New Record For Costumed Star Trek Fans Set At Dragon*Con [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

On Saturday night at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, GA Star Trek fans gathered to attempt to break the record for costumed Trekkies set just a month ago at the Official Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. And based on the count, it looks like they did it. A full report and photos below. UPDATE: Video added


Trek costume record broken again at Dragon*Con

One of the things 2010 will be remembered for is setting of records for the most costumed Star Trek fans in one place. It started in London in February when Namco (promoting Star Trek Online) gathered a rather paltry 99 fans. In May conventions in Florida and Germany both broke the record, with FedCon setting the new bar at 507 fans. In June fans at TrekFest in Riverside Iowa made an attempt but fell far short. And last month in Las Vegas a new record of 543 costumed Trekkies was set at the official Star Trek convention.

So organizers at Atlanta’s Dragon*Con had their work cut out for them. However, last year they successfully set a record for most people simultaneously dancing to  Michael Jackson’s "Thriller," so they were confident they could do it. Going into the ballroom at the Sheraton Atlanta, entrants knew that the current record was set at the Vegas Star Trek convention, and they were eager to set trump the Vegas count.

DragonCon2010-crowd_gathering Trek fans gather in Sheraton Ballroom at Dragon*Con to attempt to break record

Organizer Kimber McDermott, also an organizer on last year’s "Thriller" attempt began the 10 minute attempt with the blow of her whistle and during the required 10 minutes, entrants stayed within the room, snapping endless photos of other great costumes. In addition, the crowd was documented by official photographers and CNN was also present to get footage of the attempt. When the ending signal sounded, it was announced that the final count was 571 people in "Star Trek" costumes, which would set a new record.

Fans cheer as it was announced they broke the record

The record number will still have to be verified by the Guinness Book people so as of now it is still the unofficial record. The Dragon*Con attempt is the last try for this record in 2010. However it is likely that there will be attempts in 2011 to break the 571 count. FedCon organizers are likely to take a crack and last month Gary Berman of Creation told TrekMovie that if Dragon*Con did break the record, they would try again next August.

More photos

Trekkie girl with tribbles

Fan dressed as Rand peeks through the crowd

It is mirror Pike!

Fans line up to go into ballroom

Organizers give instructions to the waiting fans


Here is video posted by dubiago on YouTube


Photos by Clinton Alvord

Visit Clinton Alvord’s podcast at

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We’ll smash all records next year at the Vegas convention!

Will they be verifying the costumes?

I don’t want any non-Trekkies sneaking in.

Hey, at leas some of those fans wore actual costumes.

I am glad that dragon con broke the record, Hate to see a creation event hold any sort of record, as the promoters behind creation are not fan friendly at all and charge an arm and a leg for events.
I have never attended a creation event after their last show in florida over 15 years ago and will never attend another one ever again anywhere

I have so many costumes in my attic that I could hand them to people as they enter the room!
If they aren’t in costume already, of course.

Where’s Waldo?


That’s what I like to see, THX. A positive attitude! As in you’re positive you’ll never go to a creation event again!

I gotta get to one of these things some day.

They must have them in NYC….

I Hope that the Star Trek Convention in March of 2011 in San Francisco will try to match or beat that record of 543 or 571. Around the same time that the 3-time Arena Football League ARENA BOWL World Champions (2002, ’04 & ’07) will begin our Reign as the Team of the DECADE the 2000s. The 1st Season Back since 2008.

Welcome Back Sabercats & SaberKittens!

Yeoman Rand and Mirror-Universe Pike both look really good!!!

Congrats to the Dragon-Coners! But it is such a shame about the Vegas Khan losing. They held the record attempt too early in the morning, and most of the really good costumes didn’t even come out until later in the evening! Oh well, next year!!!

As far as Creation events go, I gave up paying the premium prices that they ask for a long time ago. I have long since gotten over being star-struck by the stars. I usually just get the cheapo general admission tickets, because I am mainly there just to see my friennds these days anyways~!

lol I like the Pike chair costume

I love this site, is the best.

since when is wearing a blue Jeans Canon…
First Picture
Above the Girl with a Pony Tail and Yellow Shirt.
There is a Guy in a Yellow T-Shirt(?) and Blue Jeans.
If that Guy counts, then there will be way more People on the Record in the next Attempts.


There were some photographers, parents, etc. in the “zone” prior to the official attempt. They would not have been included in the count when entering the room, and were asked to stand outside the zone during the 10 minute official attempt. I can’t speak about the individual in question, but I can tell you that much.

We did it! We did it! Take that! Creation

wow congrats i was in the vegas one im sure it will keep building


I usually meet then half way with the Captain’s chair tix. It’s still fun to go to the parties with your mates.

I was in the Vegas attempt last month, and I agree that 9:00 am on Saturday morning was too early– there were 300 contestants in the costume contest later that day. I’m sure Vegas can take the record next year if it’s held a bit later in the day!

I wonder if boborci plays Star Trek Online.

Congrats-And I also love this website-thanx to Anthony n staff 4 job well done as usual–

It also warms my Trekker heart to see so many costumed fans enjoying their day with fellow Trek Fans!!

We are at Ocean Shores in WA state–as we watch the kites sailing in the wind so nice to stay informed thanx to who never sleep in their unending quest for truth justice n the Trekkie Way!!!

April may now wave her Stafleet Flag from Star Trek: The Experiences closing ceremony—-Tahdahh

I just love seeing people in the TOS Movie costumes. That is my absolute favorite era and uniform. I only wish there were more!!!

I went to the Vegas convention and was part of the (then) record breaking attempt. The convention was fantastic, that day I saw Shatner, Nimoy and Jeri Ryan.
The Creation people did a wonderful job, I go every year and they outdid themselves this time.
Vegas will beat the record next time, it belongs at a Star Trek Convention, not a comic convention.

#2 & #13, I was there and there were several people that snuck in and also some press people that weren’t in costume, the non-press were made to leave before the official count itself though.

Vegas Star Trek Convention rulz! 4 days of Star Trek not mixed into a zillion other interests like Dragon-Con. Did that once, never again: it was a giant sweatbox of waiting in ridiculous lines with a Trek moderator more interested in himself then the stars.
I dressed as a Klingon for Vegas this year: had a blast! We’ll take ’em next time, Klingons don’t like losing.
The Klingon.

It saddens me to see the negativity concerning our setting the new costume. Just be happy at all the loyal trekkie population grow at each attempt. So its our turn to hold the new record. As I head back to “the burbs” in my back seat are 2 sleeping happy grandkids who had the time of their lives. And we shared this trek expierence. Memories for a lifetime. Their 1st trek con.

#1 & #15

Who’s we?

You know envy is very unbecoming, especialy for trekkies. We are supposed to be setting the example of evolved humans. Evolved past. Primative sediments right? Unless we are in the Terran Empire. Kidding aside, I would like to believe that Dragon Con helped creation get their act together. For several years they went downhill. Last years Dragon con put the heat on and creation pulled up their bootstraps and realy got it together. competing improves not Jealousy or cheap shots.

Losira, wasn’t it your message #15 that started this negativity? Maybe your grandkids will remind you as it was earlier in the day you wrote that.
The Klingon

Great to see TOS uniforms out in force.

It was ment in friendly compatuiton not meaness

#29 I think TOS uniforms also regained. Momenton thanks to the movie. And I have seen a lot of apparel sites popping up to getting thes uniforms a lot easier then just a few years ago. Also many talented sewers out there. Made their own. I would say tos has come back. In the old days only Lincoln enterprises had the sole. Corner. They also sold patterns for custom fits. Thank you for the compliment. There are many cons to go in trekdom

I have to realy sulute those fans on how they put together the alien costumes it took a lot of love and dedication. Not to mention patience and talent to sew and glue in some casesm tomake them authentic. Great job to the trek aliens and capt pike! Looks like kirk took a lot longer to askill you your a tough cookie!


Well, that’s great if you have exactly one interest. Many of us have multiple interests. Incidentally, the director of this year’s Trek fan track at D*C and moderator of most of the high-profile panels was a Mr. Garrett Wang. I think he used to be on a show about a starship that got pulled to the other side of the galaxy, or something.

Seeing these things makes me really regret I live in the boonies when it comes to being a Star Trek fan! We don’t get many conventions in Ireland – the closest thing was when I was about 8 years old (around 18 years ago) when Star Trek: The Exhibition visited. One of the organisers gave me special permission to be photographed on a recreation of the TOS bridge, which was out of bounds otherwise. I don’t have a Star Trek uniform (I think I”d go for the ST:II-VI movie uniform) but I’d love to attend these events to meet some like-minded people.

#35 maybe you could get on the internet and look up varios site there is a sloo of them. And connect that way. They offer trek community social and evan dating trek sites and if you can obtain “penpale”. And enough of them start talking about puting together. A convention of your own. Also there are sites including that have the uniform that you are looking for,however they sell the patterns and correct fabric to sew your own. TWOc apparel I believe you may have to make but I may be wrong. Keep looking up trek uniform sites withe so many cropping up prices are becoming competitive. In the mean time I wish you blessings

Please turn on or accept your spell checker suggestions. Your typos make you hard to read.

@36: I unfortunately have lots of other priorities before I can consider getting a uniform, but thanks for the info! Something like setting up a convention for Ireland would be, I would imagine, a fairly costly exercise, as tempting a prospect as it would be. Ireland is generally pretty expensive for everything, but I digress. I’ll have a look around the sites to see about networking with other fellow Irish fans though. I know a few post on here. But I think most Irish Star Trek fans tend to keep themselves fairly underground for fear of being mistreated by ignorant people! Still, the idea of being able to talk ‘Trek with some like-minded folks is an appealing one. Are there any specific sites you’d recommend?

@38 I think I remember that last con you mentioned. I have a fuzzy recollection of Colm Meany (who else!) being the big guest star at it. I think it was back in 1991 or ’92 – I only remember because I ran my school’s short-lived Star Trek Fan Club.

You’re right about Irish Trek fans being an almost underground movement – maybe we should call an Irish Con “Section 31” or “Maquis Con” so only the ‘underground’ will get it? :-P

@39: I don’t remember anyone actually turning up to it. I just remember an exhibition and some cool merch, and I had a £20 burning a hole in my pocket! I came home a Starfleet lieutenant that day…. but ’91 or ’92 does sound about right to me.

Colm Meany used to be a regular in the pub I worked in (before I worked there, unfortunately). The staff always had good things to say about him. But they all knew him better as delivering the immortal “on a f**king Suzuki?” line in The Commitments.

Section 31 con sounds like an idea to me. The Hellfire Club would an obvious venue, since it’ll be underground and all. I can imagine it’d be cheap to hold it there too!

I want to go to my 1st covention next year. Which is the best. Will i break cannon if i don’t go in costume

Wow. All those Red Shirts. Danger there and all those are tempting fate. But Kool to see.

@40 Oddly enough, Colm Meany (and what looked like a Commitments reunion) took my Friday night gangs regular table at The Duke quite recently. The American, Canadian and Australian girls all got rather excited about “the guy from Star Trek” at the next table and discussed very audibly about asking for a photo while us Irish guys just asked them to chill and let him enjoy a few beers with his mates. I ended up have this weird moment glancing apologetically to him in the bathroom (that actually sounds REALLY dodgy but there’s no way it can’t!)

Just realised i was talking about a convention in the early 90s and you’d mentioned the exhibition. Hellfire Club sounds like an intriguing venue for a “Section 31” con for sure.

@40 I found this on – it might be of interest:

No complaints here – any excuse to get a lot of young trekker girls into slutty boots.

@43 Another famous scene with Colm Meany did come to mind when you mentioned meeting him in the jacks. One he shared with Colin Farrell

Had a look at the Boards post you mentioned – pretty much summed up all my fears about running a convention in Ireland! But it’s nice to see a few people with interest, albeit from some time last year. I’ve always been a bit loathe to sign up to since they have quite a heavy-handed moderation policy which I don’t agree with but I might have to in this one case to see what’s what. Thanks for linking me up with it!

Fedcon is going to get the record back next year for sure!

STAR TREK purity is wherever STAR TREK fans exist! Not at a “solely” STAR TREK con. No record is owned by any convention unless it is broken nor should it be broken at any specific convention event. Common sense dictates you celebrate what has been accomplished and the ST record was accomplished at D*C. Simple logic for those confused as to the merits of Gene Roddenberry’s vision. IDIC wasn’t created to mean STAR TREK only! Get a grip people. Racism started with similar “mine mine mine” mentality and now some of you feel STAR TREK belongs to STAR TREK conventions. NOT!.

@46 I agree with on boards – I only ever hear people moaning about it.

Hope you don’t mind this next part Mr. Pascale:
Ok, how about if any other Irish Trek fans read this and would be interested in a convention, let me know. If we’ve enough interest and can get somebody like Sub City Comics or Forbidden Planet aboard to sponsor it, we could try get something going!

Kudos to the Janice Rand waffle hair!