VegasCon10: Report & Photos From Boys of Enterprise & Xindi Panels

It is time two wrap up our Star Trek Las Vegas celebrity panel reporting with coverage from the last day with stars from Star Trek: Enterprise. Find out what Connor Trinneer, Dominic  Keating, Anthony Montgomery, John Billingsley, Steven Culp, and Matt Winston had to say in our report (with photos) below, along with a short report from the ‘Xindi panel’ as well.


The Boys of Enterprise

On Sunday at the Creation Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, the last Star Trek series was represented by the "Boys of Enterprise" panel with series regulars Connor Trinneer, Dominic  Keating, Anthony Montgomery, and John Billingsley joined by recurring guest stars Stephen Culp (Major Hayes) and Matt Winston (Temporal Agent Daniels). Like with other cast panels, the group showed excellent chemistry with much joking and ribbing amongst the group.

Boys of Enterprise hit the stage in Vegas

In between the ribbing and extensive conversations on bodily functions, here are some of the quotes about their time on Star Trek.

John Billingsley on the cancellation of Enterprise

Glass half empty, glass half full. Frankly given that we were on a network that didn’t support us and the ratings were not great, the fact that we got four seasons was something of a miracle. Honestly, there was a lot of talk that we wouldn’t make it season two. 

Connor Trinneer on Scott Bakula:

I learned everything I know on how to behave professionally from Scott, before I met Scott I was a mess on set. Scott’s demeanor and professional attitude was so easy and seamless to work with. There is one thing I will never know. That guy had two young kids and one of them never slept. I don’t know where that dude learned his lines. He is not human.

Connor on story arc with the death of his sister:

I think that that arc was probably giving voice to, from our show, to what happened after 9/11 and I think that Trip’s mourning his sister had a lot to do with that grieving process. After 9/11 happened I remember talking to my father and saying "what am I doing? does this matter, I am on a TV show". I felt like I should be doing something else with my life, quite frankly – helping. And he said "I disagree, what you are doing is healing – giving people a way to divert their attention from these catastrophic events and put some faith in humanity, which is what your show does.

Steven Culp on Major Hayes:

It was sketchy at first. There wasn’t a lot on the page and I know that the second episode I did, I was kind of like "why am I here?" Because he didn’t have much to say, but I took that as my clue. Man of few words – man of action. It was kind of an experiment with me, almost like a David Mamet kind of character. Someone who is totally defined by his actions.

John Billingsley on if he was intimidated joining the ranks of Star Trek’s famous doctors:

Not really. Obviously I watched the original show and have respect for the history, but when you play a part you play the part and it is your relationship to the words and that guy. I was more concerned about playing a guy with a rubber head every day. That is what scared the hell out of me

Dominic Keating on the role of Malcolm:

It wasn’t until half way through season two that I realized he wasn’t the gay interior designer of the Enterprise…When actors read that three-line character description it was the first time I stepped outside those three lines of who Malcolm was: stiff upper-lip Brit who was hewn from the cloth of old military and that kind of ilk. It was early on in that first season that I thought "I can’t do this for seven years – how naive- let’s step out of the box a bit. So if Dominic thinks something is amusing, then maybe Malcolm does too. And there was one scene in that shore leave in Risa in the bar and it isn’t Malcolm, it is Dominic having a right old laugh. I that is the only time I felt I stepped over the line.  

Culp on his (deleted scene) role as new First Officer Cmdr Madden in Star Trek Nemesis:

I saw it on the DVD and I would like to do it differently – I think I could have played it differently. I wasn’t quite happy with it. I thought I should have been much cockier, so that I could be taken down a peg. I thought I was too earnest and awestruck at being on the Enterprise.

Boys of Enterprise yuck it up but did answer some questions about Trek

Xindi panel

Like with the "Dominion panel" for DS9, creation also put together a panel of actors from the villainous group of Enterprise’s 3rd season, the Xindi with Tucker Smallwood, Scott MacDonald, Randy Oglesby and Rick Worthy. The group who worked together on many "Xindi council" scenes noted that seeing each other out of makeup made it difficult for them to recognize each other at first.

Scott MacDonald talked about how when they first started on the third season the group "weren’t sure how it would go" as there was not a lot of detail from the writers on the background of the Xindi. MacDonald (who played the leader of the reptilian Xindi) said that he and Randy Obglesby (leader of the primate Xindi), who had worked together in the past on stage, worked it out that suggesting "how about if my guys hate your guys." And that this thread was picked up by the writers who worked it into future scripts.

Xindi council reconvenes at Creation Star Trek con

More Vegas Star Con 2010

For more from the con see our full reports:

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I remember reading somewhere before Enterprise’s premier that Malcolm was supposed to be gay. That didn’t seem to develop. Did the writers change their mind? Was it a case of “don’t ask-don’t tell”?

Some great stuff. I only wish Enterprise had lasted another 3 or 4 seasons. The 4th was getting realy good with it tieing in to TOS>

Maybe if the theme hadn’t been so stupid, it would have turned out differently. Probably would have had more ratings from the start. They tried to transition back to Star Trek, by putting the name back into the title, but there were still too many mistakes made in the beginning that were beyond recovery.

Season 5 could have been another whole arc for the Romulan war….if only UPN would have picked it up.

If ever a show deserved to be put out of its misery it was this. I tried to like it but just couldn’t. The lack of any type if chemistry (in my opinion) between the cast as well as too many boring characters in it (Mayweather and Sato been the worst) as well as Neelix 2.0 (Phlox) and the worst ever character in ST, Malcolm, kinda killed it for me. The theme did grow on me, it’s just not ST is all. Four seasons was four too many.

Maybe someone can explain this to me—why were Voyager and Enterprise placed in the network television ratings meat grinder from the beginning and not syndicated like TNG and DS9? It seems those series had more breathing room from being syndicated while not having to worry about the ratings every week on UPN like the latter series. Enterprise did have its share of problems when it first left “drydock” so to speak, but I was just wondering if maybe the cut-throat network ratings game had more to do with its untimely demise than the quality of the program (which had become considerably better in its last season).

Back when it aired, I dropped out after Season 1 of ‘Enterprise’ and didn’t come back until it was suggested to me that “dude, Season 4 is getting totally awesome!”.

They were correct; S4 was everything I’d wanted out of the show. But I was still relieved that I missed out on Season 2 and 3. The whole Xindi arc, at the time, sounded terrible.

However, after all these years, I’ve recently gone back and decided to give it another shot. I picked up Season 1 and gave it a proper run through.

You know what? I enjoyed the hell out of it! I feel awful about bad-mouthing the show all this time; there were some genuinely talented actors here, with some interesting (though occasionally unoriginal) stories. A surprising amount of continuity between the episodes is present, giving a nice feeling of progression, too. That always wins points with me. I detest self-contained syndication-friendly episodes. :P

I’m about half-way through Season 2 and I’m still having fun. It’s a GOOD show, damn it, once you take it on it’s own merits and stop comparing it to every other Trek series made.

I’m not sure what’s changed in my opinion. Maybe it’s because I’m a little older and wiser now, or, more likely, perhaps it’s because it’s not the center of attention anymore and I don’t have to hear people on forums pointing out every flaw.

Looking forward to finishing off S2, and hitting S3. (And eagerly rewatching S4 again. Rawr. :))

Enterprise is being fabulously re-discovered; just sit back and take it for what it is, not what you EXPECTED it to be, and there’s caviar in there. A few mis-steps by the writers, a bit of mis-direction (Temporal Cold War??) but Season 4 was SOLID and I would’ve loved to have seen the Romulan War portrayed at last.

…Hm. Those who worked with Bak on Quantum Leap also alluded to his inhuman levels of energy on set, camera off, even after a day’s worth of physical action. Strange the powers that be think he’s “too old” for the Quantum Leap movie. Ah, well, it may never happen.

Trinneer’s not exactly a hack! Some of the best acting I’ve seen this last decade swirl all around him. Most under-used, under-rated actor out there right now. SOMEone needs to get wise and snap him up. Like, 5 years ago.

8) Seconded. I recall liking it more then others when it was on, but still a bit dubious. Now, after rewatching most of the episodes? I freaking love this show. If I had the magic hollywood card and could bring back one TV show, I might just choose this over Firefly (Spoken as a true browncoat too). While the ‘fly hit hard and fast, Enterprise was a slow burn that was just reaching its brightest spark. I’d love to see more of it, even in comic form (HINT HINT WINK WINK IDW).

One has to remember the point of ENT was the beginning of the trek adventure. Perhaps the let down of seeing “primative” ships a trial and error of doing everthing. The overall learning curve may have been frustrating to watch after being spoiled on TOS TNG when Earth. Hit their stride. A feeling of being established, grounded and experianced. In. The stellar community and handling new challenges with more self assuredness and fewer. Mistakes perhaps fandom did not feel comfortable with ENT. I found it fun and interesting. However there was a lot of lost opportunities for great storylines. Example as one pointed out, the Romulan war. When ENT debut I was sure this would be covered. However the actors from Bakula, on I thought were wonderful. I loved the Tpal/tucker love story too! And watcing Capt Archer struggling at times define the Starship Capt. Trailblazing was what ENT is all about. There were some well character driven stories, Mayweather’s family as Boomers Reed and his military. Family traditions,Phlox ‘s Denobulan whit and charm. If anything. Better utilizations of the cast were needed. ENT had potential that was not used…until. Season 4 . I would have loved to have had a season 5 then we’ been cooking!

Any star trek fan who gave up on ENT, I wish i were you. Because then I could have the joy of watching seasons 3 and 4 of what is a very worthy Star Trek series. The ability to see brand new Star Trek episodes (in HD if you get hd net or stream from is something any trek fan should relish.

Thanks Anthony. That was well said. I’m. Getting my daughterks labtop for the streaming HD experiance. Thanks too for the good advice and you are right.

Loved, and still love, Enterprise. Damn shame it wasn’t given a full run.

I’ve managed to recruit a whole new generation of young Trek fans–and their favorite so far is Enterprise! I got the DVD’s over a year ago and have barely had them in my possession since, they’re getting so passed around as “my” recruits find new recruits.

I think something about the lack of PC (a la TNG) and the grittiness of the show, the ship and language, appeals to this generation. No doubt the eye candy for any preference and situations that show it off haven’t hurt…

On the Xindi panel, I would have been asking Tucker Smallwood more stuff about Space: Above and Beyond which was an incredible show that also met it’s end way too soon.

“Enterprise” is a great series, despite a bit of a slow start in seasons 1 and 2. However, the last six or so episodes of season 2 was when the show started to hit its stride. “Cogenitor”, “Regeneration”, “First Flight” and “The Expanse”. Season 3 was great, and season 4 was flat-out awesome. It was great seeing non-humanoid aliens like the Aquatics and the Insectoids.

Some of my favorite episodes:

“Broken Bow”, “Shockwave Pts, 1 and 2”, “Regeneration”, “Cogenitor”, “First Flight”, “Twilight”, “Similitude”, “Impulse”, “Azati Prime”, “E2”, and all of season 4 except for “These Are The Voyages…”

And I have read two “Enterprise” novels: “Kobayashi Maru” and “The Romulan War: Beneath The Raptor’s Wing”. Both excellent books.


Talking about S:AAB would be as easy as eatin’ pancakes! A lot easier than killin’ chigs!!!

Man, I miss that show.


LOVE the Butts reference! S:AAB was such an epic show. It’s so lame how Fox always cancels such great Sci-Fi shows on their network.

Mark me down as a big ENT fan too! When it first aired my reaction was more like, “I don’t know…they’re not doing things they way I would have done them”. But after renting the whole run and watching it from start to finish? They did some great Trek! You don’t have to wait for Season 4 either. The good stuff was already happening early on!

The cast was incredibly talented and I grew to really believe their camaraderie and chemistry. Was it a perfect show? No, but their batting average was extremely high in my book. Even though it lasted only 4 seasons, it fulfilled the old show biz dictum: Always leave ’em wanting more!!

I’ve just started buying the DVDs. I love ENT!

Great to hear that some of you are rediscovering Enterprise. It was a great show, especially those last two seasons.

I loved Enterprise. My favorite seasons in this order are probably season 1, 4, 3, 2 but it is really hard to say.

If I could only watch one season over and over again, it would be 4.

Enterprise failed because of what John Billingsly pointed out. It was on the wrong network. UPN’s demographics changed significantly since Voyager was canceled. I don’t mean that in a racist way, but when the Wednesday night lineup was Moesha, reruns of Hangin’ with Mister Cooper, and then Enterprise, guess who’s not going to get a lot of viewership? Especially one where the only black actor is so token for the show he didn’t even have a notable quip for this news story.

The reason why CBS is so hesitant to put out a Star Trek series? No more UPN to use as a testing ground. Any future shows will have to go on CBS proper and they are unsure if sci-fi can compete with the major network lineups.


Yeah, “Ray Butts” is the episode I remember best. I mean, how could anyone forget pancakes floating through outer space? And, yes, sadly Fox seems to enjoy canceling great sci-fi shows—S:AAB, Futurama, Firefly… can’t wait to see the next masterpiece that gets the boot…


I love the Trojan horse episode where Wang imitates McQueen.

Smallwood is way better as Commodore Ross than as a Xindi.

Sorry there was supposed to be a link there. Here it is.

S:AAB was what the BSG remake should have been—militant, a bit cartoonish, while portraying the military in a positive light. Oh yeah, those don’t get made in Hollywood anymore… nevermind. Well, DS9 and Enterprise did in quite a few episodes.


I wish there was a way to bring that show back.


Yes, it seems the only reason S:AAB didn’t get some sort of second life like Firefly (Serenity) and Futurama (Comedy Central) did was because it aired just before the internet boom of the late ’90s, so it was too late for Fox and the show’s producers to hear any immediate fan outrage over its cancellation. At least that’s my theory…

Anyway, thanks for bringing up the series. Now I’ll have the theme stuck in my head for the next week. :D

cc 12. Anthony Pascale
Hey Anthony,
I haven’t seen ENT show up in HD on for a while.
Is there a link to get there?

I was there for that. It was good. They were a great bunch of guys. Robert Culp seemed to get most of the questions — and about all his other work. I was the only one in the Connor Trinnear Photo ops who blinked and had to do a second shot. Connor said to me as I rocked up the second time: “it’s just like Ground Hog Day all over again!”

I think what somebody said earlier about Enterprise being taken on its own merits is dead on. The vast majority of stories were terrific, sure there were a few duds, TOS also had some (Spock’s Brain anybody?) as did other Star Trek series. No show can hit the jackpot all the time, but overall it was well done. I like the fact that it pre-dates TOS because it allows for rough edges and mistakes. Remember, in the Star Trek universe, this was Humanity’s first foray into deep space. It took 2 centuries to get to a Captain Picard standard. And besides, I liked the opening theme! There’s nothing wrong with doing things differently. I’m glad people are rediscovering Enterprise, it’s stories worth telling.

Enterprise finally found its footing in season 4 and it kicked some real ass that year.

Imagine what seasons 5-7 could have been.

Another ENT fan here. Watched it from the middle of S-1 til the end.

I watch the DVDs all the time! Connor Trinneer is the one who got me hooked on this show. Whoever posted above about his talent was dead on! I wish someone would wise up and put this guy to work…….pronto!

Half way through the first season our lack of the UPN network here put “Enterprise” on at 11:30PM on Friday nights during the initial run. Needless to say I didn’t watch it until one night I got home early and watched about half of “Twilight” and loved it. I bought all of the DVDs for all 4 seasons and have watched them many times. It’s my second favorite Trek after TOS. Too bad it had to end prematurely.

I like most, stopped watching it when the network moved it around. But now with 3 episodes on daily on HD NET I have recorded and watched them all. It really was a great Trek and deserved better. I would love to see a “Enterprise” movie some time.

#5 Indeed. I dunno if anyone has read the books for the re-launch of the series, but it’s quite good, they’re about 450-500 pages for all of them and I’ve finished each of them in less than a week.