JJ Abrams To Produce “7 Minutes in Heaven” Thriller

Star Trek producer/director has added yet another project to the production slate for his Bad Robot Productions. This time he and fellow Star Trek producer Bryan Burk are developing a new thriller based on the teenage kissing party game "Seven minutes in Heaven" but with a twist. Details below.


JJ Abrams deadly 7 Minutes in Heaven

According to THR, Abrams latest production to go into development at Bad Robot is a thriller based on an idea from Jack Bender, who the main director and an executive producer for Abrams’ ABC series Lost. will helm "7 Minutes in Heaven" which is based on the premise that (according to THR):

two teens who go into a closet as part of the titular game (Seven minutes in Heaven) and find all their friends dead when they come back out.

Abrams and Bender are looking for a writer, with Bender as director. The film will likely be a Paramount production. Bender was also recently reported to be in negotiations with Paramount to direct Chris Pine in the next Jack Ryan movie. It isn’t clear if that is still a go or if this project will take precedent for Bender.

7 Minutes in Heaven is just the latest project to go into the hopper at Bad Robot, along with the recently announced Boilerplate, a remake of Little Darlings, Mission Impossible 4, Super 8 and of course the next Star Trek film (and more). 

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Seems a bit M. Night Shyamalan, hmmmm?

And the killer is…..

M. Night Syamalan!

What a twist!

Can I get six minutes on third base if only the friends I don’t really like have to die?

Frankly, I’m getting bored with “BIG TWIST” movies. Just show me characters I like doing interesting things. Tell a story, instead of beating me over the head with ridiculous plot twists.

A movie that isn’t overly-predictable and filled with plot devices? Now THAT would be a twist.

As long as there are giant bugs involved you can count me in!

(There will be giant bugs, right?)

“two teens who go into a closet as part of the titular game (Seven minutes in Heaven) and find all their friends dead when they come back out.”

Its now official: Hollywood is out of creative ideas. Next up: Movies based on the “classic” outside physical activities ‘Tag’ and ‘Hide and Go Seek’.

Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. But I guess every book, comic book, video game, toy, tv show, older movies have been pillaged.

Time for a new director for the next Trek film. And while we’re at it, can we get better writers you don’t want to put Star Wars into Star Trek?

Red matter black hole vortex duplicate corpses is the big twist. I just saved you 10 bucks.

“Spin the Bottle” – A Supernatural Thriller! “Four friends playing spin the bottle on top of a Ouiji board inadvertantly opens the gates of hell and releases the ghosts of people who died playing spin the bottle. Fun for all ages.”

Seriously folks, I don’t think the “twist” is really the important part here. I think the key word is “THRILLER”. This is most likely going to be a “monster in the dark” kinda movie. Now, whether that be a real monster or just some psychopath, who knows. But seriously, I doubt this is anything beyond the realm of a “B” horror movie. Besides, if you look at the slate of other projects, I think this is just a REALLY CHEAP movie that JJ decided to make for some cash on the side to fund the other projects. AKA – I Know What You Did Last Summer/Scream.

If it’s done well that could be a fun movie to watch.

8. JJ Abrams should have first crack at the director’s chair for the Star Trek sequel under the assumption that he’s still interested. The same goes for the current writers and they’re not putting Star Wars into Star Trek. Some of the writers just happen to be Star Wars fans and make no bones about it.

2. M Night Shyamalan is also involved in the upcoming movie “Devil”. Another killer on his hands with a twist and that is if the movie bombs, at least he can claim he didn’t direct the project