VegasCon10: New World Record Set For Costumed Trekkies Set At Star Trek Con [PHOTOS]

In 2010 there has been a wave attempts to set new World Records for the most costumed Star Trek fans in one place. The record had moved all the way up to 507 leading into today’s attempt at the Creation Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. And now there is a new record. Details and photos from the event below. 


New record for costumed Trek fans

Going into the morning there was some concern that even though the official Star Trek convention in Vegas is a big event, the record from FedCon earlier this year of 507 was going to be hard to beat. However, in the end a total of 543 costumed Trekkies showed up to set a new World Record (pending approval by the Guinness Book).

Costumed Trekkies salute to their new World Record

I spoke to Creation president Gary Berman about the new record, he he was very excited about the record breaking morning, saying:

We are really delighted, everyone was extremely supportive. We had people coming from all over the world, and there were some really elaborate costumes. We are really gratified, and we thank everyone who participated. And it was a lot of fun too.

I also asked Gary if this record is beat by someone else (apparnelty there is going to be an attempt at Dragon Con), will they try to beat it again next year, and it appears that he wants Creation want to keep the crown, saying

Absolutely we will try again, we are not letting the title leave Creation, although it may just briefly. But like the Stanley Cup, we will get it back.

Gary Berman (in suit) with record breaking group of costumed Trekkies

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Looks like a blast. wish I could be there!

D’oh! So close! Oh well.

I’ll have to assume that Gary Berman is not related to Rick Berman.

Love the red shirt.

Wow, how much does that guy in the middle, foreground of the top picture look like Frakes? That’s crazy.

She’s cute but it’s a little awkward when Connie is not as big in the chest as Khan. ;)

What do you get with 543 costumed Trekkies in one room?

A new record.

Congrats to Creation! Well done!

Of course fans at FedCon will also try again next year.

cool congrats all! Nice to see Gary again. He helped us out a lot with Sheris Special Needs when we were there in 06—

Hope the con goes out at the Hilton with a big successful BANG this year…Personally I am glad they wont be at the hilton anymoe….since they closed the Experience I have held them responsible n didnt want to spend one more cent there….Even when we went to say goodbye 2 weeks before they closed we stayed at the Imperial palace and took the monorail to visit the experience..i refused to stay at the hilton anymore…and I told them so…

BUT—they held the con there many years and almost 11 years of the experience soooo I guess we can wish em well for the future…..

Keep up the great reporting on the convention Anthony and all—Since it is the last one there….wish I coulda been there..sigh…

Not one good looking woman in the whole group. Bunch of fat cows.

9. Untrue and unkind as well.

Well done. I will be at Dragon*Con, as part of their attempt to break the new record. Huzzah!

My life would be complete if I could find a woman with abs who has a Trek costume…

Geezz there are many beautiful babes of different sizes in those pix–all with gorgeous smiles i would be honored to say hi to any of em-we dont need rude uncaring and untrue comments–


The guy as Jimmy Doohan’s Scotty looks very similar to the character. The person on his left looks a lot like Rene Auberjonais and could have made a convincing Odo!

Great outfits all the way around, and #9, a visit to the eye doctor is in order for you my friend.

HAHAHA that red shirt. XD

Congrats on the record!

Speaking of eyes… I assume the red eyes are from the camera. Or maybe some ringer aliens slipped in. Khanetta (?) is a cutie.

Gee,, those female borg uniforms sure are,,,




I personaly enjoyed all of the photos. And the women oh,the women!!

#9 thats a really crappy thing to say.

There are some serious cuties in many of the pictures.

I guess you like women built like straws or bread sticks.

Or better yet, stone knives and bear skins…

The costumes were amazing. The fan who dressed as Sybok was quite popular.

Some really good work….Gets better every year.

I Grok Spock!

#9 – Having been in Vegas at the con the last 3 days, I can tell you the pictures don’t do justice to the attractive women here. And what’s more attractive than a woman in uniform – especially a ST uniform! That said, I think the outside rarely represents the inside, and there are some awesome people here both inside and out!

Geez! What happened to that redshirt?

Female Khan … ? I just got a vision of the sequel movie :-)

Eve looks fantastic. I need a Kanuto

Just wait until Dragon con 600 + or bust!

Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan is looking very healthy. Nice costume.

Decloaking . . .

Denise! Where the frakk are you!??!

Recloaking. }:-D>

The one of the girl with the Original Series velour top is THE BEST, love that shirt!

Hey, I looked darned good in an original series shirt, but they didn’t take a picture of my side of the room. I hope someone posts more pix! 8-)

Holy Crap – KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!! XD What a babe. The guy who dressed as the red-shirt corpse deserves some kind of medal for awesomeness, it’s still cracking me up!


Where is my picture? I was the only Klingon present three of the four days. And you can’t even mention me?

Khaaaaan Forever – she is great :-) Is it the rebooted Khan from the new movie? :-D

Yah what pix are being shown are really great. I hope Trekmovie shows us lots more pix of the great costumes! WOW!

What is a good female Kahn name


oh yeh mentioning the Velour Shirt just reminds me of Futuramas Capt Zap Branigan and his love of velour heheheh

“…press my best velour uniform, Kiff…”

I had the privilege of being #375 in the record setting attempt. The pictures do not do justice to the level of detail and original thought that people put into them. It is easy to just wear a Starfleet uniform (mine was TOS), but I was so impressed with those that created outfits from scratch that were totally believable. And those are just the ones worn on Saturday, many others showed up the other three days!

BTW, the gentleman who looks like Scotty is a good friend. He isn’t wearing the uniform’s pants in the photo, but he has them. Several years ago, he grew a beard and was the spitting image of Doohan from “Relics”. People at the Con would do a double-take when he walked by. His wife made the costume from watching that episode a zillion times to get the details; kudos to her!

I’m the TOS nurse in the centre of the girls’ group photo (number 141 in the record attempt), and my close friends are on either side of me. The weight comment is appallingly unnecessary.
Anyway, many of the costumes were excellently done, and here I’m impressed with the Cage velour shirt in particular, as well as Nona and Scotty.

What an AWESOME event as always. i am so honored to have been there.

Every costume here is fantastic, every woman looks fantastic, every fan is wonderful here. What a joy to see and meet them all.

Except the commenter Conan1701, who is obviously a total douche.

Awesome job everyone!!! Live long and prosper!

I was there , and it was fan-tastic. I never dreamed that I would be in the guiness book of world records. And to be a part of something I have loved for 40 yrs. makes it very special. I met William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, and Sir Patrick Stewart at this convention. And so many more awsome stars. It was a dream come true for me.

lol im taking a picture of you taking the picture in the second group shot.

I was part of this group. It was a great moment.

The entire convention was awesome.

I am in the second pic down. Cool. Standing on the chair in the far left

I was there somewhere in the crowd. I was #483. It was a great time.

Conan1701, you are a rude individual. Don’t say stupid stuff like that on here, and don’t get mad about my comment because you brought that on yourself by being rude in the first place. Trekkies are supposed to be better than that. Obviously you don’t deserve the title of Trekkie, since you are demonstrating the worst of humanity. Mr. Roddenberry would be very dissappointed in you. You should apologize for your rude comment.

Took a look at the pics and most of them are pretty nice. I’m not sure about the all female group photo though because there is one male character being represented in a group full of all female characters. It just throws the photo off for me. If it had been a male Kirk, I probably would have laughed my butt off! With all those women, what’s a Captain gonna do? “Mr. Spock, you have the bridge, for the rest of the week.” I would have liked to see the female Captain Kirk in a photo with other females “cross dressed” as male characters such as the female Kahn. I would love to see a female Spock, Chekov, Sulu, McCoy, Data, or Worf. That would make for an interesting photo, and story! The Enterprise goes through an annomoly which changes all the male crew members into women! How would they get back to their normal selves. How would Spock act with female horomones! The imagination is a wonderful thing.
One thing that irks me about Star Trek costumers, is the Klingon fans. I wish more of them would take the time and effort to make sure their head appliances matched the color of their skin! It would just make them look so much better! I know it takes time to do this, but effort put into it is really worth it.

I am that “Dead Red Shirt”, and that you for the compliments! I was also #437 in the effort. To think that I hung back to photograph the line, and then more than 100 people followed me!

And many of you are correct, the degree of intricacy, creativity and authenticity in many costumes was fabulous. This was only my second convention, and I see many more in my future.