Marina Sirtis On Being TNG Sex Symbol & Plastic Surgery Regrets

Before Jeri Ryan and Jolene Blalock, Star Trek: The Next Generation looked to Marina Sirtis to add sex appeal to the sci-fi franchise in the 80’s and 90’s. In a new and very frank interview, the actress talks about what that was like for her and regrets she has as well. Excerpts below


Marina Sirtis talks openly about being a ‘sex symbol’ and plastic surgery

Marina Sirtis, Star Trek: The Next Generation’s half-Betazoid counselor Troi, was donning futurist body suits long before Jeri Ryan on Star Trek Voyager and Jolene Blalock on Star Trek Enterprise. The actress has a very frank and open (and adult) conversation with Kougar Magazine, talking about her career, and aging and being a "cougar". Here is what the actress had to say about being "the body" of Star Trek: The Next Generation:

That was way past, yeah. If they only knew. People say to me – because I’m a bit of a feminist with a small "f." People say, "How can you be a feminist when people regard you as a sex symbol?" And I’m like, okay, first of all, when you’ve been ugly, if you had said to me when I was 12, you’re going to be a sex symbol when you’re older, I would’ve laughed and said, "Are you high?" So, to me it’s like a huge compliment. And especially as I’m older. I was in my 30’s when I became a sex symbol; it wasn’t something that happened when I was young. And I think it’s great. I mean, I really think it’s great. However, the body, it was hard to maintain!

Marina Sirtis on "Star Trek The Next Generation" (CBS)

In the extensive interview, the actress talks about aging, and specifically about plastic surgery, noting some regrets:

It doesn’t make sense for actresses to have plastic surgery because there’s no point in looking 40 when you’re 60 because you know what? They’re gonna hire somebody who’s 40. They’re not gonna hire you – first of all, you look like you’ve been caught in a wind tunnel! So it doesn’t make sense for actresses. I’m going to quote Eileen Atkins here, "If all the actresses look young, who’s gonna play the old parts?" Right? One of the reasons I’m so adamant against plastic surgery is because I fell into that trap of being the Hollywood starlet. And I had beautiful boobs. But as I got older, of course they got softer and they didn’t stay where I wanted them to stay so I went and had my boobs done. It is the worst thing I ever did; I regretted it from day one, which is maybe why I’m so adamant against everything else now, because I hate ’em.

Mirina Sirtis today (Kougar Magazine)

Much more from Sirtis at Kougar Magazine (note some of the discussion is of an adult nature).

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She’s still as hot as an iron!

Lookin’ good, Marina!

I had such a crush on her. She’s like a fine wine. Gets better with age. :-)

Marina you are always beautiful inside and out and that is what makes you special to the fans.

She was always hot and she looks even better now than in the 80’s.

For some reason I never found her attractive until first contact.

Bad boobs, eh Marina? I’ll be the judge of that… let’s ‘ave a little peek.

She is so beautiful

#7: Agreed. Whip ’em out.

Wonder when she had them done?

Definitely has got finer with age, she was stunning in the 80´s and now she is even better looking.

Don’t worry. I know it’s probably a fugure of speech.

But, don’t be a hater, Marina!

You still look fabulous!

Whoooa down boys! But she is right. Hollywood expects way to much. And yes one will get older and a heck of a lot wiser to! So hollywood wise up! And Marina you are a great lady and on TNG you were fantastic in your storylines. I loved the episodes especialy when dealing with your mother. Majel Roddenberry ! And you know what ? She was an older woman that also graced the show with sex appeal spirit, and middle aged wisdom. Bless you Dieanna @ Lwaxxona!

Kougar magazine!


I did’nt see that the first time. Very provocative Trekmovie!

12. Losira
Great point. She learned from the best.

“Whip ’em out.”

This is Star Trek, guys, not spring break. Treat her like a lady.

Totally HOTTT now!!!! Loved when she wore the duty uniform exclusively in season 6!!! What a beautiful woman! Riker’s a lucky dude!

Yeah she looks great!!!

I sense pain!! PAAAAINN!!

Marina looks great, and she has for as long as I’ve ever seen her on TV or in film.

My wife and I got to meet Ms Sirtis at a convention in New Orleans in the early 90s; she was quite stunning in person. We got a few things autographed; she struck up a conversation with my (incredibly gorgeous) wife (then fiancé) about the dress she was wearing, much to the chagrin of the hundred guys in line behind us.

Gorgeous then, gorgeous now.

You are awesome Marina.

Sirtis is pretty cool!

It’s really too bad her character didn’t get enough good story lines, I was always a fan of the Betazoid potential, but it was so rarely used well.

The best thing about Nemesis was it recognized her abilities as relevant & useful for something more than plot exposition.

Nothing against her personally, but honest to God, most useless character ever.

“Captain, I’m sensing a great deal of agression from the reptilian Deathlord’s murdership!”

“Captain, the writer’s don’t understand storytelling, so allow me to engage in some drama-killing exposition”…’

Marina, if you are out there — you look gorgeous as always! :-)

Should have laid off the cancer sticks…would’ve aged even better.

ya, neal, i agree with you 100% and if I’m ever in front of her .. I Will KneeL

She sounds very wise. Honest, therefore interesting. At least in Britain you’d know from watching TV that women over 40 exist, and sitcom moms aren’t all models. Glue factory, indeed.

I liked her character much more after the first two seasons (though that pretty much applies to the rest of the crew as well, because I really hated those times when she felt pain, it was really annoying. Though she still looks very nice :)

Captain, I can’t drive the ship.

Yes! More Star Trek characters need to die. Do you realize how dangerous their profession is? It would have been good to see her sacrifice herself to bring them home, like they sacrificed voyager to bring her home to humanity.

But Janeway would have been a better character to kill. Her mission was to get her crew home, and after she accomplished that, here character feels flat.

^ Wrong topic :/

I always had a thing for Marina Sirtis because she bears a striking resemblance to a girl I dated thirty years ago.

My big question…. why did they stop putting her in the Star Fleet issued mini-skirt??? Only seen in first episode or two…

We really need a Women of Trek MAXIM type magazine issue. Get on it Hef.

I know, right!? That skirt-and-boots thing worked its ASS off for me ..

^33. Probably because she looked like a cheerleader. William Ware Theiss did some great work but the TNG “skant” didn’t work on the show.

It was rumored for a while that Marina got herself “enhanced” a few years ago, looking pretty busty some event. Now she’s confirmed it.

I remember thinking “Why would she do that??? She was great to begin with!” Glad she agrees with me (now).

It’s REALLY sad when YOUNG celebrities in their teens & 20s, who were perfectly fine the way they were, do that (I’m looking at YOU Mariah Carey).

Marina always played deanna with humor and grace and much beauty n yes natural sexiness—she ALWAYS excelled in making her character more three dimensional than the writers did-i loved her sensual love of chocolate—yummm—and yes majel played her mom perfectly-one of treks funniest characters ever!
deanna troi could counsel me anytime–her hair n face were so beautiful–sigh–

Funny…I never noticed a change in her boobs; I always thought she’d gotten a little face-lift or her eyes done.

Patrick Stewart’s face started looking different after Season 1 or 2, he must’ve had a little face-lift or his eyes done or something, no?


I always thought Stewart put on a little weight after the second season, but you could be right.

I don’t care how saggy or whatever they get, natural breasts are _always_ better than fake ones. Being attracted to women with fake boobs is like being attracted to an anime drawing… and I know there are hentai fetishists who are just so. Okay, rant over.

Never did think Sirtis was much of a sex symbol anyway, though….

She’s aged incredibly well. Every interview I see her in, she looks better than she the last one! Though.. the boob lift makes sense. They’re rather distracting in the right clothes..

My next wife

I met Marina Sirtis at the Detroit Comic Con this year and I had a short but very nice conversation with her. She was extremely friendly signing autographs and even posing for pictures. She is absolutely still gorgeous and has a great figure. Very friendly, and gracious lady.

Marina looks good, and she’s fun to watch in an interview. Play on, o fiddle of time!

I agree,the word to describe her is “gracious”. Love her voice!

Sorry Marina, I gotta say it: OO – LA – LA !

… and yes, I love that voice too.



She needs to lay off the cigarettes…

They have really robbed her of a youthful look.

#23 Deanna: Capt. I’m sensing everyone on the bridge including you is attracted to me.

Picard: Of course we are Counsilor, we all have holodeck programs with you as a charactor.

Worf: Yes, and you don’t spit out the chocolate on the holodeck.

Before any of you filthy minded people get started. Sirtis revealed in an interview that when her charactor ate chocolate on the show, she would not swallow it, and spit it out as soon as the director yelled “CUT”. She couldn’t eat it and fit in her costume.