’60s creations, while the contrast between Firely and the sofa lounge of TNG would be so much funnier!

Wow, Serenity Trek looks so natural its scary!

What ST:Enterprise should have been!

yes yes YESSS! That Firefly pic is excellent! :D I’ve been imagining Nathan Fillion as a Trek captain for a while now. I think he’d be a great fit in the next movie. *wink wink nudge nudge @boborci*

and @15. thebiggfrogg


Love the Firefly/Trek picture!!!! Best one!!!

And forget Nathan as a captain in the next Trek picture. The next project you guys should be looking into is SERENITY 2!!!

The big damn heroes need their big damn trilogy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

…they’d have to allow smoking on the Ent-D, and dump that ‘synthehol’ crap and bring in the real thing….

….who’d be sober enough to drive the thing? I love it!

Firefly was an awesome show.

Mad Men IS an awesome show.

16. Spoken like someone who’s probably never watched the series. If you make a claim like that, you better be prepared to back it up, otherwise you end up looking silly.

I never got to see Firefly during its original run. Are there any networks rerunning it now? has some episodes to get you started Vultan. :-)


Thanks, Techtrekker. I’ll check it out. I did get to see part of Serenity, but I was kind of lost. It would be better if I started from the beginning. It’s too bad SyFy doesn’t run it instead of the nonsense that usually occupies 90% its schedule.

A little while ago I was reading one of the ST: Vanguard novels and there’s this really awesome Starfleet captain whose ship gets destroyed in an epic six-on-one battle (yeah she dies, but she goes out like a total badass!) that would put Papa Kirk to shame. Gina Torres looks like she would’ve been perfect for the role.

Jewel Staite for Mira Romaine in the next Trek movie! :)

LOL. Love the Mad-men mock-up. Its hilarious.

Firefly is available on instant viewing on Netflix, so if you’re a member, it’s “free” (in the sense that whatever cost you pay is built into the membership).

The Firefly image is amazing. and for a second, i almost thought that someone could make it work in STO, but given that Firefly takes place 113 years after STO there be slight discrepancies there. HOWEVER, to imagine the crew in the 23rd century is just pure fun. also, the ship iteself could be designed as the same class the John Bynre used for the USS Fortune in ST:Crew – ‘The Bottle’ (it’s referred to as an older model of vessel, so that would work given that Serenity itself is an older Firefly-class on the show, also the USS Fortune is never given a ‘class’ designation).

if this were to be written/depicted via fan-fic, i can see it now:

USS Serenity, NCC-2517, Firefly-class Federation transport cruiser, ‘assigned’ to routine cargo and supply runs to outer Federation colonies

Captain Malcolm Reynolds, highly skilled Starfleet officer, former Sergeant in MACO division , veteran of several costly engagements with the Klingons

Commander Zoe Washburne, First Officer, former MACO under Sgt. Reynolds, wife to helmsman Lt. Hoban Washburne

Lt. Commander Jayne Kobb, Chief of Security, weapons expert and tactician, often jokingly referred to as ‘Public Relations Officer’ by Capt. Reynolds.

Lieutenant Hoban Washburne, the once laconic Helmsman of the USS Serenity, nicknamed ‘Wash’ by the crew, husband to First Officer Cmdr. Zoe Washburne

Lieutenant Kaywinnit Lee Frye, young Chief Engineer and technician of the USS Serenity, called ‘Kaylee’ by the crew

Lieutenant Inara Serra, well-trained Ship’s Counselor, ‘diplomat’ to foreign worlds for Capt. Reynolds

Doctor Simon Tam – Former Starfleet Physician, wanted by Starfleet Intelligence (more specifically Section 31) for aiding in abduction of his sister River from top-secret Starfleet facility

Chaplain Derrial Book – retired member from Starfleet’s Chaplain Corps, decided to stay with Capt. Reynolds during a trip to the deep-space Federation colony Boros

Crewman River Tam – subject to Starfleet Intelligence experimentation, fugitive from Starfleet Security and Section 31

The stories themselves could be pretty much adapted from the Firefly series. The setup could be that Captain Reynolds and crew are making their usual supply run, and they also happen to be known as ‘vultures’, scavenging through wrecked ships in space to sell on other worlds, when they come across Dr. Tam trying to smuggle his sister who was the victim of Starfleet experimentation, ala Dr. Soong and his eugenics. From there, Captain Reynolds goes rouge, seeking instead to live his life free of Federation bureaucracy and rules. the rest of the crew follows willingly and thus the adventures begin.

ok…i’m done now…

and silly me, Zoe’s last name is ‘Alleyne’…

Re: Firefly TOS


That is all.

That Firefly TOS mash IS inspirational. Although Firefly was inspired by Star Wars, its character cohesion and storytellying style are more similar to old school Star Trek, which is the contrary to modern Trek.

Yup…LOVE the Firefly / Trek pic.

I’ve never seen “Mad Men”, so it doesn’t do anything for me.