Image of the Day: Cartoon Tribute To Star Trek’s Expendables

Today’s image of the day comes from cartoonist Dave Perillo who was inspired by tomorrow’s opening of the action movie The Expendables, which reminded him of the "the one true expendables"…you know the ones he is talking about.  


The original ‘Expendables’

From Dave Perillo’s blog

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That’s neat, reminds me of the style of cartoons that were popular when I was a kid in the 1960’s…

Saw that on DeviantArt earlier and faved it immediately; it’s just beautiful :) Fun retro style, great energy, awesome use of the colors, etc. Just rockin’.

Yes, I liked that style of cartoon.

Some of that style, though not exactly, can be seen in the “Rocky & Bullwinkle” shows, which some years ago were in re-runs.

Funny stuff.

The 1950’s and 1960’s were a time of invention and fun in art. For example, Google “googie architecture,” and you will see some pretty neat photographs of rapidly disappearing landmarks that incorporated the now-retro “Space Age” look, among other things. The Space Needle in Seattle is used in the Wiki article as an illustration of that style.

Think of it as the “Jetsons” look.

Cute. I like his caricature(?) of Spock especially.

Poor red shirts,,

An early inspiration for Ensign Sue….

Looks great! Nicely done, Mr. Perillo!

To those who love this style of animation/cartooning, check out Amid Amidi’s book, Cartoon Modern. It covers the entire history of the “modern” style of cartooning through the fifties and sixties. Plus, it’s chock full of backgrounds and character designs from that era.

Great toon and yes very retro. More poor redshirts! Their luck never changes

Dave does some great work! Definitely check out his blog if you get a chance. This is the first Trek work I’ve seen, but EVERYthing he does is awesome.

Someone with lots of money and nothing better to do needs to sponsor the creation of an animated short film inspired by this picture … just the “adventures” of the three characters having a landing-party adventure in which the red-shirt is continually fried, crushed, captured and boiled in a pot, used as an antenna, etc while the Kirky guy and the Spocky guy just walk around achieving things and barely noticing the suffering of their sidekick.

Uh, Kirk actually did that in “And the Children Shall Lead”.

…and remeber, the artist, Dave Perillo, is also the co-host of the MegaPodzilla podcast which is available in the I-Tunes store and at ;)

-Krazy Joe (MegaPodzilla co-host)

(there’s always time for podcast pimpage) ;)

He should sell prints of this! Does he? I didn’t see anything about sales on his blog.

Love Perillo’s cartoon, and I love S. John Ross’s suggestion at #10! I can see that animated short in my mind’s eye. Minimal animation. No dialog, just music and sound effects. Lots of visual gags based on timing … I’m with you, man.

Scott B. out.

Very reminiscent of James Flora.

And even kirk is fat here hmm.

It’s odd, but I never realized just how much shorter than Nimoy the Shat is. I always thought Shatner was at least 6 foot, Nimoy closer to 6’4, but he’s actually 6 foot and Shatner is shorter, if you can believe IMDb that is. Short-Man-Syndrome does explain a lot about him though!

Does anyone else hears Henri Mancini’s theme to the Pink Panther?

“Gee, Mr. Peabody, where are we going today?”
“Well, Sherman, we’ll be traveling to the 23rd century…”

Brilliant! Great concept and execution. Would like to see this on a t-shirt!

This will make an awesome T-Shirt and a pink panther type cartoon with the music styled after the TOS theme music and sound effects.

Link is missing the ‘l’ from ‘.html’

Wouldn’t it be great if someone did a Star Trek spoof in which the redshirts mutiny on the enterprise, take over, and star sending down the blue and gold shirts to die.

#23. They can call it. Star Trek Revenge of the Red Shirts. Lol

What really sells it for me, though, is that Kirk’s pressing a Big Red Button marked “Do Not Push…

And Spock looking at him doing so, none too happy, I might add.

Now this in funny and retains the spirit of Star Trek. Ensign Sue creators take note — this is funny and does not bastardize the characters we love.