Star Trek Movie Wins DVD Critics Award + ST09 Coming To Netflix Streaming

The theatrical release of JJ Abrams 2009 Star Trek movie did well with the critics and now the home video release has followed suit, winning the top title at the DVD Critics Awards. There is also news that Star Trek may be available soon for Netflix HD streaming.


Star Trek a winner at home

The Star Trek movie home video release won Best Theatrical Title of 2009 at the DVD Critics Awards. This is actually the second big award won for the home video release of Star Trek. Back in January The DEG: Digital Entertainment Group Awards has awarded Star Trek as the best theatrical title of the year.

A full list of winners is available at Home Media Magazine.

Star Trek coming to Netflix streaming

Currently the Star Trek 2009 movie is in it’s ‘pay TV window’ and is available exclusively on EPIX. However, EPIX (co-owned by Paramount) is only available in limited areas. However, Variety reports that EPIX is close to signing a deal with Netflix to bring their movies to Netflix subscribers for HD streaming, including the Star Trek movie. 



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If you haven’t experienced Star Trek on home video yet, what are you waiting for? Here again is the trailer.

Blu-ray DVD
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Heh, I just finished watching the Trek 2009 DVD again. I’ve seen this movie five times on DVD. The behind the scenes features are great.

Awesome. I have the special Target Blu-ray release with the model of the NuEnterprise as the case for two of the discs that it came with. (There isn’t room for the third disc, which is the digital copy.)

The picture and sound on the Blu-ray are amazing!

Yeah nothing beats the Blu-Ray for me. The HD copy I have at home has better picture quality then some of the actual movie theater screens I’ve seen it on.

I already own it, but after watching that commercial I want to go buy it again.

WOOHOO yet another award for Star Trek!!!!

Don’t have the Blu-ray myself (just the 2 disk SD), but I got it as a Christmas present for my brother who has a Blu-ray player. He loved it.

Glad to see that Trek ’09 has garnered yet _another_ award. Congrats again to the terrific cast and crew!

#1: The behind-the-scenes features really are the best. You can see that they really gave a s*** about making a film that was faithful to what TREK was about.

^^ Yes, and I appreciated Scott Chambliss’s attention to detail. Unlike a certain Star Trek writer I need not name, I think that production design DOES matter. A lot.

I mean, TOS was produced at around the time of “Lost in Space,” the TV series. For some reason, the tech in LIS looks just awful to me, whereas in TOS, the bridge and everything else about the Enterprise is iconic. (They could mute the colors a bit, for example, in the interior corridors of TOS, add some black and chrome, and it would look fine to our sensibilities, I think.)

And LIS was NOT originally a kid’s show when it came out.

And, with all due respect to Robby the Robot, who “starred” in various SF productions, compare him to the design of Nomad, and there is no comparison. With a little updating, Nomad could easily be seen as a credible robot. Robby — not so much.

Production design matters.

Admittedly, I must add, the saucer in LIS was okay, and so were the suspended animation tubes:

But most of the other aspects didn’t live up to those standards, in my opinion.

It was definitely a great DVD/Blu ray set. Trek ’09 was the movie that finally convinced me to buy a blu ray (I was going to eventually get a PS3 anyway) – after I saw it in theaters I said to myself that I couldn’t imagine watching it on a lesser format.

I’m also glad Netflix is adding more great shows/movies to streaming. While I already own all the Stargates and Star Treks on DVD/Blu ray, it’s nice to have those available for when I’m on the road.


Lost in Space? That show was cheap and terrible.

Lost in Space? That show was great when I was a kid.

I actually didn’t mind the remake / movie they made. I thought it was very serious in many respects and kind of a trippy story. And I loved how they solved the problem of where to go when the planet was breaking up.

Yeah, it had its shortcomings. But it was kind of neat.

^^ I’m referring to the LIS movie with William Hurt.

This is the only star trek movie i don’t own on DVD and never will. Because it is set in another tangent and is really just someone elses generic sci fi idea dressed up as star trek.

It was a damn good flick i will admit that, but to me it is not star trek and will never be. Any more than the star wars prequels are star wars films, in my own personal canon those films don’t exist at all.

Wel I luved getting and adding this damned good flick to my star trek movie many other star trek movies can you honestly say are a damned good flick?

Thats why I love trek09


Also Lost In Space…I liked as a kid even had toys from it…

Got the dvds for season one and I havent even watched em all yet…THEY ARE BORING….

I never tire or watching tos. HEHEEH

ALTHOUGH Mr Smith the evil Pedophile, billy mummy and the robot did make a good trio for story ideas, buddy type plots etc and I must admit acting by smith n will were excellent with each other….the rest of the cast, not so good acting wise heheh

I always expected the dad to get into his Zorro costume to save the day but he never did….he was great as Zorro haha

The Home Media Magazine link provided is non-functional.

I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that these awards were one of the final acts of Questex , the company that ultimately backed them?:

which just finished the final dissolution of itself under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. It’s also interesting that QMG, the company formed to execute that dissolution was built out of a partnership of Questex members and Credit Suisse, a company that has its own yearly media event.

It appears that they’ve successfully restructured themselves into a new company largely owned by the former Questex creditors?

And for what it is worth, the former Questex’s awards sponsorships appear to be continuing to go boldly forward:


Interesting….maybe that’s because you’ve seen the series and in your adulthood you know they ain’t a one of them ever going to die by the threats they face?

Not that Allen, himself ,didn’t find the response to his initial pilot movie lacking. He did add the menace of a berserk robot and an enemy agent to spice things up.

I would imagine that modern family men viewing the pilot episode for the first time now might see the Robot as representing a malfunctioning GPS unit and wouldn’t have any trouble getting their blood pressure up over the family’s perils of getting lost with no hope of return.

One thing that puzzled me when the show switched to color for its last two seasons: Allen loved to recycle and reuse his fx shots. But I was of the impression that no color footage was shot for the first season or its unaired pilot movie, and yet ,Allen has Dawson Palmer’s cyclops appear in color (this being before the invention of computer colorization) in those episodes. I’ve often wonder how much color footage exists from the b/w years?

Hm, I’m happy with this however not thoroughly positive, so i’m going to research a little more.