Kate Mulgrew Is Ready For More Janeway + Discount Tickets To Her New Off-Broadway Production

Kate Mulgrew, Star Trek Voyager’s Captain Kathryn Janeway, has returned to the stage and is appearing all month in the off-Broadway production  Love, Loss, and What I Wore, and we have details on that including how to get discount tickets. But in a new interview Mulgrew reveals that if she were to ever get the call again to appear in a Star Trek movie, she is ready for that too.


Mulgrew on Janeway’s future

Recently the Kate Mulgrew site TotallyKate gave fans the chance to ask questions of the actress. A dozen answers to fan questions are now available, and one deals with hopes for a future for Captain Janeway.

Q:  If you ever get the chance to play Janeway in an upcoming movie, what is the one thing you would want to convey in that movie that has happened to Janeway since Voyager made it home.
Mulgrew: I think I would convey in the movie Janeway’s inherent inability to grapple with the world. Her world is space and she comes to know this in a startlingly profound way when she is forced to grapple with her existence on earth.

For more, check out the full set of Q&A at TotallyKate.

Janeway was last seen in "Star Trek Nemesis" – Mulgrew ready to play her again

Mulgrew in off Broadway show "Love, Loss, and What I Wore" – discount tickets available

In other Mulgrew news, the actress is currently appearingoff-Broadway in the theatrical production of Nora Ephron and Delia Ephron’s Love, Loss, and What I Wore at the Westside Theatre in New York City through Sunday, August 29, 2010. Love, Loss, and What I Wore  is an intimate collection of vignettes and monologues based on the best-selling book of the same name by Ilene Beckerman, as well as on the recollections of the Ephrons’ friends. The ensemble cast also include’s Smallville’s Allison Mack.

The August cast of "Love, Loss and What I Wore" – Kate Mulgrew, Kristine Nielsen, Jayne Houdyshell, Allison Mack, and Adriane Leonox

Tickets are usually $79, but there is a speical promotion for Kate’s fans with tickets discounted to $45. You can find out more about the play at www.lovelossonstage.com, and to get the discount visit www.lovelossonstage.com/kate


*click here link is: http://www.lovelossonstage.com/kate


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She was brilliant as Katherine Hepburn on Broadway. Just a great actress.

I am curious to see if her character will appear again in the novels after the events in Before Dishonor. Of all the shows, Voyager was the last to grow on me. There were times when Janeway grated on me, but there were times when she could be mischievous and almost motherlike. One thing I liked about Voyager is seeing the characters grow, especially Tom Paris, the Doctor, Seven, and even Harry Kim (though his character also grated on me at times).

Don’t think we’ll ever see Captain Janeway in a Starfleet Uniform again.

Star Trek voyager has always been one of my secret guilty pleasures of the Star Trek Universe. The characters were interesting and the idea of a woman captain had many unique qualities. Kate held her own in the series and created a character that was smart and entertaining. It would be interesting to see the whole Voyager crew in a movie production of Star Trek (especially before they get too old to pull it off). I miss all in incarnations of Star Trek. It would be such a blast for a movie version of all the various series ( Enterprise…Deep Space Nine…and Voyager)…how cool would that be.

Her idea would make a great straight to internet story. I mean that in a nice way. The Net is the proper home for lower budget projects that emphasize character. Kinda livingroom dramas, done in space. I’d watch.

Janeway WAS Katharine Hepburn in space. That was what was so cool about her.

Sorry Kate, but i doubt they’ll ever let your character into the new trek. You’d need time-traveling to get Janeway…. Which isn’t gonna happen for a while in the trek-verse. Time-traveling has been done to death in Trek.

and plus they killed her off in the novels. I no its not official canon atm however while we dont have a show on atm it might as well be lol

“Don’t think we’ll ever see Captain Janeway in a Starfleet Uniform again.”

I doubt we will see Patrick Stewart, George Takei, Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis, Avery Brooks et al in a Starfleet uniform either. That ship has sailed. However, I can see cameos by William Shatner and/or Scott Bakula in the next movie, as they make more sense for different reasons.

As for people asking various former Trek actors if they want to be a new Trek movie, it’s getting tiresome. I know the actors are being honest seeing as how they really cared about their characters, but lets focus on the new actors. I blame the people who ask the question rather than those who answer them.

I thought Mulgrew brought great integrity to a role that could’ve been a disaster. Even though I thought VOY had a lot of ups and downs, Mulgrew’s performance was always consistent and believable, much to her credit.

Of course she is, but no thanx!

Mulgrew still looks very much like the the Captain Janeway we know and love!

I love Kate but someone needs to explain to her the original timeline is no longer being featured because of the new production crew.

13. I’m sure she knows that. She’s just trying to be polite and answer stupid reporter questions.

@8 – And therein lies one of the reasons I don’t want to read these novels. I think that was a terrible idea and if ever, though unlikely, that any old school 24th century Trek found new life on film, I imagine those books would be completely invalidated to allow for characters like Janeway to continue.

@14 – I’m sure she knows that. She also knows she was killed in the novels. Which, have I mentioned, is an idea I am not thrilled about? ;)

However…fun to see Mulgrew and Allison Mack (the best part of Smallville) together. Yay “genre” actors on stage!

Time for a 24th Century TV movie.

Her death in the novels was a little ambiguous. Yes she is physically dead, but her spirit lives on with the Q. And in the world of Star Trek, there are always possibilities. (Don’t forget, the novels did undo the great injustice of the pointless death of Commander Tucker).

Also, I think the point has been made: You can bet money that you will never see Enterprise, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine or Voyager on screen again. It seems rather obvious that CBS (and Paramount) want to leave anything that Rick Berman created or was heavily involved with in the past. The novels are free to pursue any path they want (save Nero and Spock going back in time from 2387), If you want continuing stories of them, the novels are all we have.

@ 13. John from Cincinnati – August 5, 2010

“I love Kate but someone needs to explain to her the original timeline is no longer being featured because of the new production crew.”

Someone needs to explain to you that Janeway, Sisco, Picard, and all of the other trek characters can still exist in the new timeline; their stories would just unfold differently than in the original timeline. Didn’t you notice that all of the usual characters existed in the “Mirror Universe” timeline?

I’m not saying that she should be in future movies, it depends on whether there’s a good storyline reason for her to be there; but there’s no technical reason why she couldn’t be there.

You know, Shes aging very well :-)

I loved Voyager… I watch DS9 in its original run but I was still kinda too young back then to get the ideas. Voyager however was the series I had at the ages of 6 – 13. Its my fondest memories, Voyager will always have a place in my heart (Behind DS9 of course, Deep Space was the first Trek series I completely owned on DVD)

This new timeline are only for the original series characters. Don’t forget, JJ Abrams has noted the other series and movies disconnected for him. Paramount/CBS have no interest in the other shows anymore. That ship has sailed. The Berman era died in 2005, and everything he was involved with died with it. The best we can hope for would be an Admiral Archer cameo.

@20. Damian

Generally I do agree with you, but it should be noted that folks like Robert Orci, who are more well-acquainted with the Berman era and the 24th Century, do exist on the current production team and do have sway. I would discount a 24th Century TV movie or such because the public is now familiar and receptive to this reboot and Trek has once again become somewhat popular in the mainstream world. I wouldn’t discount it 100% though, because a much lower-budget two-hour special or two with people like Orci at the helm, maybe coordinating with Berman or Braga or even Jeri Taylor, could be a money-maker.

Again, I typically find myself believing that logic would dictate Paramount wouldn’t bother, no matter what some of the more hardcore Trekkies think should take place. They’re pouring hundreds of millions into these new films as-is and they know they’ll make their money back threefold there, so pouring even ‘just’ $12 million into a telefilm might seem superfluous to them and they might even consider that it would potentially confuse the average never-seen-Berman-era individual who enjoyed Trek 2009.

Would I love to see something more with Picard, Sisko, Janeway or Archer? Sure. Any of them. Easily. But like you said, that ship has sailed. I just think there’s still a tiny, tiny chance it will happen. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. Not even for a minute.

The Worst captain of the Worst series of the franchise.

She better not be brought back.

And Yes, I think “Voyager” was worse than “Enterprise” despite the extent to which the latter completely blew if not outright ignore already established canon.

I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but I think many people disliked what VOY became, as opposed to what it could (or should) have been. When I first heard about VOY — a kind of Star Trek meets Lost In Space — I found the idea intriguing. Sadly, that concept never really happened, and VOY turned into a slightly warped version of TNG, loaded with too much familiarity, too much Borg, and not enough struggle, difficulty, conflict, or deep-space wonder…

I actually liked Janeway and Voyager.
I think it would be foolish an Juvenile not to mention a bg mistake to put any of the original casts into th JJ abrams vision. It would cheapen the production and ruin the production and possibly ruin the franchise again!


Agreed. It was a cool concept in the beginning, but the voyage home became just a little too comfortable as the seasons progressed. I know it’s Monday morning quarterbacking, but the showrunners really should’ve gone with Ron Moore’s idea of making it a real, bloody fight for survival, with the crew eventually creating their own culture, in essence creating a new home, by the time they reached Earth. It would’ve been a much more satisfying, ironic ending than the “All Good Things…” clone we were served in the end.

Anyway, Mulgrew was one of the best things about the show. Love ya, Kate!

#9…actually Avery might be the one exception to that rule as Sisko could be worked in in a non-time travel way where he got involved while he was up with The Prophets in the nonlinear Celestial Temple…and #22 oh yes lets honor a canon that stated that World War 3 happened in 1996, and where in Kirk’s time the technology looks more antiquated than technology did, ironically, in 1996… -_-

#23…thats because Fuhrer Berman and his Paramount gestapo agents didnt allow the writers freedom of expression in realizing what Voyager was supposed to be, a proto-Battlestar Galactica-meets Farscape… where thru the 7 years, the ship began to fall apart and they couldnt fix it, the Maquis converts among the crew really rebelled and mutinied, where Janeway and Seven were in a lesbian relationship and Tom Paris was really Nicholas Locarno from TNG’s ‘The First Duty’

She was good in her one-woman show about Katharine Hepburn, until she got to the point where she said, “Beam me up, Spence-AHH!”

I want Sisko back, or perhaps Shatner, but pleeeeease noooooooooooo Janeway/Voyager !!!!!!!!!

“I think I would convey in the movie Janeway’s inherent inability to grapple with the world. Her world is space and she comes to know this in a startlingly profound way when she is forced to grapple with her existence on earth.”

Can we get Kate to help write a new movie/miniseries then please? That actually sounds like something worth seeing, even though its something that should have been dealt with at the end of the series…

Keep her away from the films. She was horrible in Voyager. This is my opinion of course. That cameo in NEM was just unnecessary.

Thank god it’s more or less a certainty that she WONT be coming back in the films.

You know Stargate has done well with direct to dvd movies. Perhaps Paramount should consider that with Voyager. That would certainly work for me.

Come on now, can’t the New Voyages folks figure out someway to work her in….

If she ever did appear as Janeway again, it would have to be in some production that included stars from all three TNG era shows. Voyager post-return to earth just seems pointless to me. Voyager is in my eyes the most wrapped up of the TV shows, with DS9 close behind, if any direct to dvd movie should occur surely it has to be TNG, that really deserves a proper ending and is, I’d say, most known bar TOS to the general audience. Even ENT direct to dvd has more of a chance of happening IMO, the whole “before the Kirk and Spock you’re watching now in the cinema…there was…” thing could be used to market it and with any potential Archer appearance in Star Trek 12 or 13 to give a link to it nicely.
Also Janeway in a JJ Trek would take a hell of a lot of story compensation just to fit it in, more time travel and story consuming screen time.

Like the “Shatnerverse” books, there should be a “Mulgrewverse” series.
I love Mugrew and think this would be a wonderful way for her to continue to be creative with the Janeway character.

VOY was a great idea/concept, but it always seemed to stay on the safe side. Still, I liked it very much, and there were some *really* memorable episodes. “Blink of an Eye”—as flawed as it obviously is—is one of the best Trek episodes ever made. “Course: Oblivion”, “Relativity” etc. etc. pp. So much great stuff. A TV movie (or a couple of TV movies) from the original timeline (post-TNG era) would be great—I’d also like to revisit Sisko & Co.—, but… you know, I’m old… what I think and what I want doesn’t count. And I know that I wouldn’t sell. It’s time to move on, and that means leaving the old timeline behind. JJ, Orci & Co. interred it. It’s gone. Accept it. And that also means: Mrs. Mulgrew, Mr. Shatner, accept it!

Voyager Movie….CBS/Paramount……….

“Do it!”

I absolutley love Kate Mulgrew, Every interview i’ve seen her in, she is smart, quik witted and very gracious.
She is a wonderful actress, and her take on hepburn is epic.
I personally wish her all the best in the world! And would love to hear her do an audio play with the premise of Janeway’s personal account of what happened when they got home.

(I meant “quick”) Guess i’m not as smart, quick witted or gracious as Kate

GAH no no no we dont need her absoulutley crazy character or her crazy, idiotic crew back, that era of trek is over hopefully

maybe as a different character yes but god no, no more bat S***t crazy lets strand my crew in the delta quadrant for the hell of it jainway

I have nothing against Kate Mulgrew as a person or as an actress. But I couldn’t stand Janeway, either. Maybe it was the show’s writing that made her so unappealing.

I’d need love to see the Vice Admiral again, but this time, more as the no-nonsense ass-kicking been-there-done-that pragmatist like the alternate future admiral Janeway.

She obviously chose an SF command desk job so she’d never leave earth again and if she really had to go out into space, it’s cuz she meant some serious business and somebody/thing needed some serious ass kicking!

I just wanna see the Voyager crew in their post-Voyager lives/jobs

If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

I couldn’t agree more

While I think that the possibility of a Voyager movie is highly unlikely, if such a production were ever to come into existence, I would be very excited :)

Voyager was a great series, the very one that introduced me to Star Trek, and in my opinion it had a good run for its seven seasons.

The outcome for Janeway in the novels didn’t seem fitting for her, finally meeting her end to something she’d defeated on numerous occasions.

She should become a Q, just saying.

Please, no more Janeway. I could never stand that character.

If you don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all.

42 that kind of attitude led to alot of bad things throught history, especally the brandon bragga era of trek so if you’ve got something bad to say GO AHEAD,

after all complaining does fix stuff because people will listen and do something about it if the complain has merit, ignoring the complaners and not fixing anything did nearly lead to the death of trek after all thanks to voyager, enterprise and nearlty all of the tng films, the biggest offense being generations.

hell I think the only reason why ds9 was so good is because voyager kept the bad writers and bragga pinned down most of the time while they made good humanistic stories in ds9

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no to any of the old actors making an appearance in the sequel. The sequel must stand by itself, which means breaking from the past and telling new stories. This is what I loved about the last Star Trek film – it was a breath of fresh air.

Janeway’s ship has sailed!

Eventually these alternate timeline movies will have to come to and end. I have the perfect ending. Kirk and Crew meet up with an interstellar terrorist who steals some red matter and creates a blackhole. Kirk, in a spacesuit falls through the blackhole and is rescued by the U.S.S. Enterprise of “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and thus the original series and timeline begins again.

Direct to DVD movie!

But it needs a decent budget, not some half-assed effort that is laughed at.

47–Don’t forget, he finds Archer’s prized beagle when there. (Bob Orci has stated he wants him to appear when they are done).

26. NuKirk
“#22 oh yes lets honor a canon that stated that World War 3 happened in 1996, and where in Kirk’s time the technology looks more antiquated than technology did, ironically, in 1996… -_- ”

I have to ask: Are you for real? You are aware that TOS was fiction, and that it was produced in the mid-to-late 1960s, and that it was produced on a limited budget at that time?

Having said that, the established canon was what it was obviously, and you don’t just toss it out the window because you feel the sets look “antiquated” by more modern-day standards. It was clearly established in “Balance of Terror” for instance that cloaking devices were a newly encountered form of technology for Starfleet and the Enterprise crew to have to deal with, so it’s not up to the writers of “Enterprise,” a show which arrived on the scene decades later, and which was touted as being a _prequel_ to the original series, to decide that plot development was of no consequence and should be dismissed simply because they felt like it or were just too stupid to actually know what had gone on in the original series, in which case they had no business producing a prequel series in the first place obviously.

And there’s also the brighter side to all this, since you have a problem with outdated-looking sets: just as the original series underwent a major overhaul concerning its special effects, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that the sets will also be updated at some later point down the line using CGI.