Big Bang Theory Producer Planning Return Of Wil Wheaton

In the last season of The Big Bang Theory, Wil Wheaton was introduced (playing an evil version of himself) as a nemesis of the show’s breakout character Sheldon Cooper. The Star Trek: The Next Generation star appeared twice in the last season, and now it looks like he could be coming back.


It’s Still On For Wil Wheaton on Big Bang Theory

News of Wheaton’s return to The Big Bang Theory comes from Entertainment Weekly which reports that TBBT exec producer Bill Prady wants to "revive the ugly feud" between Wheaton and Sheldon possibly in time for November sweeps. The idea for the appearance is to have Wil Wheaton and some friends cut in line at a special movie screening, taking the last seats and leaving the Big Bang boys out in the cold. According to Prady the idea came from Adam Savage from Mythbusters who got to cut the line for the Star Trek The Experience auction back in April (reported here at TrekMovie).

Wheaton appeared twice in the third season of The Big Bang Theory, first in "The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary", and then returning in "The Wheaton Recurrence ". Here are clips from Wil Wheaton’s past two appearances on The Big Bang Theory.

More Wheaton

Wheaton has been showing up more and more on TV these days. He recently appeared in a guest spot on the Syfy show Eureka, and he has recently shot another episode of Eureka. Wheaton also has a recurring role on the web series The Guild. Here is a clip featuring Wheaton on The Guild.


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First! Sheldon is the best character and it’s funny when someone out-smarts him.

Hey Wil-are you interested in appearing in the new Star Trek sequel??

Beat you guys to it!!

I like it when someone can best Sheldon, but I didn’t like the Evil Wil breaking up Penny and Leonard just to win a bowling match. Boo!

Well, sure, if you’re going to pull in any of the actors from Trek, why not Wheaton? From an economic standpoint, it’s smart on the producer’s part. What would Wheaton cost for his salary as a guest star? $1.50?

@3 Wheaton was in the Star Trek 09, well, his voice was anyway.

I just shat myself laughing. The actor who plays Sheldon definitely deserved that Emmy.

Torn, now that “Big Bang” is on opposite “Community.” I’ll probably time shift BBT.

Maybe we can have him undo the damage from last time. I actually enjoyed his first visit to the show, but the 2nd time actually made me mad.

ps: i would love to see john de’lance on the show.

wow all 3 of those domain names really do exist.

Yes, a Big Q Bang.

I can’t stand him he bashed the old trek series films, while saying the JJ film would be so much better.

I could never stand him on Next generation either was glad when he left.

Funny thing is he left when his character began to become interesting.

I would love to see him on “Big Bang” again,

hmm,,maybe Nimoy and Shatner one day too ??


@8 hold on few more weeks for new fall season..sure u saw where BBT is moving to thrusdays (i think) as leadin to the shat’s “bleep my dad said”

I always liked Wil Wheaton, and I still like Will Wheaton, and I don’t hold it against Wil Wheaton that he loathes some Treks that I happen to love.

But I was always annoyed by the way his character — this random adolescent prodigy on the bridge – kept saving the ship during the first season of TNG. Not his fault, but there it is.

shuttup wesley

Goddammit Wesley!

Yah wasnt wheatons fault they kinda made him a will robinson genius kid type–and yes his character got older n more three dimensional–the episode with him covering up the starburst fatal accident while at starfleet was excellent–only picard figured out what really happened and he made wesley do the right thing–a genius kid who makes a biig mistake at the academy–very human n wheatons best episode–then assuming his character would be starfleet all the way only to give it up for training with the traveller was pretty cool too-like he had a destiny bigger than starfleet–all well done wil—and yes the emmy was a surprise but well deserved as sheldon makes the show–will be great to see wil guest again on bbt-

Is Wesley the new Q?

#14 — That would be pretty good. I keep having an image of Frakes and Sirtis showing up wherever Wheaton is and Sirtis is mumbling, “I don’t know why we have to always come to get him… Wil! Get your stuff together and let’s go NOW. Patrick-”

Frakes, “Sir Patrick.”

Sirtis, “Look, I told you, I am not going to start calling him that. [pointedly] PAT-RIK is waiting for us at Chuck E Cheese.”

From these clips, this “Big Bang Theory” is terrible. Is this show available without the laugh track?


@ #22,Gary, you know I had dropped in on a few episodes a long time ago & thought it was an okay show. A friend of mine is a fan, so last season I tried to watch again. I could not stand the laughtrack. The show sounded like it was taped in front of an audience culled from an amusement park’s kiddie ride line. Laugh tracks suck. If it’s funny it’s funny. Only time I need a laugh track is when I’m seening a movie with a genuine crowd. Wil Wheaton looks like Angry Young Riker there… heh, heh.

Wow, are you guys really that unfamiliar with sitcoms? Laugh tracks have been fairly common since the ’60s; it’s a staple of the genre. Granted, I prefer a live studio audience to a machine, but then again I’ve learned to tune out the guffaws in between the one-liners. Ha-ha, he-he—it’s all the same white noise.

As Stewie would say: Whhhhhilwhhheaton!

This comes up every time, but Big Bang theory is taped in front of an audience, which is used to improve the actors’ timing and tell the writers if a joke is not working.

Canned laughter was common in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s for shows without audiences (you can tell fake laughter because it’s quieter than real laughter) but it’s been very rare for the last 20 years or so.

@25 I’m familiar with them. But I agree with TomBot3000: “If it’s funny it’s funny.” I’ll add that if you need a laugh track, then you need better writers and a new script.

But in the big scheme of things, I don’t have to watch the show. I prefer Mr. Cawley’s Star Trek over Big Bang Theory. No offense, Mr. Cawley.

Cheers had a laugh track, even though it did need one:
“What’s up, Norm?”
“My ideal weight, if I were 11 feet tall.”

That’s funny without a laugh track.

28 “Cheers had a laugh track”

Then why, before the start of every episode of Cheers, did one of the actors do a voice-over proclaiming, “Cheers is filmed before a live studio audience”???

Will Wheston has become the William Shatner of TBNG – except he’s funnier and a better actor!

Does he even need to audition anymore or is he getting the cool parts on “Geek Cred”.

Mind you, his CRIMINAL MINDS episode was one of the best things he did.

He did a great episode of csi too. The trek references in big bang are the best part of the show. One of the things that make Will`s appearance so brilliant.

Maybe some people remember that M*A*S*H was not filmed in front of a live audience (obviously), but it did have a laugh track. The laugh track was a demand made by the studio execs. The producers fought tooth and nail to keep it off the show. M*A*S*H dvds offer each episode without a laugh track, so you can go that route if you want to. I will say that M*A*S*H really suffered from the canned laughter. I believe most sitcoms today are filmed before a live audience, but I’m sure it’s easy enough to find out for certain.
The point is, don’t necessarily take it out on the show, itself, just because there’s a laugh track. Studio execs get to have the last word on pretty much everything…

As for “Big Bang,” I never watched the show until my girlfriend said, “I really think you would like this show.” It’s not a perfect show, but I enjoy it very much, and it’s different than most of the other slop on tv. I’ll be curious to see how it does on Thursday nights, next to Capt. Shatner’s new show.

And I like Wil Wheaton just fine. He’s another Star Trek “insider” who’s taken a bunch of shit from so-called fans, and he’s done nothing to deserve any of it. He’s come a long way from “Stand By Me,” and TNG “Farpoint,” and he deserves credit for that.