Trek Vets Come Up Empty On Emmy Night

The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Award were held tonight in Los Angeles. Amongst the nominees were several Trek vets, including Star Trek 2009’s Damon Lindelof and Michael Giacchino, as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Patrick Stewart. However, the night wasn’t golden for the Trek vets. A full breakdown for how it went below, with some pictures from the event.


Trek Vets come up empty on Emmy night

A number of Star Trek veterans from both sides of the camera were nominated for Emmys being presented tonight, including TNG’s Jean Luc Picard himself Patrick Stewart. Star Trek producers JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof’s Lost was also up for a number of awards, including Best Drama, However, none of the Trek vets ended up winning. Here is a breakdown of Star Trek celebs who were nominated by didn’t win at tonight’s Emmys:

  • Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Miniseries or Movie for Hamlet lost to  David Strathairn (Temple Grandin)
  • Damon Lindelof (producer of Star Trek) nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series in Lost, lost to Matthew Weiner  Erin Levy (Mad Men)
  • Michael Giacchino (composer: Star Trek) nominated for Outstanding Music Composition For A Series (Lost), lost to Sean P. Callery (24)
  • JJ Abrams & Damon Lindelof (producers: Star Trek) nominated for Outstanding Drama Series (Lost), lost out to the producers for Mad Men
  • Terry O’Quinn (Adm. Eric Pressman, TNG’s “The Pegasus”) nominated for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama series (Lost), lost to Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)
  • Gregory Itzin (various guest spots on Trek) nominated as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 24 lost to John Lithgow (Dexter).
  • Robert Schenkkan (TNG: Lt. Cmdr. Dexter Remmick) nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries (The Pacific), lost to Adam Mazer (You Don’t Know Jack)
  • Tom Bergeron (ENT: D’Marr "Oasis") nominated for Outstanding Host For A Reality Program (Dancing with the Stars), lost to Jeff Probst (Survivor)

A full list of winners is available at


Patrick Stewart at Emmys on Sunday August 29

Patrick Stewart with guest at Emmys on Sunday August 29

Scott Bakula and wife Chelsea Field at Emmys on Sunday August 29


Creative Arts Emmy Winners

Last weekend the Academy of TV held the Creative Arts Emmys which is where many of the technical awards were handing out. Around a dozen Trek vets were nominated for awards and three Trek won:

  • John E. Sullivan and Jerry Pooler (photographic effects cameramen on Star Trek: The Motion Picture) were part of the team that won for Outstanding Visual Effects for a Miniseries (The Pacific)

  • Joshua Cushner (DS9/VOY vfx cameraman) was part of the team that won for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series (CSI)


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oh patrick my dear. Your still the captain of anything and everything. Make it so !

these awards are rigged. Star trek never wins them.

I sure do enjoy the HBO awards every year.

#2. I think you are forgetting the Oscar win?

Scott Bakula REALLY needs a haircut. But who is the young thing with Sir Pat?


That would be 32-year-old New York-based jazz singer Sunny Ozell with Sir Patrick.

Bakula’s shaggy appearance may be due in part from his role on Men of a Certain Age. His character is a bit of a… shall we say… a free spirit.

A great show by the way.

@ 2 Alen Williams

I bet you legions of Star Wars fans and George Lucas secretly make sure Star Trek doesn’t win any awards. I bet its a really huge internal conspiracy against Star Trek. Some sorta X-Files type conspiracy.

Don’t you guys forget that TNG won best drama in the last season?

I mean, TNG lost but it was nominated for Best Drama series its last year.

#2 & #4

And forgetting that Star Trek doesn’t have anything that would be nominated for an Emmy…unless you’re saying that anyone with any association ever with Trek can’t win.

How does Mr. Stewart do it? He does not seem to age at all.
Just saw NEMESIS yesterday, and on those photos he looks exactly like in that film (8 years ago).

Nah, Stewart does look a little older around the eyes. How does he do it though? Intriguing question to which he would give a fascinating answer, no doubt, particularly if it involved discussing Miss Ozell!

The one who continues to amaze me is Chelsea Field, now in her mid 50’s. Sure doesn’t look it! Wouldn’t she have made a great Vulcan beside Scott’s Captain Archer at some point? T’Pol’s sister. Sure….. Anyway, looks like she hasn’t done any acting since ’98???

Maybe working on Star Trek, folks get access to all the secret temporal stasis technology!

Star Trek will always be a winner every year as well as those who made it so

Mad Men deserves every award it gets. That is one outstanding show. Best writing on television.

Lost was Robbed. It was by far the best show on Tv. The others I can understand as they had some great compititoon. But Lost was Robbed.

when you look at it, those shows that win are the ones that are new and inovated. this means that those actors who play in those new and inovative shows are going to win the awards. That’s the way it is. While on one hand it means that new types of television dramas and comedies will get put on screen (good thing), it also means that Patrick Stewart in Hamlet (more traditional) will get snubbed (bad thing). Anyways, I do think that Terry O’Quinn should have won. I haven’t seen any of the other shows nominated in that catigory, but I thought Terry was excellent in the last season.


You can say that again!

Aaron Paul deserved his emmy for “Breaking Bad”.

Is it just me or do the Emmy’s seem more irrevelent every year? It seems less about recognizing talent and more about promoting the correct world view.

Of course i’m in a less favored demographic now so I don’t think Hollywood gives a crap what I think anyway.


Star Trek was nominated for best drama in it’s final season (and remains the only first-run syndicated series ever to be nominated). It didn’t win.

Apparently, Bashir’s nomination for the Carrington Award is a parody of that situation. At first it seems like a long shot with another nominee the consensus favourite. Then things start to indicate Bashir/TNG may have a legitimate chance. Then someone else comes out of nowhere to win.

AMC might have mucked up “Tha’ Prisoner” but that Malcolm in tha’ Middle dad deserves his third enema… I means Emmy!
Didda’ not realize that punk Paul wuz’ up fur’ an award as well… he ended tha’ last season o’ tha’ show wit’ more intensity than I’ve seen in any other season finale… well, except that a’time when Joanie kissed Chachi on his crotchie…

What am I talkin’ aboot’? Let me check me notes… Ohhhhh… yeah…

That thar’ “Breakin’ Bad” telly show is unpredictable, sometimes despicable, but always leaves you wantin’ more and thour’oughly entertained and even provoked ta’ moral issues…

Funny, except fur’ tha’ despicable part, thar’ used ta’ be Starry Trek stories like that…


WOW! ……nothing for LOST???…. BAAH for the emmys!!!!!…

And Sir Patrick was GREAT!!!!!!

The Emmys and the Oscars to me are just Hollywood Garbage. The shows and Actors that have the best series and writers do not win if they are not Hollywood Correct. To me they are hjust jokes. It is no wonder that the ratings for both shows keep dropping. In the End if no one is watching then at some point they will havt to change. Lost,N.C.I.S and a host of others were more worthy of getting nomanated and winning then the ones that did.

Tom Bergeron was on Star Trek?

Woa hoah! How did I miss that one???

Did Sir Patrick see anyone’s belly at this awards show?

Nice tie, Mr. Bakula. Welcome to 1977.

28 He didn’t have time to change before the “Leap”

“Hamlet”? And now he’ll be in “Macbeth” too?

Who’s airing these? BBCAmerica??

It’s cool that Chelsea Field was in that 80s, “Masters of the Universe” as Teela. Tom Paris actor was in that too!

PBS aired Hamlet on Greeeeeeat Performances, thus considery-ation fur’ a Yankee Emmy.

Boy, that bug-eyed Doctor Who really looked like a freaked-oot’ Hamlet in that thar’ production… Hamlet is only pretendin’ ta’ be mad, not actually bonkers…

Sir Patty is very good as Claudius- but being a televised play, ye’ can’t help buts notice him stand around idly in tha’ background as others a’deliver thar’ lines.


Thanks for the info.

If you were frustrated by Lost’s “interpet it anyway you want” storytelling and lack of answers check out the YouTube parody “Lost: Hurley’s Death (Interactive)” Link below. You get to choose how Hurley eventually dies. X-Men Magneto’s offing is the best one for its witty digs at “Lost” by Hurley.

LeVar Burton and Andrew Koenig (son of Walter) also appeared on the viewscreen.

Shut in the ‘related to Trek’ category,
Dean Okrand , brother of the Klingon language creator, won his 7th sound exiting Emmy. This one for ‘Modern Family’.

Damon Lindelof
Michael Giacchino
JJ Abrams

How are they vets they did one film.