August 2010

Sci-Fi TV Update: Robert Picardo’s “Monsterwolf” Coming To Syfy in October + Full Syfy Fall Schedule

Syfy has been getting a lot of buzz for their upcoming origninal movie Sharktopus, but they have another Syfy monster movie coming this fall with Monsterwolf, starring Star Trek Voyager’s Doctor, Robert Picardo. More details on that, plus we have a Sci-Fi TV update with Syfy’s full fall schedule below.

Spock Voted Favorite Alien – But Kirk 12th Favorite Hero?

The venerable UK sci-fi magazine SFX is celebrating their 200th issue with a countdown of the top 200 sci-fi and fantasy characters based on polling from the magazine readers. They have released Top 20 polls in a number of categories, with Star Trek’s Mr. Spock coming out on top in the Favorite Alien list, but Captain Kirk is only 12th in the favorite hero list? More details below.

Sci-Fi TV Tuesday: Fringe, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Smallville, True Blood, Lost + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week we have lots of news coming from Syfy with renewal news from Eureka, special X-Mas episodes for Eureka and Warehouse 13, and a new show from Syfy too. There are also new tidbits for the upcoming seasons of Smallville and Fringe. All that plus the latest television ratings, casting bites and new images and video previews, including looks at the Lost Season 6 special features.

Science Saturday: Beautiful Phytoplankton + Sunken Champagne + VULCAN diffractometer + Healing Nanites & Gel + Laser Backpack

Welcome back to Science Saturday! This week, take a look at a gorgeous phytoplankton bloom, partake in 200-year-old champagne, use a VULCAN to design a car, watch nanites fight cancer, and apply some goop to what ails you. All this and more, plus our gadget of the week: the 3D model creating laser backpack!

Sci-Fi Movies Friday: Green Lantern, Harry Potter, Captain America, The Avengers, John Carter of Mars, The Shadow, Avatar + more

Our first Sci-Fi Movies column since Comic Con is chock full of goodness with details and previews from Green Lantern, Harry Potter, The Avengers. Plus there are project updates for the futures of the Avatar, Shadow and Terminator franchises. Plus tons of casting bites and all the latest images and videos, and box office news. So dive in.

Reminder: See Star Trek First Contact w/ Brannon Braga Saturday in West LA + Schedule Updated

After taking a week off for the Star Trek con in Vegas, the Summer STAR TREK Simply Spectacular Saturdays at the Royal Theater in West LA picks up again tomorrow with a showing of Star Trek: First Contact on the big screen, along with special guest Brannon Braga. Plus we have updated the schedule for the rest of the series…details below.

Patrick Stewart On His “Lunatic” Casting As Picard [UPDATED w/ Bob Justman’s history of Stewart’s casting]

While his time on Star Trek sparked decades of Kirk v Picard debates, at the time of Patrick Stewart’s casting, many wondered why a middle-aged Shakespearean actor was going to be the new captain for a new generation. And in a new interview, Sir Stewart himself admits that he too thought the idea was lunacy at the time.

VegasCon10: Report & Photos From Boys of Enterprise & Xindi Panels

It is time two wrap up our Star Trek Las Vegas celebrity panel reporting with coverage from the last day with stars from Star Trek: Enterprise. Find out what Connor Trinneer, Dominic  Keating, Anthony Montgomery, John Billingsley, Steven Culp, and Matt Winston had to say in our report (with photos) below, along with a short report from the ‘Xindi panel’ as well.

VegasCon10: Frakes talks ST09 & Nemesis + Stewart talks Roddenberry + Spiner talks future of Data + Dorn talks Worf [PHOTOS]

Over the weekend four of Star Trek The Next Generation’s stars appeared at the Las Vegas Trek con. This included Jonathan Frakes talking frankly about the movies and Enterprise, Brent Spiner and Patrick Stewart joking around (with Spiner also weighing in on his Star Trek Future), plus Michael Dorn going in depth into the character of Worf. Check out the full report with quotes and photos below.

VegasTrekCon10: Report & Photos From Star Trek Costume Contest

One of the highlights of big Vegas Star Trek Convention over the weekend is the opportunity to see the great costumes fans have been working on all year. Some of them are humorous, some of them are technically challenging, but all of them are fantastic. This year’s contest, which favors high-skill, home made costumes, once again showcased hundreds of great fan-made costumes. Highlights of the event are below.

Sci-Fi TV Tuesday: V, Chuck, Fringe, LOST, BSG, SGU + more

In Sci-Fi TV this week, we have news on original V actress Jane Badler joining ABC’s new V, a delay for Steven Spielberg’s prehistoric time-travel series Terra Nova and a sneak peek at the LOST‘s “The New Man in Charge”. There are also fresh updates on the new seasons of Chuck, Fringe, Torchwood and SGU plus a new BSG (online) spinoff. All that and more including the latest television ratings, casting bites and new images and video previews.