Great Links: Summer Movies as TNG Episodes + Kirk Audio + Trek Toilet + Spock Dog + more

It has been a while since TrekMovie has done a Great Links collection, so it is time to catch up. This week we have links looking at the summer movies as TNG episodes, Trekkies topping another list, two instances of Kirk-inspired audio, a Trek-inspired toilet and more, including Spock the dog.


Link of the week: Summer Movies stealing from TNG?

The best link of the week again comes from our friend Jordan Hoffman, the movies editor for UGO. After sitting through a full summer of movies, Jordan saw a possible pattern, that lead him to ask the question: Were 2010’s Summer Movies Just a Rehash of The Next Generation? Jordan looked at a dozen movies and saw parallels with TNG episodes. Some are a stretch, but many of the links are pretty insightful, here is the list (click link to see the connection):

Did Christopher Nolan borrow "Inception" from "Frame of Mind"?

Picture of the week: Spock Dog

The picture of the week comes from the cover of the "2011 Famous Faces Wall Calendar"  which is full of pets dressed up as famous faces. For the cover they have a familiar face to Trekkies.

Logical choice for calendar

List of the week: Trekkies Top Time List

Inspired by the annual gathering of "Juggalos" (fans of the rap-rock group Insane Clown Posse), Time Magazine put together their list of "Top 10 Offbeat Fan Followings", and Trekkies came out on top. Here is the full list:

Freaky Fanatics

* Trekkies
* Juggalos
* Cheeseheads
* Twihards
* Deadheads
* Losties
* Janeites
* Cameron Crazies
* Dudeists
* Gleeks

Audio clip of the week: Captain Kirk’s Life Flashes Before Trekkies Eyes

The Onion Radio News broke this important story of a dying Trekkie, take a listen:

Music of the week: Evil Kirk

Keeping with the Kirk in audio theme, TrekMovie reader and Canadian jazz musician Kathryn Ladano notified us of a new Trek-themed piece of music on her debut album "Open". The track "Evil Kirk" features Kathryn on bass clarinet accompanying a narrator reciting lines from the great James T. Kirk (in both timelines). Take a listen:


Fan art of the week: Enterprise in Ink Cartridges

The Ink and Media Blog gave an artist some empty Ink Cartridges to see what he could come up with and he recreated a number of movie scenes, including the Starship Enterprise:

Fan art of the week (runner up): Star Trek: The Toilet

Reader Tim Clark snapped this shot of an entry in the Toilet Art contest at a local county fair:

Video of the week: Simon Cowell Jerkbot

Famously mean Simon Cowell has left American Idol, but YouTuber OneMinuteGalactica envisions a future where Cowell’s Jerkiness will roam the galaxy as a robot:

Thanks to Tim, Garrett, Kathy, and anyone else I forgot to thank for sending in links

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Heh… jerkbot.

There are only so many good plots… what matters is the execution.

To that end, I agreed with many of the parallels, but really you only have to look at “The Game” vs. “Scott Pilgrim” to see how you can take the same basic idea and take it in a completely opposite direction.

Spock Dog is a very old picture. I got it as a Birthday card last summer and it’s the picture on my Oyster card holder.

Who or what is a Janeite?

Browncoats didn’t make the list… can’t be because they’re not offbeat.

Janeites- likes them womanly books by Jane Austin… or ask CBS ta’ digitally enhance Janeway’s bust…

Browncoats- uses thar’ jackets when tha’ BP loo has no toilet tissue…

Spogs- dresses thar’ canines like Spock…

Juggaloos- them that has a restrainin’ order against them from Jeri Ryan’s attorney…

Dudeists- fans o’ Kivas Fajo…

Kneebiters- thems that send me e-mail wit’oot’ gin attached…

BermanBurneders- thems that Rick decides ta’ sue fur’ stealin’ his TouNGe idears…

Woof! Woof! Woof!
That be me other dog impression.

Oh, I kidz cuz I luvs…


I love the Onion XD

@3. M-BETA – “Spock Dog is a very old picture.”

And Star Trek is a very old show. But when they bring out a new calendar full of 40-year-old pictures, we still talk about it, right?

At long last ! A toilet for trekkies! Real cute a dogged spock priceless! What’s next

@3. M-BETA –

Don’t be surprised. There are old bits, vids, and pics that have been ‘viral’ for years. Decades! They pop up again and again.

Hey Time, it’s Trekkers not Trekkies!

@ 11

THAT argument will last FOREVER. I just say that I am a Star Trek fan.

Militant Trekists

Evil Kirk is fantastic!!

Yo, Tanner @ 12. We have to call ourselves something. I’ve been a Star Trek fan since 1969. And the consensus is that we are Trekkers. Even Bob Orci will tell you what Trek fans call themselves. It’s “Trekkers.” Trekkies is somewhat derogotory. We’re not “Losties”. we’re Trekkers. Regardless, we follow Gene “The Great Bird of the Galaxy” Roddenberry’s vision.

@ 12

Okay, I’ve read authors on this site use the term “Trekkies.” So I was having a little fun at Time and now agree that both are used by Trek fans. I still prefer “Trekker.” But you’re right Tanner, you can call yourself anything you want. Star Trek fan. Trekkie. Trek Hugger. So, fellow Trekkers, remember,

“Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.” (IDIC)

#17 well said. Call me a trekkie. Call me a Trekker. Call me a Corn Dog on Wheels. Just don’t call me late for dinner


Isn’t “trekkies” in the dictionary? I have never acually looked it up I was just told that….I’m not sure that “trekkers” is…I’ll take whatever’s in the dictionary!! I’ll go look it up now, and decide once and for all, for myself, because it is darn about time I did.

Ok that dying/trekkie/kirks life thing was really weird and kind of stupid. I don’t believe that was real.

nice. Spock dog is now my desktop wallpaper :)

@ 17

Thanks Anthony. Trust me, I don’t take Trekkie v. Trekker seriously.

@ 19

Polly, the dying Trekkie report is a piece of satire from the Onion, a fake news organization. They do satire with the targets often from the day’s events. Here’s a wikipedia article about the Onion.

But note that the A.V. Club section of the Onion is allegedly non-satirical, I think. Anyway, you may have missed the widely distributed Onion news report on Trekkers disappointed with Star Trek ‘ 09. The video skit is linked below. In the video, please don’t make fun of my mother in the Klingon costume. Hey where’s the three hour extended version of the movie? : )

On Kathryn Ladano’s atonal concert music, I’ll give an opinion that probably misses the point of the piece. It was enjoyable. I thought it was funny. If I was supposed to take it seriously, I’m sorry. I originally messed up the finale of “Lost’ too. Yes, I got the castaways were in purgatory not a “Star Trrek” alternate universie. I messed up the whole Island thing. I thought the Island was another plane of existence. Oops, I’m on a tangent.

Basement Blogger – Kathryn Ladano here. That’s exactly how I would want you to react. Don’t take it seriously – just enjoy and have a laugh. This is why it’s placed at the end of the album – after we’re done with all the “serious” stuff.

Re: Trek Toilet finaly figured it out! Its an academy Senior prank!