Video of the Day: Playing Star Trek The Game with Gloria The Cat

Move over Keyboard Cat, make room for Gloria. Have you ever scheduled a night of playing "Star Trek: The Game" and couldn’t find any players, forcing you to play with your cat? No? Well our video of the day shows you how that might go down.


Cat + Star Trek: The Game = This

According to Danforth on YouTube "No one shows up for my Star Trek board game night and so I’m forced to play my cat, Gloria."…this is what happened.

If you are curious, "Star Trek: The Game" is from Classic Games and was released in 1992. More info and pictures from "Star Trek: The Game" at

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lolz. cats can’t play board games! they’re cats!

Cats generally know all the answers to trivia questions, but find the dice and the playing pieces to be much more entertaining.

Now that’s Entertainment!

Has anyone here played this game? Is it any good?

cats can play board games. my cat pawed at the dice to make it roll.she has won a few times.

The cat wasn’t interested, Adam, so maybe that’s your answer.

Cats are often more intellagent the people.

Cat was obviously a Star Wars fan

Wasn’t it four ships? lol

The cat didnt have enough d6’s… that was Shadow Run, right? o.O

I’m more of dog fan and I make a point to stay WELL AWAY from cat videos but that was LOL cute xxx :)

Hmmm. Must be Data’s Cat Spots ancester.

Looks like a typical evening at my house.

Sweet, I have that game.

The cat was obviously trying to get the dice to show the correct answer.

zzz. What? Another funny cat video? has jumped the cat.

At least this cat wasn’t put in the bin…

Non UK peeps : google it; cat in bin Coventry.

Prepare Kitty for Maximum Warp.

That pussycat beat me nine times! Lost aboot’ 200 quid ta’ it.

And then she chucked me in tha’ trash.



They will release 2 new star trek games next year! ;-)

Cats are not just for christmas, they are for recycling too!

And in 1993, the invented… women.

Should have played Gary Seven’s cat Isis instead.

@8 lol
Definitely a Star Wars fan-cat.

Wow. I didn’t know anyone else in history ever owned this game.

I bought this game for my Dad in 1993 (I was four at the time), and we played it a lot — but that was usually because I wanted to play it, not him. We had a ton of fun. The trivia becomes [i]insanely[/i] hard by the time you reach Warp 4, so my Dad and I usually bent the rules and kept the questions down to Warp 2 levels for the whole game.

But it was fun all the same. I remember well the long hours I spent staring at the board trying to plan a quick way around the Neutral Zone without getting into a battle with the Romulans, or the thrill of diving into that gravity well right after the game starts — and, of course, the simple youthful joy at answering Star Trek trivia questions correctly!

Our copy of the game board is long gone, unfortunately, but we do still have the question cards down in the basement.

I thank this guy just for bringing back all the old memories.

I found this game in an antique store two years ago! It’s very fun. No one in my family can beat me.
The only problem is there are two questions with mistakes on them.
1. What is the planet with a dilithium cracking station in the episode “Where no man has gone before”? The card says Rigel two, but the answer is Delta Vega.
2. Who say ‘concrete galoshes’ in “A piece of the action”? The card says Spock but we all know it’s Scotty. I can’t find any other mistakes and some of the questions are really hard. There were only three thousand made.

I used to have this game when I was a kid. I lost the board, but the trivia cards are still floating around my room at my dad’s house. It was fun!


Sorry, but that video wasn’t funny. It was just rubbish.

Gloria is a torteshel cat they are renowned for spirit and high IQs and mischief! Of course we already know the winner, considering that tortys are always female! Lol

Okay, now what are the names of the Starships that M-5 successfully fought?

The USS Hood, the USS Potempkin, the USS Lexington, and the USS Excaliber.
I did not look in my trivia cards (honest!)

Wow. I’m impressed!

Star Trek: Expeditions & Star Trek: Fleet Captains….

Yes! Two NEW Trek board games… people pay attention ;-)

no opposable thumbs-that’s all I’m sayin’

YOU’RE ALL WRONG! It was FIVE Starships.

Technically, and for a time, the M5 had successfully commandered the Enterprise.

We all know that a Starship is more than just a ship. The M5 did lead the crew on a game of cat and mouse in an effort to stop them from shutting M5 down.

It was Kirk that destroyed the machine – with Logic.

Cute cat.

Hey? Was that Alex Kurtzman in the video?