Rocket World Introduces New Star Trek ‘IWG’ Vinyl Figures

One of new licensees that previewed new Star Trek collectibles at Comic Con 2010 was Rocket World, designers of unusual collectibles and art who have applied the Star Trek design to their line of "cute but deadly" IWG vinyl figures. These are now available online, check them out below.


Star Trek IWG figures

Rocket World’s line of IWG figures have a full backstory, based on a future when  "mysterious and benign, extra-terrestrial Astral Overseers put into motion their master plan to help tip the balance of certain inequities on planet earth." This plan involved the mutation of certain animals, giving them intelligence and skills to help protect the planet, creating the "Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo". The three animal team of IWG can be found on figures, shirts and more and now they have been re-imagined as Star Trek figures, with Captain Titus the bear, Commander Affonso the rhino, and Lt. Commander Hannibal the gorilla.

IWG team as Star Trek figures

Each Vinyl and PVC figure is 7” tall and articulated. All three figures come accessorized with Starfleet uniform shirt, Starfleet Insignia, Type II Phaser, Communicator, Tricorder, and a mini plush Tribble.

Click images to see more detail on the new IWG Star Trek figures

Click to see detail on the accessories

Each IWG figure is $50 and available exclusively from the Rocket World website. Rocket World is doing a limited edition of 300 figures for each character. Each figure is boxed and numbered individually.



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