Star Trek 2009 (+ 7 Other Trek Films) Available Now On Netflix Streaming

The popular DVD rental and online service Netflix has extended their offering of streaming Star Trek features to include the 2009 Star Trek movie, along with a selection of most of the other films. Details below.


Streaming Star Trek Movies at Netflix

Netflix has every single Star Trek movie or TV series DVD or Blu-ray that has been released. And now due to their new relationship with EPIX (co-owned by Paramount), you can also watch the 2009 Star Trek movie, along with all six of the original TOS era movies and Star Trek First Contact via their “Watch Instantly” streaming service. Here is the full list of Trek movies available now for streaming (most of which are in HD):

  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture (HD)
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (HD)
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (HD)
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (HD)
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (HD)
  • Star Trek: First Contact (HD)
  • Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek 2009 now streaming at Netflix

All Netflix streaming movies are commercial free, but have to be a Netflix subscriber to watch. Rate plans with unlimited streaming start at $8.99/month which includes DVD rental (go to for more). Streaming video can be watched on computers or via Netflix ready devices (like Tivo, gaming consoles, and some TV’s and Blu-ray players). You can also watch via the Netflix applications for iPad and iPhone/iTouch.

Streaming Star Trek

We still have not got to the point where all of Star Trek is available for online streaming, but a good portion of it is now available. Here is a breakdown.

  • [ad supported]: All of TOS (and TOS Remastered) + All of Enterprise
  • Netflix [Subscription]: 8 of the Trek feature films
  • Hulu [ad supported]: various Trek feature films (currently just First Contact is available)
  • Epix [subscription]: various Trek  feature films (currently Star Trek 2009 & Star Trek III)


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CBS should add VOY, DS9 and TNG to streaming.


Netflix needs to add TNG/DS9/VOY as well! since TOS/ENT is covered by free streaming online.

Just finished watching Final Frontier on streaming. Give whomever restored that movie for HD a medal (and the guys who worked up the Netflix compression algorithm too), because it was gorgeous. Best I’ve seen it look since the theater.

It doesn’t say, but are these available in HD streaming as well?

yes Chris

It would be nice if Netflix did something other than 10p and mono sound.

Ok, it’s 720p and stereo, but it’s not 1080p and 5.1 or better dolby or dts.

I’ll watch my blu-rays, thank you.

When will one of these sites start streaming TNG and DS9? I have all the Trek movies I want to watch, but it’s a ton more expensive to buy the series.

They don’t have Star Trek Insurrection.There was a post on the other day about the handful of titles that weren’t available, and the guy who wrote in was bummed because he was working his way through all the Trek discs and had to go out and buy this one.

Have to check it out, I wonder if the TOS movies are extended or director’s editions. Only the original theatrical cut of TMP is in HD on blu-ray. Would love to see Wise’s “finished” version in HD. Also, waiting for the director’s edition on blu-ray (anyone from Paramount reading this?).

Yes, how can I tell if TMP is the “finished” version before I start streaming it?

Well. For the fact I already have all the Movies on Bluray I would watch them. I would love to see all of thenTrek Series. But I have all of the TOPS on Bluray as well. Lol. But still it is a great thing.

I hate Canada,
we don’t get any of the online services the good ol USofA does, and when we do, we have to pay through the nose for it! Netflix announced they are coming to canada “sometime soon”, and as soon as they did that, our ISP’s Upped the bandwidth charges!

@ 13

Don’t hate Canada. You should just Hate the American corporations.


Where’s Generations, Insurrection and Nemesis ? Do i see hate towards those 3 movies? Why ? Does JJ Abram and Boborci secretly hate those 3 movies and therefor made sure their not on netflix ? lol

because they’re terrible duh

Woo Hoo, Now I can watch on my Iphone at work. Let the procrastination begin.

Finally! Now I can watch the terrible V movie again, for the first time since it came out… there was no way I was going to dedicate a full DVD rental to it.

Interesting note. It seems the streaming Star Trek movies are only “Available in HD on your TV” meaning that you can only stream them on Netflix ready devices NOT on in HD on a PC. This stinks because I have PC with HDMI out to my TV…yet they won’t stream HD to me.

Why make that a difference for the Trek movies I wonder? When I play one of the movies I get no HD icon and I definitely see that its not, but they have 30 pages of movies that do. Anybody else notice this?

@18, up until recently HD was only available on stand alone devices, then like 3 months ago they started to allow HD streaming on the PC, but only some titles and not all HD titles as of yet, it may have something to do with licensing or some such nonsense. I really hate is the fact that some things are only available for a limited time on streaming like Star Trek III, its only available till October 1, and only in SD, WTH?

Also it would seem that the motionless picture is indeed the original theatrical release (just watched the first ten min on my XBox) and not the directors cut, only owing to the fact that the original DC was made with just 480p video release in mind so any of the updated effects weren’t done in anything higher, hence the HD version is the OTR


Thanks for the info. It’s actually been about 3 months since I built this PC, so that explains some of my confusion, I wouldn’t have noticed the non-HD streaming beforehand.

I’m going to watch a few of them tonight and see how they compare to my regular DVDs, shouldn’t be much of a difference. The aspect ration may be better? We’ll see!

it makes no sense why Netflix adds movies and then takes them away. Did the same thing to the first season of TOS. KEEP EXPANDING YOUR MOVIE LIBRARY, NOT TAKING THEM AWAY!

Well, I tried to rewatch TFF… and I just couldn’t do it. It’s just too bad! I watched someone’s “cliff notes” / review version instead.

… on YouTube.

I used to be able to watch TOS on Netflix and now I can’t. I guess because CBS has them with ads they made a deal with Netflix to take them away from streaming. They looked great in HD coming from the XBOX.