Star Trek Movie Wins DVD Critics Award + ST09 Coming To Netflix Streaming

The theatrical release of JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie did well with the critics and now the home video release has followed suit, winning the top title at the DVD Critics Awards. There is also news that Star Trek may be available soon for Netflix HD streaming.


Star Trek a winner at home

The Star Trek movie home video release won Best Theatrical Title of 2009 at the DVD Critics Awards. This is actually the second big award won for the home video release of Star Trek. Back in January The DEG: Digital Entertainment Group Awards has awarded Star Trek as the best theatrical title of the year.

A full list of winners is available at Home Media Magazine.

Star Trek coming to Netflix streaming

Currently the Star Trek 2009 movie is in it’s ‘pay TV window’ and is available exclusively on EPIX. However, EPIX (co-owned by Paramount) is only available in limited areas. However, Variety reports that EPIX is close to signing a deal with Netflix to bring their movies to Netflix subscribers for HD streaming, including the Star Trek movie. 



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If you haven’t experienced Star Trek on home video yet, what are you waiting for? Here again is the trailer.

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