VegasCon10: Video Preview Of Sunday’s Star Trek Auction

On Sunday there is going to be a live Star Trek auction at the Star Trek convention (you can also participate online). The original Star Trek memorabilia comes from the collections of a number of Star Trek vets, plus there are a number of pieces from Star Trek: The Experience. PropWorx CEO Alec Peters gave TrekMovie a guided tour of the preview on display in Vegas. Check out the video below.


Star Trek auction preview

Propworx, in association with CBS Consumer Products, are holding the Star Trek auction at Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention at the Las Vegas Hilton (on Sunday August 8th). On the auction block are original props and costumes used in the production of various Star Trek television series and movies, including props, costumes, production artwork, concept drawings, model spaceships and set décor. The auction mostly comes from the collections of Trek art and design vets Mike & Denise Okuda, Rick Sternback and Doug Drexler. PropWorx is also auctioning off a number of pieces from the former Star Trek: The Experience.

One of the interesting things about this auction is that within the over 450 lots are a wide variety of items both in terms of the Star Trek shows they were used on, and more interestingly, in price. Many items, like some original pieces from the 1960’s Star Trek will likely attract high end collectors, but there are also many unique items that will sell for less than $100, like original artwork and crew gifts.

TOS Monitor graphic estimated to sell for $10,000 – $20,000, while ENT crew gift paperweight estimated at $50-$100

Many of the items up for auction can be previewed at the convention and TrekMovie spent some time with PropWorx CEO Alec Peters, who gave us a guided tour of the auction. Watch that video here:

The Propworx Star Trek Auction is being held August 8, 2010 10am – 6pm PST or until all 450 lots are sold. You can learn more and look over the catalog at

Bid Online!

You do not need to be in Las Vegas to bid. You can place bids at


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Going to Dragoncon next month anyone else going?

I hope it all goes to good homes.

. SnugglePuff – August 6, 2010
Going to Dragoncon next month anyone else going


You know, I gotta kind of hand it to Propworx. They have a nice array of items in just about all price ranges. Even the average Joe could afford something from one of these collections. After seeing so many things you know you will never be able to afford it’s nice to see that for a few hundred or even less you might own something from the Trek world. Even if it was a gift to the Okuda’s. Still nifty.

Can Propworx reproduce the Nomad model from Enterprise? That would be something I’d like to get my hands on.

Wow guess they’re determined to sell off every bit of Star Trek history, sad if you ask me.

#6 Because all the older Trek is history, there’s no need for it to be respected by Paramount. The new Trek is where all the billions are. Kick the old Trek it to the curb! Nothings sacred as long as there is money to be made from it!

I wish those videos would actually show the props and not the guy talking about them.

I don’t know why but i would actually love to have the ent-d dedication plaque or maybe voyager’s. There isn’t anything else i would actually want. strange.

i’ll settle for a new show though. lol

Wait, let me check my lottery tickets. If they’ve finally picked the right numbers, I’m on my way.

Stop selling this stuff MB!?!?!?! I hate to quote a late 80’s film here, but …

It belongs in a museum.

Wonder’s what the nevergoingtoactuallybuildthenewexperienceopolis actually has left… :(