Covers & Excerpts From New Issue Of Star Trek Magazine

Issue 28 of the official Star Trek Magazine should be available on newsstands this week. We have a preview with both covers, interior spreads, and excerpts, including Oscar-winning makeup artist Barney Burman talking about creating aliens for Star Trek. Check all that out below.



Dispelling the Myths on Romulans and Klingons

An extract from an interview with the makeup designer of the 2009 film, Barney Burman.:

Burman’s original plan was to create a distinctive look for the Romulans himself. "We had a 13-week build time for the aliens, because we thought most of our aliens were going to shoot at the end of production,." he explains. However when the script was changed a couple of weeks before shooting started, and a bar scene on Delta Vega populated with different creatures was written out of the movie, the schedule was altered.

"That scene just became the one alien, Deep Roy as Keenser. All of those other aliens that we were going to do had to be made sooner and peppered throughout the film, so our time got cut down even more drastically," he groans. "On average, we had about three weeks to do an alien from nothing to test day and then one week to do any tweaking, if needed."
Since Vulcans and Romulans share a common genetic heritage and therefore both have slanted eyebrows and pointy ears, Burman used other ways to differentiate them. "Nero and the other Romulans were miners, so they were bald to keep their hair from getting dirty as they worked," he explains. "I did some early designs for the Romulans in my shop, but when my workload became too heavy, I hired Joel Harlow to come in and handle them. We all decided it would be best if Joel took over the task of creating the Romulans on set close to J.J. so he could see and direct their progress each day. We set up a makeup trailer for the Romulans, and Joel hired a crew of people to work on that and just did a fantastic job."

2-page spread from Burman interview in STM #28

PropWorx Auction Profile

On August 8, Propworx Inc will auction a vast array of Star Trek props at the Las Vegas Hilton. In this extract from Star Trek Magazine #28, the founder of Propworx and Star Trek collector Alec Peters reveals how the auction came about…

Three years ago I was approached by Star Trek Art Director Doug Drexler, who worked on TNG, DS9 and Enterprise for 17 years. He had amassed a good-sized collection of props and wanted to sell them. Once I started Propworx, it made sense to do a Star Trek auction and I soon found myself talking with Denise and Mike Okuda as well as Rick Sternbach. They all had lots of items they wanted to sell and they loved the idea of doing a great catalog to highlight what they had. We’ve also interviewed each of them about their careers with Star Trek.

Then I spoke to John Van Citters from CBS Consumer Products, who handles licensing for Star Trek, about selling the assets of Star Trek: The Experience, which had been in storage in a warehouse since the attraction closed after its successful 10 year run at the Las Vegas Hilton. We held a warehouse sale for a lot of the items, but saved the best for the auction. This includes a complete bridge set from the Enterprise-D Bridge as well as signs from every attraction on the Promenade including two Quark’s Bar signs. There are really some great pieces of history from The Experience in the auction.

We are all Star Trek fans at Propworx, so the whole auction is a real labor of love. We had a blast designing the catalog. We took design cues from each show for the relevant section and we were able to spread the items out and take whole pages for single items. There are bigger photographs for important items, or more images showing off items from different angles. Fans can download the catalog for free or order one of the collectible hardcover catalogs on our website,

2-page spread from PropWorx Auction preview

More in the Star Trek Magazine

Issue 28 of The Official Star Trek Magazine will be on newsstands this week. It comes with two covers, with one available only in comic book shops.

Regular cover

Comic book shop exclusive cover

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I miss T’Pol.

Can I please have Jolene Blalock as T’Pring in the next movie?

That would be interesting.

More neuropressure treatments?

Instead of Khan, and a Wrath remake, are we looking at an Amok Time remake/update?

Suppose we find out that Spock & T’Pring marry and Spock ends up a henpecked milquetoast character that runs screaming into the Universe, and we find out that’s his real reason for joining the navy? Think of I, Mudd. Imagine the hilarity!

What NO Tuvok on the Cover?

@ #3 Bill Peters: “What NO Tuvok on the Cover?”

That’s the first thing I noticed, too! WTH?!

I don’t even know who that guy on the far right IS (obviously am not a true fan)

I agree with the previous posters. WTH is up with NO Tuvok? Tim Russ made one of the best Vulcan’s.

Burman contradicts Countdown. The Romulans were not bald before Romulus was destroyed.

A BAR SCENE ON DELTA VEGA?! What the hell. Then the Spock = Obi-Wan and nuKirk = Skywalker similarity would have been carved into stone.

I wonder if they’re going to mention Vorik, he always gets ignored.

a dear

5. – That’d be Surak, as portrayed by Bruce Gray in ‘Enterprise’ Season 4. Loved his take on the character – emotionally controlled, yet appropriately charismatic, too. :)

Got to agree with everyone about Tuvok not being on it, though – that’s just wrong. Hell, I’ve noticed that there’s only Enterprise or JJ-Trek characters on that cover:

Soval – ENT
T’Pol – ENT
Nu-Spock – XI
Old-Spock – XI (for all intents and purposes)
Surak – ENT (again, FAIAP)

That’s a really unbalanced line-up – why not stick with four, like this:

Spock – TOS/TMP/TWoK/etc. (any one will do!)
Tuvok – VOY
T’Pol – ENT
Nu-Spock – XI
Surak – ENT (if they really, REALLY had to have 5 on the cover)

Surely that’d be a more …’logical’ line-up?

I really would love to see Jolene Blalock in the next movie. Not as any Vulcan in particular, but it would definitely be sweet to see her again.

Tuvak? What about Sarak? Either, but especially Mark Leonard.

How about a TV series set on Vulcan around the time of Surak. And a Klingon series set around the time of Kahless.

A role in JJ’s next Trek would be a huge boost to Blalock’s downwardly spiraling career.

If she doesn’t get a better agent, she’ll be lucky to appear in ‘Piranha 3-D II: Master Baiters.’

Tuvok? He is from Scandinavia.

The Vulcan Chronicles? Tuvok 170, T’pol 98, Spock 80 + 7

What is that behind subcommander T’pol? A comic reader?

@1: What a great idea…!

@ 11. Excelsior

“That’s a really unbalanced line-up – why not stick with four, like this:”

Spock – TOS/TMP/TWoK/etc. (any one will do!)
Tuvok – VOY
T’Pol – ENT
Nu-Spock – XI
Surak – ENT (if they really, REALLY had to have 5 on the cover)

Yeah! I like this line up. But I would replace either T’Pol or Surak with Sarek. Either version of Sarek. I like both portrayals.

They really wasted a good opportunity with this cover. I would have bought it if it were balanced correctly.

I was never a big fan of Jolene Blalock as T’Pol. (Or in anything else, for that matter.)

I still wonder how it would have played if Marjorie Monaghan (“Number One” from B5) had gotten the role. Any Photoshop “artistes” out there who might do a mock-up of Ms. Monaghan as a Vulcan?

I did not like Voyager, but deny Tuvok his props?

Wrong wrong wrong.

T’Pol rocked.

I hated the Treny face tattoos & I sure as heck hope we never see those Remans in the AR. I alway thought Romulas & Remus were occupied by Romulians only.

Tuvok, Russ a good actor, but I don’t know why they didn’t give him the tradional hair cut (wig).

What’s “Star Trek 365”?
(And yeah… a little Tuvok, and Mark Lenard, would have been appropriate on the cover.)

Bring in Jolene as T’Pring; imagine a subplot where Sarek wants Spock to marry his betrothed for the good of Vulcan, while Spock loves Nyota. He’s already stayed in the Fleet, what does he do in this situation?

24. Weerd1

“Bring in Jolene as T’Pring; imagine a subplot where Sarek wants Spock to marry his betrothed for the good of Vulcan, while Spock loves Nyota. He’s already stayed in the Fleet, what does he do in this situation?”‘

Stay with Nyota. To hell with duty, and daddy. I would go for the hottest chick! LOL!

Why can’t the UK have its own version of Star Trek Magazine and the US their’s?

The magazine does not feel the same in terms of quality nowadays and I will not be getting this issue, its horrible in my opinion.

The UK had its own magazine for 11+ years and then the magazine was ‘streamlined’ and incorporated into one ‘single’ magazine for all readers whether US or UK and it wasn’t a good decision in my opinion.

Hopefully titan publishing will reconsider in the near future and split the magazines to fit with their respective readers.

@11 Im guessing because of the new timeline, the only trek that is still linearf with Trek XI is Enterprise as it was before Nero showed up

I miss Porthos.

Rattling fair layout and excellent subordinate apparatus , precise slight otherwise we exact : D.