Video & Photos From Outdoor Star Trek “Naked Time” in Seattle

If you are looking for something to do in Seattle this weekend, you may want to check out live free performances of the Star Trek episode "The Naked Time" in the park. The show opened last weekend and we have video and photos below.


Outdoor Trek "Naked Time" in Seattle this weekend

Hello Earth’s Outdoor Trek presents performances of  “The Naked Time” live in the park for free. Performances will occur at 7:00pm on Saturday August 7th and at 2:00pm on Sunday, August 8th, in Dr. Blanche Lavizzo Park.



Outdoor Trek “Naked Time” in Seattle

Outdoor Trek “Naked Time” in Seattle

Outdoor Trek “Naked Time” in Seattle


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Now THAT’s a uniform! Maybe a remake of “Spock’s Bra”?

Now I know why people think we’re geeks.

That is just SO embarrassing I think I hot stop in record time!

I say amen to the both of ya

That looks like so much fun to perform.

Awesome! TOS + Gender swap+ Accordion = afternoon of entertainment

OH MY! Now that’s a Sulu I would wrestle with!


thanx for sharing

What great fun. I’ll bet it would be a blast watching it in person. Congrats to the company.

Silly, but made with so much passion and hubris, you can’t help but smile at the whole thing. I admire the ‘gender-be-damned’ attitude in the casting. And I loved the cast doing their own sound effects!

Got a laugh out of ‘Mr’. Sulu’s sports bra, too! ; )


I like the hot Sulu (Oh My!) and I love the ‘Old Spice’ lookalike for Bones. “Look at me – now your man – now back at me – I’m on a Starship”

Marvelous, looks like a lot of Fun.

How about some video and more pictures of the outdoor group in Portland, OR? My understanding is they did a much more, erm, professional trouper job….

Silly? Yes. A bit embarrassing? Yes. But those Spock Ears have got to be the best I have ever seen in an amateur setting!

Ha ha! Rickrolling Trek! I love it! :-)

Fun stuff. great to see people having fun and digging TOS!

Dang, Mr. Sulu’s pretty hot! Haha! XD

I dig it.



HA HA HA HA HA, that’s great

Can they recreate it properly….
In the episode, Mr Sulu was topless and all sweaty… ……. “helloooooooooo “

That’s what acting is all about: no fear.

Hats off to the crew of that Enterprise. Did anyone catch the report on NPR about this troupe a couple of days ago? Pretty cool.

Scott B. out.

Saw it last night. They did an excellent job, and frankly, while campier and and gender be damned, they pulled it off. Everyone in the cast did a great job.

And Sulu does look great in a sports bra.

Sure, Sulu is hot. But Chapel, Rand, Uhura and the actress playing Joe Tormolin are all stacked.

Rand’s bra had a containment breach (beneath her tunic) for two acts and that is the most nipple I think Star Trek:TOS has ever seen.

I saw the show last night (in the rain ^_^), and the Portland one opening weekend, and there doesn’t seem to be much a point in comparing them- the approaches were really different. Both were excellently acted and well-staged, but the Portland group had very lush and beautiful production values and very literal casting, whereas this group was fast and loose with the casting and very minimalist with the production aspects. Those don’t seem to be differences in “professionalism” rather than differences in style. I loved both shows and I can’t wait till the country is full of outdoor theater troops playing out their passions.

It reminds me, oddly, of that recent episode of the IT Crowd…