Typhon Pact Mini-series Preview – New covers & details

Due to the delaying of the four Star Trek movie novel tie-ins, this summer the world Star Trek books has been all e-book compilations and reprints. However, things swing back into action in October with the first of four 24th century Typhon Pact novels. Details and covers for all four books is now available, so check out a preview of the series below.



Each Typhon Pact novel focuses on a different ship/crew (Enterprise E, Aventine, DS9 and Titan), and deals primarily with a different member of the "Typhon Pact" of enemies that bandied together in the aftermath of events of the "Star Trek Destiny"  trilogy. Details and covers for all the books are now available so let’s take a preview of what is coming in the Typhon pact.

[NOTE: Descriptions and covers may not be final & contain spoilers]

Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game [10/26/10]
by David Mack

A spy for the Typhon Pact—a new political rival of the Federation—steals the plans for Starfleet’s newest technological advance: the slipstream drive. To stop the Typhon Pact from unlocking the drive’s secrets, Starfleet Intelligence recruits a pair of genetically enhanced agents: Dr. Julian Bashir, of station Deep Space 9, and Sarina Douglas, a woman whose talents Bashir helped bring to fruition, and whom Bashir thinks of as his long-lost true love.

Bashir and Douglas are sent to infiltrate the mysterious species known as the Breen, find the hidden slipstream project, and destroy it. Meanwhile, light-years away, Captain Ezri Dax and her crew on the U.S.S. Aventine play a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a Typhon Pact fleet that stands between them and the safe retrieval of Bashir and Douglas from hostile territory.

Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire [11/30/10]
Michael A. Martin

Shortly after making the stunning revelation that it has joined with Federation’s newest adversary—a coalition of galactic powers known as the Typhon Pact—the Gorn Hegemony suffers an ecological disaster. Fortunately, the Gorn had already been investigating traces of an ancient but powerful “quick terraforming” technology left behind by a long-vanished race — a dead civilization that may be responsible for habitability of many of the worlds on the Gorn frontier and beyond. When the U.S.S. Titan begins pursuing this potent technology as well, in the hopes of using it to heal the many grievous wounds sustained by the Federation, it is unclear how dangerous such planet-altering technology can be, even when used with the best of intentions….

Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Rough Beasts of Empire [12/28/10]

by David R. George III

Still on Romulus in pursuit of his goal of reunifying the Vulcans and Romulans, Spock finds himself in the middle of a massive power struggle. In the wake of the assassination of the Praetor and the Senate, the Romulans have cleaved in two. While Empress Donatra has led her nascent Imperial Romulan State to establish relations with the Federation, Praetor Tal’aura has guided the original Romulan Star Empire toward joining the newly formed Typhon Pact. But numerous factions within the two Romulan nations vie for power and undivided leadership, and Machiavellian plots unfold as forces within and without the empires conduct high-stakes political maneuvers.

Meanwhile, four years after Benjamin Sisko returned from the Celestial Temple, circumstances have changed, his hopes for a peaceful life on Bajor with his wife and daughter beginning to slip away. After temporarily rejoining Starfleet for an all-hands-on-deck battle against the Borg, he must consider an offer to have him return for a longer stint. Beset by troubling events, he seeks spiritual guidance, facing demons new and old, including difficult memories from his time in the last Federation-Tzenkethi war.

Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony [1/25/11]
by Dayton Ward

On a diplomatic mission to the planet Andor, Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise-E bear witness to the rank devastation resulting from the Borg invasion. With the reproductive issues that have long plagued the Andorian people reaching crisis level, avenues of research that at first held great promise have proven largely unhelpful, and may well indeed be worsening the problem.

Despite the Federation’s seeming inability to provide assistance and growing doubt over its commitment to a staunch, longtime ally, Andorian scientists now offer renewed hope for a solution. However, many segments of Andorian society are protesting this controversial new approach, and more radical sects are beginning to make their displeasure known by any means available. In response, President Nanietta Bacco has sent the Enterprise crew and a team of diplomats and scientists to Andor to convene a summit, in the hope of demonstrating that the Federation’s pledge to helping Andor is sincere.

But the Typhon Pact is watching, and their interests may very well lead the Andorian people down an even more treacherous path. . . .

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Sounds awesome. The latest books (minus STO) have been great. To bad that DESTINY was not filmed, it would have become the LOTR of the TREK franchise on film, just like it is in the books.

IMHO the much more logical and coherent approach to the post-Nemesis timeline than the “Path to 2409”, and it draws it’s inspiration from history (Cold War). I hope this timeline (Typhon Pact) continues far beyond this surely awesome crossover.

These look good! I might have to look into them.

Looking forward to all 4 books, as I have been an avid follower of all the relaunch series (including Enterprise). I’m hoping they continue the 24th century novels long into the future, but at least to the point where Spock is sent back in time in Star Trek (2009). These stories take place in 2382, and that was 2387, so we still have 5 years before we get there. I liked all the series and am happy to see the stories have continued in novels (since we will likely never see these crews on screen again).

Just a note about the covers: They seemed to have aged the characters more or less appropriately except for Captain Sisko. I know it’s being picky, but he the picture they chose is from his earlier days.

#3: i was thinking that as well… and SPock’s hair should be greyer based on how it was in last years film

I wonder if the actors get any “residuals” from the books? I mean, they originated the characters that the stories are based on.

I can’t wait for new novels to hit. It has been a long dry summer for Star Trek novel fans.

4. NuKirk

It could be that the new Trek universe’s imagery can’t be used on books related to the old universe. Doubtless, there’s a legal minefield where all that’s concerned!

#5–I doubt it. Paramount and or CBS own the rights to all things Star Trek, including the characters. I believe the actors get royalties from the shows themselves (like when you buy DVD’s, etc), but since they did not take part in the writing the books, they would likely not be entitled to any money from the use of the characters they played.

#7–That could be, since now CBS owns all the TV rights and Paramount the movie rights. However, if you notice some books carry both CBS and Paramount logos. Anyway, Spock could look a little older than when we last saw him in Unification, yet not as old as he looked in Star Trek (2009).

isn’t it supposed to be ‘Andoria’, not ‘Andor’?

Every time I see that picture of Tuvok, it makes me laugh. It looks like he doesn’t want to be there.

Andoria is the inhabited moon of Andor from which the Andorians and the Aenar originate.

#10 Have you seem him as “Frank” the doorman on Samantha Who. He plays it with his Tuvok voice. I keep expecting him to pull out a phaser and stun Christina Applegate. As opposed to his role as Principal Franklin on “icarly”, he plays it so differently that you forget he was ever Tuvok.

Wow…they picked the WRONG image of Sisko for that book.

“…After temporarily rejoining Starfleet for an all-hands-on-deck battle against the Borg…”

Arrgghhh, no more Borg!!!! gasp! choke! cough!


I think the description is referring to the events of the “Destiny” trilogy. The book is supposed to catch the DS9 books up to Titan/TNG, much like “Full Circle” did with Voyager. So no new Borg, but another view of a previous Borg event.

Joseph Chapes

What about the Star Wars book covers? In the books, the characters are in their sixties, but they look in their thirties on the covers.

I have no interest in reading these books at all.

#16–Then why comment on them? I have no interest in comic books, so I don’t comment or even read those threads.

I miss the days when they publishers of the Trek novels used to actually hire an artist to create a cover which reflected the story and didn’t just photoshop a picture on some slightly sci-fi like background or have a simplistic drawing depicting some generic pose of characters that shows little creativity. Some of those early covers were beautiful. Now, many of them are boring.

Ya, I wish they had just used a Spock Prime promo photo instead. Adds a bit of a connection.

The Destiny trilogy was a great read and I suggest it to any who haven’t had the pleasure.

Also, bring back bald badass Sisko. No self respecting emmisary of the Prophets fights the Borg with a full head of hair…I mean honestly ;)

Definately looking forward to the new novels and the new Voyager continuation. DS9 relaunch took a bit of a downturn with the last book after the buildup with the novel before it and the amazing cliffhanger ending. Even Enterprise got good in the new books with the Romulan War buildup and the return of an unjustly murdered character.

Finally, Does anyone else notice how JCVD, Arnold Schwartzenneger and Sylvester Stallone are accepted by the American public as hardworking blue collar American soldiers, government agents and sci-fi machines/ppl displaced from their normal time??
…….I find that somewhat humerous…hehehe

#13-I think that image of Sisko is supposed to represent how he looked during the Federation-Tzenkethi war, which is apparently flashed back to in “Rough Beasts of Empire”.

#19-I agree whole-heartedly. I miss the old style covers, many of which WERE very beautiful. The photoshopped floating heads make for boring covers. But, as I understand it, they are CHEAP covers.

okey, all this crap about the photos. I think they look great. Besides I’m a fan of covers that use real photos of the actors, or really well done art that looks like a photo.

i am really looking forward to these books , it has been a very long summer without nay new trek books ( i relise that STO is a new novel however i didnt want to read it as it is on a seperate timeline from the present novels)

and with regards to the covers i wish they would lose the actors pictures on the covers and put some new pictures of the ships …. the enterprise , titan etc and the Aventine which looks dam hot lol

Someone should really tell that Andorian that a mop does not make for a good whig. Or is she just mocking a pink-skin janitor that insulted her? Hmmm… maybe I’ll have to read that one…

Oops, I meant wig, not whig. My political affliation always seems to creep into my comments. ;)

Not the most original covers.

However, I am looking forward to the books. Although from the descriptions, it sounds a bit like two disparate plots are being squeezed together into a number of the books.

27 — yeah those there is a fair share of that in even some of the best TNG episodes (like “Unification”). I assume that the plots will dovetail together at the end.

Books sound good, covers SUCK! Seriously, stop using images we’ve seen hundreds of time. Im a graphic designer, and I’d design these books for free!


Funny, some clients naturally assume we designers work for free.

That is total non canon garbage i saw the last episodes of ds9 and Sisko dies. Why just because spock was resurrected now they bring back everyone in the novels. I mean it was bad enough when they did it with Kirk..

I agree with post 29. they should do painted covers these cgi photoshop jobs/mashups are horrible here as they are on IDW comics Trek.

As the old saying goes:

“You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”

Of course, on this site, it is an antiquated notion!

Anyway, I’m dissapointed that we’ll have to wait a couple of years for the next “Romulan War” book. “Kobayashi Maru” and “Beneath The Raptor’s Wings” were both great reads.

I can’t believe that everyone here is cricising the book covers.

Really, who actually cares?

As long as it’s a compelling read I couldn’t care if they had an empty white cover with the title of the book written in crayon.

If pictures are so important to you, buy a colouring book.

34 Obviously, I care, or I wouldn’t have posted it. Nice of you to insult me over my opinion. Visuals ARE important to me . I have signed Trek artwork by Kieth Birdsong that are some of my favorite displays. I appreciate the aesthetics of beautiful cover art… so apparently that makes me a moron in your opinion. Well woop tee do.

31 – go watch it again. Sisko does not die.

35 You’re over-reacting somewhat. I didn’t say you or any one else was a moron.

What I am saying is that what’s on the cover makes absolutely no difference to what’s inside the book. When it comes to a book writing is what’s important. The best cover in the world wouldn’t alter a rubbish story.

Cover art should always be secondary to the story, especially with post Nemesis Trek novels, it’s not as if they’re going to get any non trekkie readers to pick it up, cover or no cover.

#22–Interesting point abous Sisko and the Tzenkethi War regarding his picture. That does make some more sense now. Also, the new Vanguard books have had some decent covers. For me, the story is of course more important. The covers were nice to look at, but not a critical issue for me.

#31–The DS9 book Unity explains in greater detail the return of Sisko, and is consistent with the explanation given in the final episode as #36 points out. Basically, the Prophets had further work for Sisko after he had been with them in a sort of training. I’m hoping the new DS9 book brings us up to speed on what has been happening on the station since The Soul Key, since there is about a 4 to 5 year gap (perhaps like Kirsten Beyer did for Voyager).

As an aside, I’m wondering if we will ever hear from Odo and the Dominion again. The way the Worlds of Deep Space Nine ended, I thought there would be some continuation there. What happens now? What about the Jem’Hadar? How will they be with the upheaval in the Dominion? Obviously the new novels are focused on the turmoil in the alpha quadrant, what about the gamma quadrant?

Regarding my comment on #18, that should reference 17. It looks like a comment may have been added in between somewhere, bumping some numbers up by one.

#28 – I hope they dovetail together as well. I’m assuming they will.

It’s just when I think of the Romulans, I don’t them of them as a DS9 adversary, being on opposite ends of the quadrant and all.

And I know now how I will be spending my free time this Fall and Winter…

The relaunches opened up a lot of avenues for storylines, as 38 suggests, but budget cuts and restrictions mean I think that we won’t be seeing all storylines put together and rounded off as we might expect.

Wait a minute–Bashir thinks SARINA is his true love?


^ Yeah, exactly why they ended their relationship I’m not sure.

Who wants a series of novels set in the DREADFUL Abrams timeline??? lets just leave things well alone. The newest movie was unbelievably bad. let’s not have our only source of interesting ST material interfered with by al that nonsense??


You have to read the book to understand the pic of Sisko…I agreed with you when I first looked at the cover, but it made sense after reading the 3rd novel in the series.

Thank God books are not canon, they’ve gone from bad to awful!

The latest books including Typhon Pact are dreadful!