First Look + Exclusive Image From Walter Koenig’s Vampire Comic “Things To Come”

In the last year we have seen William Shatner and Zachary Quinto dip into the world of comics and graphic novels, and now Walter Koenig is jumping in with a new series about vampires plus a re-issue of his 1990’s comic series "Raver." We have more details below, including an exclusive image from the vampire series "Things to Come".


Koenig’s "Things To Come" – Post-apocalyptic Vampires

Walter Koenig is most famous for his role as Pavel Chekov in two seasons of the original Star Trek, and seven Trek feature films. But Koenig has written a novel ("Buck Alice and the Actor Robot"), a comic series ("Raver"), non-fiction ("Warped Factors", "Chekov’s Enterprise") and films ("inAlienable", "I Wish I May"). And now he is returning to the world of comics with "Things To Come", a new comic mini-series novel about vampires

Koenig’s four issue series "Things To Come" promises to be a different take on Vampires, set in a post-apocalyptic world where vampires are the dominant species. The new comic series is being distributed by Bluewater Productions, the same publisher behind William Shatner’s new comics. Bluewater publisher Darren G Davis tells TrekMovie "It’s quite epic. Fans of the genre might think they have seen this premise before, but Koenig’s vision for this is unique, creative and impactful. I am very excited to be a part of this project."

Cover art for Koenig’s "Things To Come" comic series

Two weeks ago, at the Star Trek con in Las Vegas, Koenig spoke about this project saying that even though vampire fiction is the big thing these days, he feels that his story is "a take that I don’t believe has been done before." Koenig also stated that the idea started as a treatment for a feature film, but that he is taking a "somewhat circuitous route" of doing it as a comic series first in hopes that it can lead to being developed later into a film (which is not unheard of).

The cover art for "Things To Come" is being done by GMB Chomichuk, with interior art by Nathan Ooten. The four issue series is tentatively scheduled to debut next spring.

Exclusive interior image from Koenig’s "Things to Come" comic series

Raver reissue

In addition to "Things To Come", Bluewater will also be repackaging Koenig’s first foray into comics; the three-issue series "Raver" originally published in the early 1990’s at Malibu Comics. Raver follows the trials of a reality-bending hero whose psychotic episodes create a nightmare world with real villains and victims. And Norman Walters (Raver) moves from one twisted reality to the next trying to return to his original safe and stable existence.

The "Raver" graphic novel should hit comic book stores and online outlets in 2011 with new material and a new cover by Gregg Paulsen.

New cover for "Raver" re-issue

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If I had all those muscles and no doodle, I’d be Raving mad, too.

You forgot that Walter also played Bester in the Babylon 5 series. But anyway these comics look pretty good. I may have to take a look even though im not a Vampire fan.

i didn’t “forget” i just didnt mention it. I also didnt mention “Moontrap”

Sorry Anthony. I know he has done a lot of great Tv. Also. Star Trek of Gods and Men. he is a very Talented Actor and Writer.

1. Snicker.

I’m so tired of vampires, I could scream. I’m sure Walter’s comic is good, but since freakin’ Twilight, we’ve been inundated with vampires and werewolves.

Having read the treatment, I can assure you – this is no “Twilight.” It is quite amazing!

Having no doodle would cause me to have psychotic episodes, too. With what women go through not having one (monthly, gyn visits, child birth, etc.), I thank the good Lord I have a doodle every day.

Other than the outstanding and thoroughly creepy Swedish movie, “Let the Right One In”, I’m kind of sick of vampires for now. Twilight and its seemingly infinite number of imitators has turned the whole thing into a boring, non-scary, hyper-cliched market for swooning, starry-eyed, teenaged girls only (and maybe some of their mothers). It’s become “Wal-Mart-ized”, frankly.

Too bad Walter Koenig had to throw his hat into this dull and over-mined subgenre. I’m hoping he has other ideas for something a little more original down the road.

These are not the kind of vampires you’ve met before, believe me!

As much as I am sick and tired of vampires, I’m glad that Walter Koenig is continuing to do what he loves to do after the untimely death of his son, Andrew. Whatever we might think of his current projects, you have to admire the man’s will to carry on with his life and career in the face of a heartbreaking tragedy. He’s handled adversity really well and I hope his current projects succeed and bring him joy.

10. I’ve never met any vampires. ; ) Just kidding… ; D

11. Agreed! That was so horrific. It’s good to see him soldering on, poor man.

Didnt walter also write an episode of animated trek,and also did some land of the lost stories?Since Trek he has had a well rounded life with his own wallet, credit cards, keys too–

Go for it Walter!

The theme about vampires is very popular now.) Interesting Walter has changed a theme sci-fi for a fantasy. ) To have different themes in creativity, it is good.)

@1,8 Perhaps he’s wearing a doodle-shielding codpiece, keeping things tightly under wraps, maybe too tightly which is what’s making him rave.

#13 – “The Powers of Matthew Star”, “Family”, “Star Trek: The Animated Series”, “Class of ’65” and “Land of the Lost” (he created “Enik”) are among Walter’s tv writing credits.

#15 – hmm…. that’s the thing isn’t it? Vampires have been fantasy up til now – leave it to Walter to turn it into science fiction….


Maybe Raver is in actuality a woman who took far too many steroids and human growth hormones. Perhaps a former German Olympian! :-)

more like raver has been castrated by the conservative american religious right…