Sci-Fi Movies Friday: X-Men, Wolverine, The Hobbit, The Avengers, Avatar + more

In this week’s Sci-Fi Movies column, we have updates on X-Men: First Class, Deadpool and Wolverine. Another status update on The Hobbit, details on the Avatar special edition and news of a sequel to Piranha 3D. Plus more, including the latest casting bites, images and videos.



Bryan Singer reveals X-Men: First Class details

Bryan Singer, who will produce the upcoming "X-Men: First Class", revealed quite a few details about the upcoming Matthew Vaughn-directed feature in a conversation with Harry Knowles of AICN. Here are a few excerpts. Singer revealed the setting::

[The] film takes place in the 1960’s. John F Kennedy is the President of the United States. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X are on TV doing marches. There is a spirit of a hopeful future that was prevalent in that time. We will see how Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr met – and how they dreamt of a future with Mutant & Human kind. They’re going to be in their late twenties. Xavier – as played by James McAvoy will not be in his wheelchair to begin the film – but we will see how he wound up in a wheelchair. I asked if McAvoy would have a nice shiny chrome dome – and folks. We’re going to see Professor X when he still had hair. We’ll see McAvoy and Fassbender’s Magneto formulate what it is they are attempting by creating the X-MEN.

Singer also revealed that the film is more of a new beginning for X-Men, rather than a conventional adaptation of the "First Class" comics:

Set in the 60s – Vaughn is technologically inspired by JAMES BOND’s tech of the time. The costumes will be far more comic bookish than we’ve seen before – and while Scott and Jean aren’t here – Cyclops’ brother Alex Summers aka Havoc will be, as played by Lucas Till.

Singer also confirmed the casting of January Jones and Kevin Bacon as Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw, respectively, which means the Hellfire Club will play a role in the film. Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy/Beast and Rose Byrne as Moria MacTaggert were also confirmed. Singer also said that we can expect to see our first look at the costumes and the look of the film in about a month. "X-Men: First Class" is schedueld to hit theaters on June 3, 2011.

Lauren Donner talks Deadpool and Magneto

Sticking with the Marvel universe, producer Lauren Shuler Donner told CraveOnline that the plan is to move forward with the "Deadpool" movie next year with Ryan Reynolds returning to reprise the role:

"You’re going to love Deadpool. You’re going to love Deadpool…Ryan is so committed to being Deadpool. He is Wade Wilson. Well, no, he’s Deadpool. He is so committed to it that he worked with the writers on the script. Even though he’s doing Green Lantern, he’s stayed involved in that project. I’m hoping we’ll get it off the ground next year."

Donner also talked about David Goyer’s script for the "Magneto" prequel, but she says that the "Stuff from the Marvel/Magneto history" has been rolled into "First Class"

Peter Jackson says Hobbit announcement is expected soon

Has MGM finally settled their debt issues? In an interview with The Dominion Post (via, "The Hobbit" writer/producer (and potential director) Peter Jackson revealed that MGM’s studio partner Warner Brothers is "making progress untangling the MGM situation, so we should have certainty with The Hobbit sometime soon." We’ll also learn at that time whether or not Jackson will himself get behind the camera for the two-part project.

Joss Whedon talks The Avengers

"The Avengers" director Joss Whedon told the Australian paper The Sunday Herald-Sun (via Movieline) that although Scarlett Johansson will be the only female Avenger in the film, Black Widow won’t be the only female character that features in the film:

"It is true that the movie is only going to have one female avenger", Whedon said of Johansson’s part. "But she will not be the only female character".

Whedon also briefly touched on the story of the film:

"It will be a new story that has many things from different arcs of the comics in it. There is no one Avengers story that you can just do the way that you can do the origin of Spider-Man. You really have to cull from the original and The Ultimates, which is one of The Avengers titles."

In a separte interview with the Syndey Morning Herald (via CBM), Whedon discussed writing the high-profile project:

"Right now I’m working on a movie that’s got enormous stipulations and is going to be changing and fluid every second. I’ve come up with dozens of scenes and lines and exchanges and monologues that I adore that are not going to be in it…But while I’m writing them they feed me, excite me and they ultimately inform the character. It all goes in."

Whedon is in Australia this week as a guest of the Sydney Opera House where he will speek about his past and future projects this Sunday, August 29. The event is sold out. "The Avengers" is scheduled to hit conventional and 3D theaters on May 4, 2012.

Piranha 3D sequel in the works

"Piranha 3D" may not have performed as well at the box office in its opening weekend as expected (#6 – $10.1M), but Dimension Films has announced that they’re moving forward with a sequel to the inexpensively-produced ($24M) creature-feature. It’s unknown whether Alexandre Aja will return to direct or if new writers will be brought on board, but the film’s producer Mark Canton will be back:

"We are thrilled that audiences are not just loving PIRANHA 3D, but cheering for it. And it’s fantastic that so many critics are really getting the movie and recommending it. We can’t wait to get to work on the sequel,” Canton said."

Heading into the weekend, "Piranha 3D" has grossed a little under $14 million in total (domestically). While we’re on this topic, check out this Funny or Die clip of Elizabeth Shue presenting co-star Ving Rhames with an Academy Award for Best Actor:

Avatar: Special Edition will feature 16 additional minutes + Cameron says Avatar 2 might not be out until 2014

"Avatar" returns to theaters this weekend as a special edition featuring about 9 minutes of additional footage, but producer Jon Landau says the November DVD/Blu-ray re-release will feature a total of 16 additional minutes of footage [THR]:

[T]he 2D DVD and Blu-ray Disc special editions expected to hit store shelves in November will feature at least 16 minutes of extra “Avatar” footage. A 3D version of the movie won’t be available for home entertainment until next year.

“Avatar” producer Jon Landau said new scenes included in the now 171-minute theatrical special edition involve action sequences and narrative-deepening extensions of key scenes involving the blue-skinned Na’vi of Pandora and their human visitors.

In addition to the 16 minutes of added footage, the DVD/Blu-ray re-release will also contain a family-friendly audio track for those who want such a thing:

"We’ve mixed a family version of the audio," Cameron said. "As a parent, I get into trouble with my wife because I let my 5-year-old and my 9-year-old watch a movie, and for the next week we have to stop them from saying, ‘a – -hole, goddamn it and s- -t!’ "

If you’re interested in a run-down of the added scenes of "Avatar: Special Edition" (theatrical re-release), check out this article over at the NY Post. In "Avatar 2" news, Cameron told KTLA 5 in Los Angeles (you can watch the interview below) that the sequel is at least 3 to 4 years away (via Blastr): "I think three years would be the minimum, probably more like four from where we’re sitting right now," he said. Cameron expanded further in his interview with the NY Post:

"Right now, the thinking is that [Parts] Two and Three are going to be done together," he said. "They’ll be released separately, probably a year apart or maybe even two, but they’ll be done in a bunch. I’m mapping out the story line right now, so there’s a proper arc that plays out over two films but buttons nicely at the end of Two, so you don’t get this horrible second-act/end-of-‘The Matrix’ feeling. You know, ‘I’ve just sat through a three-hour movie and f- -k-all happened at the end!’ "

"Avatar: Special Edition" opens in 811 3D and IMAX 3D-only theaters this weekend and domestic estimates are pretty much all over the place (from between $3-8M). There’s not usually a market for this type of re-release (and they usually don’t happen this quickly), but then again this is "Avatar". With worldwide box office already at $2.74B — $749.8 Domestic / $1.99B Foreign — the film doesn’t need much to break the $750M domestic and $2B foreign levels. Also, if you haven’t already read it, check out this recent article "James Cameron Compares Plans For Avatar Universe To Star Trek Franchise".

David Slade and Robert Schwentke in the running to direct Wolverine 2?

Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox has reportedly settled David Slade or Robert Schwentke as the top two choices to direct the studio’s follow-up to 2009′s "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". Vulture reports that of those two candidates, Slade (“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse”), is expected to come out on top:

Both men have been approved by the studio’s brass, and though Jackman will ultimately be the one to make the call after meeting with each next week, a well-placed source inside the production insists, “It’s going to be Slade.”

‘Wolverine 2′ doesn’t have a release date, but is expected to hit theaters in 2011.

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  • Previously on JJ Abrams To Begin Shooting Super 8 Next Month
  • …Also, if you’re interested in the ARG aspect of the film, check out this great article over at Wired.
  • Doug Liman has been tapped by Warner Brothers to direct the time-travel action film "All You Need Is Kill": "Story centers on a new recruit in a war against aliens who finds himself caught in a time loop in which he wakes up in the past after having been killed on the battlefield. As the soldier’s death and resurrection repeat, his skills as a soldier grows as he attempts to change his fate." [Variety]
  • Warner Brothers has also preemptively picked up the film rights to an upcoming sci-fi trilogy book series from David Goyer. The book series starts with the novel "Heaven’s Shadow" (July 2011) and will continue with "Heaven’s War" and "Heaven’s Fall": "The trilogy begins when an object is discovered heading for earth. Initial panic gives way to a competition between governments to be first to intercept what they believe is a breakaway meteor. What the astronauts discover leads to an encounter with alien forces that are a threat to humanity." [Deadline New York]
  • Disney has acquired Michael Wilson and Ahmet Zappa’s script for "Monster Witness Relocation Program". Details are being kept under wraps, but the project has been set up at Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment and Zappa’s Monsterfoot Productions as a possible starring vehicle for Smith’s son Jaden Smith. [Variety]
  • "Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance" will shoot in 3D this fall in Romania. Nicolas Cage will reprise his role as Johnny Blaze / Ghost Rider and Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor will direct. [ via Comic Book Movie & MTV]
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead ("Scott Pilgrim vs the World") talked about the upcoming "Thing" prequel, in which she plays the role of scientist Kate Lloyd: "It’s a really great, slow-burn sci-fi action film – it’s sort of creepy and refreshing in terms of the other horror sci-fi films that have been out lately…It starts off really slow, then this paranoia builds to when we realise this creature has broken out and is becoming different people and taking on the shape of the people in the base."  [The Press Association]
  • David Fincher says development on the "Heavy Metal" remake is being held up due to three elements: "…R-rated, anthology, 3D…It’s an ongoing process. It’s going to be one of those things that when we finally get to do it, that’s when everybody will say, ‘Of course! We always loved this!’" Watch the interview segment with MTV below.
  • While scary, producer Eli Roth says Daniel Stamm’s "The Last Exorcism" is "more of a psychological thriller", "It presents both sides of exorcism – the scientific and religious". "The Last Exorcism" releases in theaters today, August 27. [io9]
  • A sequel to "The Human Centipede (First Sequence)" is in the works and will be titled "The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence)". Director Tom Six says the centipede will feature 12 people. The film is scheduled to hit theaters in 2011. [BBC via Movieline]
  • The last day of shooting for "Transformers 3" in Chicago is scheduled to be September 1, but producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura says that could change: "It’s funny, we keep extending it here because we’re having such a good time, to tell you the truth," Di Bonaventura said. "We were supposed to leave a few days ago, actually, and we kept extending it. Right now, around Sept. 1, but if we have any say in it, we’ll keep staying here." [Chicago Breaking News via TLAMB]
  • A deadly shooting at a Rio de Janeiro hotel may push Summit Entertainment to abandon plans to shoot scenes from the two-part "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" in the city… []
  • …Speaking of which, despite the graphic nature of Bella’s pregnancy in ‘Breaking Dawn’, co-star Nikki Reed neither movie will be rated R: "It’s certainly very graphic the way that it’s written. We clearly know what our ratings are going to be in these movies; they’re not going to be rated R films, so they’re going to have to just keep it tame." [Cinema Blend]
  • Check out a descripton of a scene from Paul W.S. Anderson’s "Resident Evil: Afterlife (in 3D)" featuring the character the Executioner at IGN.
  • Producer Guillermo del Toro says it’s impossible for the upcoming "Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark" remake to be released in PG-13 even though there’s no profanity, nudity or gore: "[We] thought we were gonna get a PG-13, and we got an R,” he says in the interview. “And we said, ‘What can we do? Why are you doing it?’ And they said, ‘No matter what you do, the movie will always get an R, because it’s too scary.’ It deals with primal childhood fears in a really strong way." [Wired]
  • Sam Raimi’s "The Evil Dead" releases on Blu-ray next Tuesday (August 31) and star Bruce Campbell gave an interview about it’s upcoming release. Campbell also provided an update on "Bruce Vs. Frankenstein" which he says will have to be pushed back to a later date due to other commitments. [MTV Movies Blog]
  • Disney says that "Toy Story 3" will cross $1 Billion in worldwide gross sometime today. It’s only the 7th film in the history of the box office to reach that milestone (not adjusting for inflation) and Disney is the first studio to have two $1B grossers in the same year ("Alice in Wonderland" being the other). [Disney]


  • Fox is reportedly interested in Amber Heard ("Drive Angry") to play Sue Storm / Invisible Woman in the upcoming "Fantastic Four" reboot and there’s a rumor that Kevin Pennington ("90210") is being looked at to play the role of Johnny Storm/Human Torch… [Comic Book Movie]
  • …In other "Fantastic Four" reboot casting news, Adrien Brody ("Predators") and Jonathan Rhys Meyers ("The Tudors") are being pursued by the studio to play Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic. [Screen Rant]
  • Christy Carlson Romano, Tom DeNucci and William Forsyth will be joining Michael Madsen in the Gleen Ciano-directed zombie film "Infected": "The pic’s zombies infect friends and family who are still human, and who though they understand the atrociousness of the unnatural acts they commit, are unable to stop" [Variety]


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Trailer mash up’s: "Matrix" and "Avatar: The Last Airbender" [YouTube & YouTube]


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I find it irritating that so many franchises get “reboots” after one or two recent movies. Hulk, Fantastic Four, not to mention the proposed Buffy and BSG. I could do with fewer rehashed franchises and more new ideas. It took Star Trek 43 years to do a true “reboot” (expanding the existing universe is a spin-off…not a reboot) and even when they did they still paid homage to the original AND used a plot device that leaves all of the canon intact (if you don’t think too hard). THAT’S a franchise reboot.

Making a second film because you f***ed up your first try doesn’t count as a reboot.

Thing prequel?

“It starts off really slow, then this paranoia builds to when we realise this creature has broken out and is becoming different people and taking on the shape of the people in the base.”

Sounds like another remake to me.

@wejoun_9, agreed…they at least ‘Trek’ waited 43 years, nowadays they reboot every couple of years. No big deal though…the ‘Trek’ universe has always been kept consistent and it’s always fun to delve into it once in a while to get away from life’s BS. Reboot Hulk 20 times for all I care…there is something to be said when you enjoy the adventures of a group of characters with the same actors over the span of several decades.

As sick as I am of remakes and reboots, it is good to see that Tron Legacy is an actual, honest-to-God SEQUEL. Thank you, Disney, for finally making a live-action film I can get excited about!

Setting X-Men First Class in the 60’s takes some of the fear out of it for me. It means we’ll be spared today’s teenager speak (ie: Like, ya know?). Makes for a much more interesting proposition for me. Here’s hoping for the best (though prepared for the worst because you just never know with these Marvel movies).


There do seem to be a lot of reeboots. Thank God that Trek was and is not a reeboot but more of a Sequel. Tron is looking good and Im glad that is a true sequel. But come on. Fantastic 4 and Spider Man being reeboots. Whats next. Harry Potter in a few years. At least The Thing is a prequel and looks like Alien is also a prequel. I do not mind reeboots as long at is not from a movie made only a few years ago.

I am also lookin forward to the Chris Pine and Denzel Washington Movie Unstopable and of course Harry Potter.

X-Men First Class, what with being now a “period piece”, could really be interesting. James MacAvoy is great.

Adrian Brody is Mr. Fantastic. *Gawk!

This guy has a great agent.

I loved Ang Lee’s Hulk, and found Norton’s Hulk rather lifeless. But I guess I’m in the minority on that one.

Marvel movies are pretty bad. The Hulk has two movies that were BOTH silly. Just concentrate on Avengers! That should be good, but with Joss Whedon directing, I don’t know.

Regarding the news on the new X-men movie….set in the ’60’s (and I know some will have trouble with this) but I for one am very excited by that news. Sounds very cool. Wish they’d done that on Fantastic Four. I really hope that ‘re-boot’ is good.

@ 5

“Setting X-Men First Class in the 60’s takes some of the fear out of it for me. It means we’ll be spared today’s teenager speak (ie: Like, ya know?). Makes for a much more interesting proposition for me”

With you on that. All the way. Have spent a summer with my wife obsessing over the dumb Twilight movies. Would like something other than today’s teen angst.

I also have faith in Whedon on Avengers. I still believe what he did with that Firefly and Serenity thing was very cool. It was more or less a team movie too. Let’s go!

#11 Yes. In retrospect, I liked the first HULK better.
Lifeless is the word for the Norton version. (Shocking that it was, actually.)

Why fantastic four reboot again–the two movies both made hundreds of millions worldwide—and imho both were about as close as u could get to being faithful adaptations–the efx were good in both although i didnt like galactus as a storm thing but i guess a giant humanoid in kirby getups woulda looked silly-but michael chiklis was perfect as ben grimm–and the new one is gonna be cgi? biggg mistake-oh well–yeh i also hope they set ff in the 60s might work better–

Ive said it before—bill bixby n lou ferrigno were ten times as good as banner/hulk than either movie was–bixby was a perfect as a gentle man with a terrifying secret he tried to control—n ferrigno made the hulk classic frankenstein monsterlike–pathos included–hope josh w. gets the characters better in avengers

At first, I thought Disney’s purchase of Marvel was a good thing… Now I’m not so sure. Maybe it has nothing to do with “The House of Mouse”—maybe it’s just Marvel’s own managment, but they’ve made some questionable decisions lately…. Spiderman, Fantastic Four reboots… Mr. “Flame-On!” as Captain America… Ditching established actors and directors in favor of cheaper ones… Oh, I hope this ends well.

Hey, lets reboot spiderman. I’d love to see the same story again that i just saw a few short years ago.

@ #18: Maybe he’ll get bit by a radioactive lizard in this one.

In reality we all know the spider-man reboot is just a set up for the reboot of the reboot coming in summer 2018.

They’re rebooting Spider-Man and FF so they can fit in with Movies like Iron Man and Avengers. So, maybe we can have Spider-Man show up in the Avengers, or an FF movie. Before, they couldn’t do that.

Nicholas Hoult?! That skinny pretty boy is Hank McCoy?! How can you weigh 148 pounds and be Beast? I think I’m going to puke…and get off my lawn.

“You’re going to love Deadpool.”

I hate it already? That’s what your terrible sales pitch has done to an already boring sounding film ….

“Setting X-Men First Class in the 60’s takes some of the fear out of it for me. It means we’ll be spared today’s teenager speak”

I totally agree that it’s a good idea, but don’t raise your glass yet. Titanic was set in 1912 and still managed to communicate almost entirely in the late 20th century vernacular.

I don’t know what Carly is wearing in TF3 – but I LIKE it!

JJ Abrams To Begin Shooting Super 8 Next month,,,,

*scraches head,,*

How many movie traliers are made,, before fiming starts ??

So the Twilight thing is basically an admission that it’s not about faithfully adapting a book to the screen; it’s just keeping the audience as big as possible so they boldly go (this is still a Star Trek site) out and buy things. Awful things. Pen things, bookmark things, bandage things, paper plate and napkin things…

mean while fun titles that i like (Gumnn, Macross, Battletech/Mechwarrior) continue to NOT be filmed/made/viewed…

Sure are seein’ a lot o’ that Stephen Lang bloke now… He wuz’ a hoot in “Men Who Stare At Goats”… Must keep his ‘stache in his pocket as needed…

Avengers is gunna’ be a mess… Unless AntMan can saves tha’ day! While tha’ bugger steals me sugar…

As fur’ M. Knight…

BRUCE WILLIS: Stop pouring the milk. That’s too much milk.

ANNOUNCER: We all are sometimes afraid of things that go bump in the night…

BRUCE WILLIS: Don’t open the cupboard. Keep that cupboard closed.

ANNOUNCER: But sometimes we should be afraid of things that go bump in the morning light.

BRUCE WILLIS: My God… the box… someone’s unsealed it… someone’s freed what was inside… trapped inside for so long…

ANNOUNCER: From director M. Night Shyamalan comes another horrifyingly boring epic…

BRUCE WILLIS: (crouching in a corner of his kitchen with a steak knife) I know you’re there… I’m not afraid of you… I was going to make eggs…

SINISTER VOICE: You should be afraid… for I am timeless… unless you throw garlic in the milk…

ANNOUNCER: Coming this Christmas, M. Night Shyamalan presents his latest tooth-chilling masterpiece: “Count Chocula.”

BRUCE WILLIS: He knows where to suck for milk…


If we’re arguing about reboots, comics and movies including adaptions why don’t we include the most rebooted franchise ever: Nintendos Zelda

Link for example. I mean how many times in how many different scenarios has he saved hirule? Cannot count em all.

And hell ya, the second star trek is a sequel of the reboot/Spin-Off and not a remake even if it would contain allready known villians or other things it will not be a 1:1 conversion of an existing story more an alternative version for this alternative universe which will surely be also another story.

@29: Just so you know, the Zelda franchise according to Nintendo is not a mass of reboots. Every single game tells the story of Hyrule in a different era. It is a thematic statement about time and fate that whenever Hyrule is threatened by Ganon or another great danger, a young hero taking the form of Link emerges to save the day. Nintendo claims to have a timeline of which order the games fit in (go to a zelda wiki for more info), and which links are the same and which are different (for instance, majora’s mask is a direct sequel to Ocarina of Time, but the next game Wind Waker takes place 1000 years or so later after a previous disaster had flooded Hyrule and a new link emerges to “wind wake” as it were).

So, technically, not a reboot?

My hopes are not high for the Spiderman reboot

X-men without Cyclops talk about epic fail. He was in the original Kirby version from the very beginning, as he was in the X-men first class comics inspired by the Kirby era.

After the disaster that was X-3, and wolverine origins i won’t watch this crappy prequel and am waiting for the rights to revert to Marvel. I want an X-men reboot. Or at least that was what i had hoped for until Disney bought Marvel.

Thanks. I love being in the loop about new movies and information most people don’t know. I can’t wait for new X-men but what I’m really waiting for is the new Skyline movie out in November.

Note to Advertisers: Which do you think is going to endear your product to me more? A commercial Isitha “STOP” button, or a commercial that forces me to close my browser to stop?

Yay, a Spiderman reboot! Something I’ve been waiting YEARS for! It was like what, four, five years ago? Man, that is a long time.

But really, why a reboot for a movie that isn’t even old? Like the Hulk movies? I didn’t get that. And now Fantastic Four.Thanks, but no thanks Marvel. I’m gonna stick to the old versions.

And the Avatar special edition is stupid to me. The movie wasn’t the greatest thing to see. Visually, it was stunning, but the plot was generic and people who think saving the rainforest is stupid already put their stamp on it as a “eco informing” movie think the movie is stupid.

What will 16 minutes add to the plot that I didn’t get out of the movie the first time?

I’m excited for Tron. I’ve been a Tron fan since i was a child, so seeing a sequel makes me happy! :D And it looks GOOD so I’m not worried for it. Only excited.


If these rapid reboots keep up in the industry, 2012 may be the last JJ Trek.

36 – >:>D

As the Hellfire Club will be in X-Men: First Class, they have to include Harry Leland, Donald Pierce, Tessa, Selene, Shinobi Shaw, Trevor Fitzroy, Madelyne Pryor, Sat-yr-9 and Sunspot.

Lucifer has to be included in this film as he dropped a huge stone block on Xavier, crippling his legs in the comic books. Also, by the time he graduated high school, Charles was completely bald as a side effect of his mutant nature.

They should rename this film X-Men: Origins.

One hell of a lot of future rentals out there, if that.

They should reboot Lost In Space.


They tried that for both the show pilot and as a movie.

I wish they’d release that WB pilot.

X-men without Cyclops is like a StreetFighter movie without Ryu and Ken, it sucks.

As for the Hobbit no news as usual. Multi billion dollar franchise and can’t get over the haggling to get it made. Same with James Bond. Thanks to MGM.

Oh man, Adrian Brody is NO ‘Mr Fantastic’!

You know, his was the potential casting I actually worried about for this Fantastic Four reboot that I have high hopes for… It’s galling to see his name actually being mooted in print anywhere to do with this role! GAH!!