Trailer For Chris Pine’s “Unstoppable”

Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new Captain Kirk, will next be seen in the action movie Unstoppable, co-starring with Denzel Washington. The first trailer for this runaway train movie has been released, check it out below, plus an update on Pine’s turn as Jack Ryan.


Trailer for Unstoppable

The story of Unstoppable is based on a true event of a runaway train. Pine plays a rookie conductor who works with a veteran (Denzel Washington) to avert a disaster. The film, directed by Tony Scott, opens November 12th, here is the Pine-tastic trailer.


Pine’s Jack Ryan movie honing in on director from JJ Abrams’ team

In addition to being the new Kirk, Chris Pine has also been tapped by Paramount to head their relaunch of the Jack Ryan franchise. It isn’t yet confirmed, but it appears that production on Moscow, the next Ryan film, could be done before the Star Trek sequel (which goes before cameras next May or June). A sign that things are progressing comes from the New York Magazine’s Vulture Blog which is reporting that Jack Bender is close to sealing the deal to direct Moscow. Bender has spent most of the last decade working for JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof as the primary director and an executive producer on Lost.

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What a stupid premise for a movie! Pine will probably be good, as always!

Denzel Washington? M’eh! Over-rated!

The sooner he can move on to Moscow, the better. This looks like a pretty lame action movie. It probably won’t do more than $40-50 million, considering “The Taking of Pelham 123,” which was infinitely more interesting and had more of a general audience draw, could only muster $65 million.

Pause the video around the 2:09 — 2:10 mark. Is that a cop firing on the runaway train? HA HA!

Yeah, I know it’s taken out of context; he’s probably firing at something else… at least I hope he isn’t trying to shoot out the train’s tires!

Speed on a train! Yep, gonna wait for the Dvd release on this one. Sorry Chris.

Yeah, the trailer looks pretty ho-hum. I love Denzel, but he’s gotta stop working with Tony Scott. (Actually, I liked Pelham 123, and particularly Deja Vu, but still, Denzel should find a new creative partner.)

Pine’ll be fine. Be good additional exposure for him, I suppose.

But Moscow will be way better than this. (Erm, hopefully.)

In the real event this is based on, the train was stopped by “a 31-year CSX veteran” (according to the CNN story). That means the guy is close to 50. I like Chris Pine and all, but why not cast an older guy? That would make the feat all the more impressive. Of course, in the real event, the train was only going 10 mph and the guy just jumped on from a railroad crossing.

Don’t insult Denzel he is fine too

Die Hard on a train, huh? Pass.

CP looks AWESOME!!!…..and Denzel too !!! ….. Of course I go to see this movie!!! ….Cliché or not… I want to see CP!!! … and Star Trek, Moscow.. it’s only in 2012 so I can’t wait !!!!

In 1985 there was a movie called “Runaway Train” with Jon Voight. It was a fabulous movie, and Voight was nominated for an Oscar (he may have won, I don’t recall). We’ll have to wait and see if this film measures up to that one.

I think I already know the whole story line after watching the trailer!

It’ll be the actors who will sell that story, and Washington and Pine are a couple of good ones.

SilverStreak. Now that was good. Gene Wilder to Richard Pryor “My Man! My Main Man!”

I have to admit, this movie looks like its trying to make more out of something then that somethings got. What will save the movie though is the fact the Pine and Washington are pretty damn good actors. Otherwise…

Why all the pretension by everyone all of a sudden? We’re fans of STAR TREK, for God’s sake, not the Criterion Collection.

I would have called in the Air Force and dropped a small bomb on the track in front of the train.

Ever since Crimson Tide I’ve always wanted to see Denzel cast as a starship captain.

Denzel Washington and Avery Brooks must have attended the same acting class. They both are guilty of either whispering or shouting their lines. No in between. Very limited acting range. Weak!

15. You don’t have to be pretentious to recognize (or to be more diplomatic, consider something) a generic and lame-looking action movie.

saaaaay with meee:

traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain WREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECK

I Like Chris. I Like Denzel. But I watched that with slack jawed indifference.

Man, that looks awful. It’s just macho action movie cliches.

I’ll stick with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor in ‘Silver Streak’ for my bi-racial runaway train thrills, thank you very much.

#18 Harry, do I smell a whiff of racism?

#6 – I didn’t think the term “based on” meant exact account of events. Also you forget that Denzel Washington seems to be in charge of this thing with Chris Pine and Denzel will be 56 this year.

24# I completely disagree with Harry Ballz view of both Avery and Denzel but he’s entitled to his opinion without it being implied that he’s a racist. With regards to the original topic, i’ve not been able to get the trailer to work but given that I always enjoy watching Denzel Washington and that I was very encouraged by The performance of Pine in Star Trek I think I’ll be inclined to watch this regardless.

It’s about time trains got featured in an action movie!! It’s too long overdue! Then again I’m a rabid railfan so maybe my opinion is biased a bit.

Either way, it’s a nice break from the same-old same-old car-chase movies. And when was the last time anybody saw a train chase? We see boat chases and car chases and airplane chases and everything…hell, we race every form of transportation (and more) imaginable, EXCEPT for trains. Some people even race turtles, for crying out loud…

No idea why trains always get left out.

#27. There’s been a number of films with trains, including Back to the Future III, the previously mentioned Runaway Train, and Under Siege 2.


Lore, I’m offended by that remark. The colour of a person’s skin has nothing to do with what I think of their acting. It just happens that I see a similarity in their limited acting style. Please don’t go there again.


Thank you, Corinthian7!

Trains. Chis Pine. Denzel Washington. If this didn’t have trains, I’d probably be more inclined to go see it. But it is about a train. Trains aren’t that interesting.

Chris Pine, as much as I love him, can’t make me interested in trains. Maybe if the entire premise of the movie hadn’t been in the trailer, I might have saw the movie, but I can see everything that is going to happen.

# 29. You’re welcome Harry

# 30 Finally watched the trailer and I agree it practically shows the entire story and I hate it when they do that. Still this was always going to be a predictable film bit I’m a sucker for this kind of cheesy fare. Looks like Speed only on a train!

I saw no racism in your comment, Harry. I don’t really understand why anybody would. Worrying.

Didn’t Shatner do a train movie once? I do believe he did, but I can’t remember what it was called.


Thanks, Buzz!

Shatner in a train movie? Was it “The Little Captain That Could”?

Or was it ST:V TFF? Oh, wait, that was a TRAINWRECK!


I do remember it was ok. I think it was a made for tv effort. Or it looked like it was!
I’ll google it when i can be bothered. Or when i finally accept my synapses are just not gona fire correctly to supply me with the answer!
I’m sure it had Coastliner or some such in the title.

Why give away the entire movie in a single trailer? How is that good for the business?

Anyways, it looks like something I’d catch on FX in the future, but nothing I’d pay to see in the theater.

I gave up- but glad my memory hadn’t completely failed me….
Disaster on the Coastliner.,560685

Buzz, you’re thinking of Disaster on the Coastliner, a TV movie made in 1979. The same year as ST:TMP!! Yikes!

Probably the last crappy TV movie that the Shat had to endure making before hitting it big with the relaunch of Trek!

Ah, Buzz, you must have posted two seconds before I did!

Wow, read some of those comments! Trek fans aren’t nerds in comparison to train-spotters (as we call ’em here in the UK).
Good on ’em though.They sure do love their trains!

Here you go Harry….

You will notice, at 25 seconds, that you can buy that film ‘supercheap’ ! Like you were gona pay big bucks for it!
For a tv movie though, it did look like it had a reasonable budget.

Sorry, but just surfing around from that clip and just found this. It did make me chuckle…. apologies for wandering off thread….


Shatner’s “hair” looks good in that clip!

I think this is an interesting movie concept soley on the fact it is based on a “true story”. If it weren’t for that, I might not be interested. I am also interested in seeing Chris Pine’s acting abilities beyond Star Trek.

pmsl laughing at your use of inverted comments there, Mr Ballz.
I’ll never, for one moment, believe you are racist, Harry, but I do detect a definite leaning toward Hairist tendencies, mister. ;-))

sorry, inverted commas!
I wish you could edit this site!

#44. I’d check out Carriers, Bottle Shock, and even Just My Luck, if you really want to see how he handles three completely different genres.

They should call this movie “TRAIN-ing Day.”

Even if this trailer were moderately interesting (which it definately is not), I still couldn’t bring myself to see this in a theater. Movies are SOOOO EXPENSIVE!! My meager wallet screams in protest just walking past a movie theater. I have to save my moolah so I can see Trek 2 a dozen times when it is finally released.

Looks pretty nice to me.

While I’m not a fan of everything Tony Scott’s done, I do like a few of his films.

It’s strange though…I read through most of the negative comments about the trailer here and at other sites, and when I finally saw it, I could only think, “What’s the problem? It worked for me.”

@Harry Balz: you know, I also remember “Disaster on the Coastliner”–glad you brought it up.