COMIC STRIP: Ensign Sue Must Die #21

In the Ensign Sue Must Die strip, we found Ensign Sue feeling the logical wrath of Spock, and it ended on a cliffhanger. Find out today how it all worked out in strip 21 below.



Ensign Sue Must Die 21: Ensign Sue is brave even staring down a phaser
story by Clare Mosley, art by Kevin Bolk, written by Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk

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Ensign Sue Must Die brought to you here at TrekMovie courtesy of strip creators Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk. All of the Ensign Sue can also be seen at at Pot Luck Comics.

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Bet she’ll turn up again somehow… ;-)

Spock! EMOTION?!? That was priceless– and it made me laugh like crazy!

That’s why he had to kill her

This is one of the best webcomics ever. I went and ordered the hard-copy version from the creators, and love it. I encourage folks here to do the same, and support these talented writers and artists.

I love it that they made Spock left-handed.

“Kobiyashi Maru” indeed! *sporfle* Spock still has some sore spots, it seems!

She’s a Q, she’ll be back.

I bet, the phaser was on stun!! HA, the best episode of this strip so far!

I think my favorite part is that his hand was wavering at first, like he was hesitant. Sort of the “Too…cute…can’t…kill!” thing, up until she opened her mouth. “Spock-kun” indeed.

The stupid flippy phaser is at least unambiguous. Red means kill.

Looks like he was struggling with the idea of killing her until she started talking and said “Kobayashi Maru” Funny!

I love the eye roll in the second panel.

Had she kept her mouth shut, she probably would have survived. But this *is* Ensign Sue we’re talking about.

And yeah, she’ll probably turn up again. Can’t believe they would only let this go 21 strips.

#6: It’s set on ‘Pocket Death Star,’ we saw him set it previously :)

Spock gets over-emotional and kills an ensign with a phaser…excuse me everyone if I don’t join the huge round of applause here. If Gene Rodennberry were alive he would have the Paramount lawyers all over this, and rightly so.

Yeah, just like he did when Spock implied Kirk should kill his best friend in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

Evan Vulcans have thei limits. Ensign Sue probebly has a personal diflector given to her by her Alien best friend at the academy!

No wait! Mirrorverse Spock and our Spock changed places to do the deed

#12: First of all, it’s not Spock, it’s that yuppie guy that only looks like spock from the explosion movie.

Second of all, the humor ward is on the 4th floor, next to radiology.

Oh how I do hate these things

He weren’t joking about pocket Death Star.

Die Ensign Sue!!! But she won’t…

Somebody! Throw her into the Nexus and hope Captain Picard finds her and have HER die protecting the universe and all of that stuff.

@12 If Gene Roddenberry didn’t say anything about the original Mary Sue stories in the 1960s and 70s, didn’t say a thing about the stories in which Spock and Kirk screw like bunnies and the description of certain organs run the gauntlet from forked, double ridged, and tentacled or a combination thereof, I don’t really think he’d have too much of a problem with this. . . and I’m quite sure his estate doesn’t need you to defend it. . .


Well, *I* think Spock blew Mary Sue away bc, without his permission, she used the Vulcan intimate form of address “Spock-kun” (which my fan-girlie side realizes is spelled wrong. Puh-leeze! It’s “Spock-KAM”!)

Of course, she is the product of so many different alien species that the bazillion molecules Spock blasted her into will probably just grow a bazillion more Mary Sues–YIKES!

That being said, I think this was a fun ride of a story that was also well drawn. I especially liked the Mirror Kirk yelling and the Mirror Spock with hand to face. Tee-hee.

@12: Savvik: Humor. It is is a difficult concept.
Kirk: We learn by doing.

No court martial in Starfleet would convict Spock for this. In fact, I’ll bet they’d award him so many decorations that he wouldn’t be able to stand up in his dress uniform.

That is definitely funny especially the quiver at the beginning. Spock’s human side coming out thus letting his moral compass and compassion come out and his logic out the window for a split second. ]

However when Sue says the magic word (Kobyashi Maru), that moral compass goes bye bye. His eyes have that oh no you didn’t bring up that subject again. I definitely feel Spock is still sore about that test.

However if Sue is able to indeed bend space and time, all that ray is doing is giving her a nice tan and be off on her way.

What does it mean? “Spock-Kun?”

is it anything like “itchy witchy-kitchy-coo”


Shut up

“-kun” is a Japanese honorific generally used when addressing children (usually boys; rarely girls) or those below the speaker in a hierarchy. It tends to crop up a lot in the speech of annoying fangirls who write Mary Sue fanfics. They think it makes them sound endearing, which is far from the truth. So the answer to your second question is, in this context, yes.


Obviously the Ensign Sue fans are an intolerant lot. Heaven forbid someone doesn’t agree with them and is critical of the strip. Grow up — not everyone is going to like it, but that doesn’t mean you name call and make references to sick stuff, etc.

MJ: It’s called a parody. Besides, she’s probably some flavor of Q. Reality-bending powers, remember?

Honestly, get a sense of humor.

@MJ: I fail to see the logic in vague references to “name calling” when no one has done such a thing. If you are referring to the comment @ #20, you seem to have committed an error in reading comprehension. Further, it is illogical to take one or two comments and generalize about “Ensign Sue fans” being “an intolerant lot.” Your humor circuit seems to be defective; please report to Engineering to have Cmdr. Scott take a look at it.

For those that don’t understand the Spock-kun thing, “kun” is a Japanese honorific generally used by someone either older of higher social status to male children or male teenagers. It can also be used by a woman who has known the male for an extended period of time or are emotionally attached to. So yes, Spock’s outrage at being referred to as either very young or low status, or in a very intimate manner is, while overblown(as is normal for comics), logical.


Why do you even bother with this thread if you hate the “Ensign Sue” strips so much? Are you jealous of those who are able enjoy this fun cartoon? Do you not understand the concept of ‘humor’? How about next time you just skip the article? Or do you believe that just because you have the freedom of speech you feel it is necessary to bitch about this cartoon and condemn others for enjoying it? And just how the hell do you get off speaking for Gene Roddenberry anyway?

Most illogical.

@29 After 21 strips, it can be assumed that most people clicking the link, and commenting actually LIKES the strip. . . and maybe you are the one who needs to grow up, since you seem to need to draw attention to yourself by being contrary and then feeling persecuted when no one agrees with you. No one called you names, and no one is forcing you to click the link to the strip. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Almost everyone else gets that the strip is a parody of bad cliched stories that have been around from the beginning of Trek fandom told from the POV of the hapless characters who have been forced to star in and endure them for 44 years.

and as for the “references to sick stuff” ie. two characters having sex and some words that have been used to describe alien genitalia have been a part of Star Trek fandom from the very beginning ,and contrary to your opinion that he would sic Paramount lawyers on the fans creating such things, Gene R. did nothing to discourage it; as a matter of fact, he made up the word ‘t’hy’lya’ just to capitalize on that certain segment of fandom that liked to put Kirk and Spock together in a sexual relationship. . .


Wow…why so negative when one person doesn’t agree with you? Why does one dissenting opinion bring out the worst in people? Big deal, I don’t like the Ensign Sue strip. So what? Why such a vitriolic response?

And FYI — I knew Gene Roddenberry and worked with him on pro-space activities in the late 1970’s thru the mid-1980’s. I know that Gene was not pleased with the K/S “adult” element fan fiction then, and I don’t think he would have a good chuckle about seeing a comic strip where Spock murdered a female Enterprise crew member in cold blood (for any reason).

Oh! Did you two have slumber parties and stuff? Did he let you braid his hair?

Wow- are we really getting this worked up over a parody? Is that what Star Trek in general means now is just a reason to argue? How about we all go to our separate corners, and those who appreciate this simple parody enjoy it, and those who don’t stop reading it. The end, bazinga.

@35– naughty naughty Enemyanime! I’m telling on you! ;)

I can’t wait to see the next episode. I’m sure Spock is going to raise BOTH eyebrows over the outcome.

#34 So, GR didn’t like your Mary Sue stories, eh? Don’t worry, parody comic strips aren’t canonical, according to Garp, common sense, Mr. Alexander, and the lawyers at Viacom, CBS, and Paramount. Also, le cutest beagle Porthos XVII, and Brannon Braga’s right butt cheek all approve of Spock attempting to stop universe-altering energy beings masquerading as cute blonde manga chicks.

As a former English professor of mine puts it, he can remember a time when his local drug store stocked sci-fi books in the same section as the comics. Given the reputations of the entire genres, sneering is just elitist.


You’re still here? Don’t you have anything better to do?

I think you have made your point. But you have NO right to say what people should enjoy and what they shouldn’t.

There’s still the Mirror Ensign Sue.

#39: “But you have NO right to say what people should enjoy and what they shouldn’t.”


#34: “Big deal, I don’t like the Ensign Sue strip. So what? Why such a vitriolic response?”

You’re pretending that the response is to you “not liking” it? Wow :)

ah, how nice of you to troll us MJ. Please shut it. We don’t care that you knew GR & Gandi & that little boy who because that really famous gay pr0n star, since everything written on the interwebs -must- be true. It is, in fact. I’m on mars, at this very moment, typing this and sending it via Minmei waves & fold cystrals…


Anyway, i happen to enjoy ESmD, very very much and applaud your efforts. Not much is original anymore, but ESmD certainly is (to me)

but MJ’s trolling (and everyone else’s foolish allowance of his trollage) isn’t.

Hopefully Spock doesn’t create a BLACK HOLE SUE! Her powers would only GROW. The way I see it, her Black Hole Sue powers would allow her to retcon herself into being part (or whole) Q as per #5’s post. Then what? Could she escape the comic strip? Has she already? (Maybe this explains some of the Capt. Janeway writing) Hopefully the Enterprise crew can keep her trapped in the world of fan-fiction, if anyone can do it, it’s them.

Extra super kudos to throwing the manga reference in there. The world needs more bad manga-tized fan fiction like Space Station K-7 needed more tribbles.

The needs of the many, outweigh the the needs of the Sue! XD

Dig it.


I am surprised that Spock used the phaser instead of choking her, but I guess that would be out of character for Spock. >;>}

It is the little touches that make this strip so enjoyable.

Gosh, its a fan comic. Nothing to sue (haha get it? Sue?) over. Gene Roddenberry would probably find this hilarious, as it is meant to be. And Parodies are protected under copyright laws, so if he was alive and didn’t enjoy this, he wouldn’t be able to claim rights to it or give a C&D order.

So I think the complainer (or complainers) need to stop nitpicking and enjoy the humor offered in the comic. Who doesn’t love to see a Mary Sue get killed, but will never die because she might just be a Q? Or even better, she might just be the Goddess of All of the Universe.

We won’t know until she starts breaking the 4th wall and has somebody like Aizen from Bleach appear with his god-like power.

I wonder how many guys wrote Mary Sue-type stories back in their heyday (the 1970’s)? I know I did, back in my teenage-fanzine days (we managed to survive four issues before work and finances got in the way).

As I recall, my Mary Sue was a high-school FOTC (Federation Officer Training Corps) cadet who stowed aboard the Enterprise during a field trip tour of the ship. Naturally, he wound up saving Captain Kirk. I had been, a few years earlier, an ROTC cadet myself in high school, and yes, we took a tour of the Enterprise while it was in port at Alameda.

It was a fairly awful story (I went so far as to have the cadet – who assumed yeoman duties – and Kirk do the Radar/Colonel Blake bit if you remember the old M*A*S*H episodes) but it was great fun to write it and the other ten I ultimately finished before hanging up my typewriter.

As for this series, I love it – it embodies all the best (worst?) of the old Mary Sue stories and puts them into the modern NuTrek era, and does so deliciously. And yes, I have ordered the book.

Roddenberry was a greedy idiot who lied to legit sci-fi writers, wanted the crew of the Enterprise to go back in time to save J.F.K., wrote words to the Star Trek theme song to screw Alexander Courage out of getting royalties, cheated on and beat his first wife, notoriously womanized, did copious amounts of drugs, and worst of all, convinced 90 % of the Star Trek fan-base that he was some kind of VISIONARY! If Roddenberry had any problems with the Mary Sue/slash fiction circulating, it was that he could find no way of making a buck off of it.

Screw Gene Roddenberry. ESmD is fun.