John Billingsley Joins Poe Audio Drama

John Billingsley, Star Trek Enterprise’s Dr. Phlox, has joined a new audio drama, voicing "The Doctor" in Edgar Allen Poe’s "The Fall of the House of Usher". More details below.


Press Release

“The Fall Of The House Of Usher” Audio Drama featuring John Billingsley and Kevin Sorbo Coming to Compact Disc this October

Macabre Mansion® Presents "The Fall Of The House Of Usher" – an original Audio Drama adaptation of the short story by Edgar Allan Poe. Starring Kevin Sorbo ("Hercules, the Legendary Journeys", "Gene Roddenberry’s, Andromeda"), John Billingsley (Star Trek: Enterprise, "The Others", "True Blood" "2012"), Bonita Friedericy (NBC’s Chuck), and Jim O’Rear (The Dead Matter, Day Of The Dead, Star Trek 4, Lethal Weapon 3, Cop & 1/2).

This adaptation stays true to Poe’s original vision with only minor changes in dialogue. The script consists of four speaking roles; Roderick Usher, Madeline Usher, the family Doctor and the Narrator who is an un-named childhood friend of Roderick. The Audio Drama will have the same feel and style of the classic Old Time Radio shows.

A portion of the proceeds from "The Fall Of The House Of Usher" are being donated to "A WORLD FIT FOR KIDS" –

A limited number of autographed reward items are available in exchange for funding donations including cds and photographs signed by the cast.

For more information on Macabre Mansion® Presents "The Fall Of The House Of Usher" visit

Billingsley recording "House of Usher"

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I really liked John in his role as Dr. Phlox. He had a distinctive way of speaking and moving his head to emphasize a point. Good character.

He is very talented, I took it badly when Enterprise was canceled.

I wish him great things. PLEASE find a new role for him in upcoming Trek projects… or a cameo in one of McCoy’s instructional medical vids.