Ensign Sue Must Die: The Finale!

Today we present the finale of the Star Trek movie inspired parody comic strip Ensign Sue Must Die. Find out how it all ends for Sue…or is it the end?



Ensign Sue Must Die Finale: Ensign Sue gets another chance
story by Clare Mosley, art by Kevin Bolk, written by Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk

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According to Ensign Sue co-creator this is "the End… For now" of Ensign Sue.


Buy the book

A full-color 32-page book of the Ensign Sue series is available from Clare Mosley’s site for only $6.00. CLICK HERE TO BUY IT



Ensign Sue Must Die brought to you here at TrekMovie courtesy of strip creators Clare Mosley and Kevin Bolk. All of the Ensign Sue can also be seen at at Pot Luck Comics.

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That´s lovely :)

The End? Oh well, then after this and buying the comic book i guess theres no relevance for Interrobang for us Trek fans anymore LOL

She’s not just Gryffindor, either; she’s half-Slytherin, half-Hufflepuff, half-Ravenclaw, half-Granger, half-Weasley, half-Dementor, half-house-elf … and while it isn’t often mentioned it, she’s the Girl Who Lived, the only other child He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (she’s also half-Riddle) tried to kill and failed to, only it actually happened just before Harry, making her the first, technically.

She could bring Vader to his knees!!!

Mary Sue, the scourge of all universes!

Hey Ghostbusters made it into the comic. The finale or is it??

I can imagine the Bleach universe. (Which would fit Mary Sue. That series is convoluted already. She’d make the perfect wife of Aizen, God Shinigami Hollow Arrancar Vizard King of the universe)

Bleach!Sue is half vizard, a member of the Gotei 13, the only survivor of the Central 46 members, an Arrancar and Espada 000, and a secret member of the Royal Guard and is the Queen of Soul Society and Aizen is the man she fell in love with which makes her have to choose between humanity and the throne or evil, godhood, and the man she loves. But she secretly saves him with her powers of being a Q and God and make him good and human and she brings everybody that died back to life even though Shinigami are already dead…>_>

And she is Ichigo’s long lost half sister because Isshin was married before he left Soul Society.

Man, she gets around.

I hope they continue this.

Can someone list what all those characters are? I only get some of them.

The only ones I came up with, other than Harry Potter, was Star Wars (ech!), Ghostbusters, X-Men, Superman, and TMNT

Oh, and Sonic

Ok here comes out my uber geek. The shows that haven’t been said I see are sailor moon, my little pony, street fighter and superwoman.

How can you not recognize Sailor Moon, Naruto and Little Poney, you old american scholars. :P


@10: I think the one with the scar and the Kendo outfit it’s supposed to be from Avatar (the Nickelodeon Series) not Street Fighter and I think the Cat one is Thundercats

Okay, let me teach you geeks a lesson in true geekery: clockwise from left –

Harry Potter, Star Wars, Sailor Moon, Street Fighter, My Little Pony, Superman (or Girl, whatever), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, Ghostbusters, Avatar: The Last Airbender (I think, the only one I’m not certain of), Sonic The Hedgehog (not Thundercats as she’s holding one of Sonic’s power rings – I believe she is meant to be Princess Sally from the cartoon/comic rather than the game).

Actually, I’m not sure about the Street Fighter one either.

@The Tingler: Victor Hugo was right, it’s Naruto not Street Fighter


Im just glad the Terran Empire is Rid of her. I think.

Hey, they name-dropped Myriad Universes! Nice to see someone paying attention to Trek literature.


And thus, Trek fan fic gives birth to ALL fan fic… I like it!

*claps, long & loud* Bravo! Bravo to a good ending! :D

ROFL, Kirk is holding the beagle in his lap…

To all universes! may all of them be graced by having your own Mary Sue…dead or alive! PS if your universe is without one may some young teen custom write one or conjure one just for you! Right where you live! PSS how bout the stargate world? Been left out! Ok she is col.Mary Sha’rae,Samantha,daniel,O’Niell,Hammond,Landry,Lanae,Mel-doran,etc etc Sue. Can travel galaxies with or without gates! Champion ancient defeated Go’uld,Lucien Alliance,ori,wraith, then crossed over. Defeated Vador, crossed over to Serenity annialated the Reynolds enimies! Saved Inara’s. “Socal club” wrote Shepards serman then crossed back got stuck in the Gate now 2 universes get stuck with her. All before Breakfast!

Love the way this wraps up. I talked to one of the creators and she’s adamant that they’ll only do a sequel if the story is worth it, which you’ve got to respect.

BTW, Mary Sue IRL: http://www.flickr.com/photos/churchhatestucker/4883024608/

*Walks into the chamber*

Ok Sue. Ziggy says that you have to rescue this Potter Kid. He is supposed to marry one of the other women in this place, and if you don’t stop him from falling to his death, the Epilogue at the end of book seven won’t get written. Do what ya gotta Sue…

“Theorizing that one could time travel within her own lifetime, Dr. Mary Amethys Star Enoby Aiko Archer Picard Janeway Sue. stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator, and vanished.
She awoke to find herself trapped in the past, facing mirror images that were not her own, and driven by an unknown force to change history for the better. Her only guide on this journey is Al; an observer from his own time, who appears in the form of a hologram that only Mary can see and hear. And so, Dr. Mary Amethys Star Enoby Aiko Archer Picard Janeway Sue. finds herself leaping from life to life, striving to put right what once went wrong, and hoping each time that her next leap, will be the leap home.”

Oh boy….

forgive me, I had to do it.

#27. That was brilliant. Well Done!!!!.

The Year is 1987 at the John F Kennedy Space Center. A Lone Astronaught. One Capt Mary Sue Buck Rogers took off in her Ship Ranger 3. Then in a freak misshap her controls were frozen and her life support failed and put her in an Orbit that would return her to Earth not in 5 months. But in 500 Years. For 500 Years Capt Mary Sue Buck Rogers Drifted in Space till she was found by the Draconions and one Princess Ardalla.

‘Sailor Sue’??

It just goes to show that there is a little bit of Sue in each of us.

Notice that she still has the fishnet stockings…

Whoa….never ever use all caps old-english font. It plays hell on the eyes.

Kirk you areshole you’ve unleashed hell! Typical.
I love how the comic shows how Star Trek fanfiction inspired fans of other genres to do the same, (including the Sueness unfortunatley).

Nooo! Now we’ll never know if that was God or Q or a crazy fanfic writer.

I’m really surprised in addition to the Stargate world they didn’t pounce on Power Rangers (any incarnation), Doctor Who (they should if possible do a parody of Season 5 as with Mary Sue as Amy Pond it would fit perfectly), Phineas and Ferb (as the character Ashley Tisdale voices, Candace, is similar to Mary Sue already), and so many more LOL

#34- but we only see 11 (12 if you count the original) of the infinite avatars of the Sue! There’s only SO much space on the page for the artist to work with. Babylon 5 Sue, Lost in Space Sue, Time Tunnel Sue, Land of the Giants Sue, Lensman Sue, Green Lantern Sue, BatSue, CatGirl Sue, BunnyGirl Sue, Lassie & Sue, D&D Sue (for EACH Edition!), Neon Genesis Sue, Peanuts Sue, Sue and Hobbes, Lost Sue, Law & Order Sue, CSISue, The Far Sue, Grand Auto Theft Sue, The Sue Team, Lord of the Sues, The Sues Themselves, Known Space Sue, Fibber McGee & Sue, WakSue, AstroSue, DragonBall Sue, 2001: A Sue Odyssey- these are just a hint of the infinite.

A recent article suggests that the Sue may in fact be an ‘Alice (Carrol)’ which has gone through Puberty, in which case it may be that the name ‘Wendy (Barrie)’ has priority. This remains unproven, however, and the rules in Literary Taxonomy are different than those of Biology. ‘Sue’ certainly has priority over the alternative ‘Hitomi’, but probably not over the more limited ‘Hitme’, with its use in fandub parody. The male form of the species is still refered to as a ‘Herbie’, of course.

A bit under-whelmed….sorry.

Thank God it’s over!

Don’t forget Sue: 1999

Plan Sue From Outer Space, Riverworld Sue, Foundation and Sue, I Sue, The Maltese Sue, Planet of the Sues, The Sue and I, Sgt Sue’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Dark Side of the Sue, H. P. Lovecraft’s ChSuelu, 20000 Sues Under the Sea, PS 238 Sue, Swift’s Sue’s Travels, 177Sue, Gundam Sue, MaidSue, Friday the 13th Sue, HentaiSue, ….

How about special agent Sue of X Files

Skynette Sue, Termanator Sue. Capt Mary Sue of the Terran Empire. Star Buck Sue. Capt Mary Sue Buck Rogers. Predator Sue. Alien Sue. Q Sue. U.S.S Mary Sue. Doomsday Sue. Probe Sue. Nomad Sue. Empath Sue.

Mary Sue of Psi Corps. Vorlan Sue. Mary Sue Ellen of Dallas.

*head explodes from the thought of Sue ending up in EVERY universe*

How about that great scene at the end of Planet of the Sues when Charlton Heston finds Mt. Suemore with the Seven Sues carved on it?

“Get your cute gloves OFF me, you damn Naughty Sues!!!”

Ensign Sue in the Sailor Moon universe … I get dizzy just thinking about it. It’s like holding a mirror up to another mirror … aaaaaaah!

There should be a Sue in the Megas XLR universe. She wouldn’t stand a chance – although she’d dig the giant robot.

#38- You have much to learn, Young Cricket, for The End is only The Beginning- as viewing many cheesy late-night movies will tell you.

I guarantee you all that something trek related from those behind this lame strip will be back with more trek cartoons and more hotlinks to purchase their stuff. Be prepared for dozens of “news articles” on this website over the couple of years on this website with these supposedly Trek 09 derived strips.


There´s nothing wrong with that.

#49, indeed, it sounds like there is an audience eager for more trek comics, and few people willing to put in the work to produce them. But it also sounds like Kevin and Clare won’t be continuing the Sue series any time soon, they have a lot of other projects going as well. Maybe MJ will step up and start a comic since this one didn’t suit his taste.