LeVar Burton Wins Theater Award + Wins “LeWar” Against Conan O’Brien

Last night Star Trek: The Next Generation’s LeVar Burton won an award at the 20th Annual NAACP Theater Awards. Burton was being honored. We have photos from the event below, plus more Burton news, including a report on his “LeWar” with Conan O’Brien.


Burton wins Theater Award

At last night’s NAACP Theater Awards LeVar Burton won the award for Best Lead Male Actor (Local) for his role in The Caterer, which ran at the Whitefire Theater in Sherman Oaks, CA last year. This is not the first time the NAACP has recognized the work of TNG’s Geordi. Previously the NAACP has honored Burton with four Image Awards for his work on the Children’s show Reading Rainbow.

Levar Burton arrives to the 20th Annual NAACP Theatre Awards at the Directors Guild Of America on August 30, 2010 in Los Angeles, California

Burton also tweeted a picture of his award with the message "I Won!!" last night. And today he tweeted a picture of himself with the cast of The Caterer.

I won!!!  on Twitpic The cast of THE CATERER from last night...  on Twitpic

Burton to Emcee Game Awards

In other LeVar Burton/Awards news, the actor will be hosting the 2010 Red Carpet Awards Show at the INDIE CADE International Festival of Independent Games on Friday October 8, 2010. More information available at www.indiecade.com.

Burton’s LeWar with Conan O’Brien

Last week Conan O’Brien sent out a tweet updating his Twitter follower status and noting that his total follower count was approaching that of LeVar Burton.

Conan OBrien throws down the gauntlet

Those were fightin’ words to Burton who quickly sent out the message: "Dear @ConanOBrien #BringItOnCoco Love, Kunta #LeWar2". Burton then sent out a number of tweets rallying "TeamLeVar" over "TeamCoco", and then O’Brien sent out the tweet "LeVar Burton wants to start a Twitter war with me. I don’t have time to feud with anyone who appeared in the Cameo "Word Up" video." Burton took this as capitulation and declared victory, and went on to declare last weekend as "a time of healing." And a nation was once again at peace.

Burton declares victory

For the record, as of today LeVar Burton has 1,598,587 followers on Twitter, ranking him as 113th. and Conan O’Brien has 1,498,898, which ranks him at 135th. However, Conan has been on Twitter for less than a year so he is catching up. Both celebrities have a way to go to catch up to Burton’s TNG co-star Wil Wheaton, who has 1,685,662 followers, ranking him 90th in the world.

And if you are wondering what O’Brien was talking about, here is the video in question:


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Congratulations to LeVar Burton! Plus, I had no idea he appeared in a music video.

Way to go Lavar. I know you can beat Conan. We here at Trek Movie will be jumping on your Twitter and I have alreay joined. Oh and Congradulations on your award. You more then desirve it

So now we really see NBC’s error. It should have been The Tonight Show with Levar Burton (or maybe Wil Wheaton).

Ah, so was THIS the inspiration for lens flares in ST 1009?

(Kidding aside, congratulations, LeVar!)

LeVar my heartfelt congradulations on your latest accomplishment! No one could be more deserving! You were amazing as Geordi how your character grew and added new dimentions to Geordi. Your portrayed freindship with Data was a deep warm expierience. That was beautiful to watch and ill remember the troubles with Spot. A great side story. Keep it up LaVar your one great guy!

Congratulation LeVar!! Geordi is to me the Best Engineer in the History of Star Trek.

Conan is so much cooler than LeVar it’s not even funny.

#07. As Scotty would say. Are you Daft!.

Once Conan launches his new show on TBS, he will probably win the contest easily.

That video would’ve sucked without LeVar… wait..

Woah… lens flares

Detective LaForge to the rescue! All we need is Patrick Stewart to show up in the video as Dixon Hill and Brent Spiner as Old Yellow Eyes and it would have been perfect.

I always got the feeling Riker (and maybe Troi too) didn’t like LaForge. He starts off as a navigator, but quickly gets transferred (off the bridge I might add) to engineering. He then goes the entire rest of his career without getting past lt. commander. Personally, I think his career progress was hist stunted by his somewhat creepy approach to women. No way that wouldn’t come up in performance reviews. IMHO, its just another example of Riker being bitter that his own career stalled out so he took it out by never ever recommending promotion for anyone under his command. Didn’t want anyone to outshine him. Look at the way he used to berate Worf, basically calling his ideas stupid in front of the entire senior staff. But then Worf goes to DS9 and, whaddayaknow, he’s actually a competent officer! Picard thought he was captain, but Riker and Troi really ran that ship and made sure no one got anywhere in their career unless it was OK by them.

I’ll have to remain neutral. I like both Conan and LeVar.

What a class act. That pic o’ him arrivin’ at tha’ NAACP Awards… he looks just as regal as Sir Patrick.

Congrats, LeVar.

Now then, how do I gets me auto’s air filter (which I glued ta’ me nogggin) ta’ read various radiation signatures and such? I lost me doorless microwave wit’ it on full and need ta’ find it afore’ me couch melts.


I always liked Geordi. More subdued than Worf and Troi as a supporting role.

I wish the VISOR came off earlier though, say in season 4 or 5, rather than in Trek VIII: FC.

Well done Levar with you theatre work, I’m sorry to say that you lost out in a starring role in the Word Up vid.
That Cod Piece ate up the stage :P

So having the most folks following you on Twitter makes you ?
What, an uber nurd ?
Wil Weaton beats ya’ all if that’s the case ;-)

To me growing up he was more the reading rainbow guy than Geordi, lol.