New Star Trek Figures From Diamond Select + More On The Way

It has been a long time since Diamond Select has released any Star Trek figures, but there is finally something new to talk about with the release of a 3-pack of original series figures. There are also a number of new Star Trek figure 2-packs coming soon. Details below. 


Diamond Select getting back to Star Trek figures

Diamond hasn’t released a new Star Trek figure since 2009, but they have a number of new and interesting figures coming up in the next few months. Many are brand new figures and others are improved or modified versions of previously released figures. The new figures are mostly grouped into themed packs, a tradition that DST seems to be returning to (and hopefully they will continue doing it as well). Overall it appears that DST and Art Asylum are continuing to improve their work. For example the Kirk figures are really getting the likeness of William Shatner down, which is something that has been difficult for Star Trek licensees since the beginning of the franchise. 

JUST RELEASED: New Star Trek TOS – Series 5 set

Diamond Select/Art Asylum’s latest set of 6 1/2" Star Trek figures is a set of three with  a Romulan Centurion, Scotty and Casual Kirk. The Romulan Centurion is a brand new figure, The Kirk and the Scotty are improved and repainted versions of previously released (and now harder to find) figures. This set of three figures is available now. You can buy them for $47.99 at Big Bad Toy Store.

COMING SOON: TOS Episode 2- Packs

"Arena" Kirk vs. Gorn

Diamond has a number of original Star Trek episode themed packs of 6 1/2 figures coming in the next few months. First up is an "Arena" set. The Gorn figure is a re-release with some new detailing and the Kirk is a standard Kirk, but repainted with "battle damage" specific for the episode. The set will be available in October. You can pre-order the set at Entertainment Earth in October for $35.99.

"Where No Man Has Gone Before" Kirk and Spock

Also coming in October is a 2-pack themed around the second Star Trek pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before". The Kirk is a re-release of a figure previously only available as a Canadian Expo exclusive and as set with a Captain’s Chair, but this version is more faithful including corrected color on the shirt. The Spock figure is brand new. "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Kirk and Spock set will be available in October. You can pre-order the set at Entertainment Earth in October for $35.99.

"Enterprise Incident" Spock and Romulan Kirk

In January DST brings us a 2-pack based on the third season Star Trek episode "The Enterprise Incident" featuring a standard Spock figure and a brand new Kirk as Romulan figure. This "The Enterprise Incident" Spock and Romulan Kirk will be available January 2011. You can pre-order the set at Entertainment Earth in October for $35.99.

COMING IN JANUARY: New Retro Mego 2-Pack

In January, Diamond Select will release the next 2-pack in their series of retro cloth 8" figures inspired by the 1970’s Star Trek Mego line, which will be the first figures in around a year. This new 2-pack includes Captain Pike and the Salt Vampire from the first season episode "The Man Trap". Both are "new" retro figures which were not part of the original Mego line, but have been styled to match. Retro Pike and Salt Vampire will be available January 2011. These figures look like they will be great and will fit well this excellent line. You can pre-order the set at Entertainment Earth in October for $35.99.

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cool, but hoping for info on new props!

The retro Mego packs put a big smile on my face.

Love it! :D

They’re fun to look at, but c’mon…who actually wastes their money buying these things? I walk into a comic book store and I see individual dolls for $50 or $100 or more. And if you’re going to invest in them then you can’t even take them out of the box.

#4: The best thing to do is try to hold off and wait for mark downs. This is a gamble, as you may not find them, but I’ve had great success in waiting. For example, recently Suncoast Video (part of FYE) recently had the MEGO Sulu figure for just $4.00. I bought two, one to open and one to keep sealed. Recently some local Blockbuster Video stores went out of business and I got the large figures from the 2009 movie for just a dollar each! These were priced at $30 in most stores when they came out. Often Toys R Us has great discounts as well. It pays to wait and the search can be fun. Good luck!

P.S. I’ve been collecting Trek memorabilia since the 1970s. You can imagine what my house looks like!

Weird … we may actually get the Mego-esque Salt Vampire figure BEFORE we ever get the Art Asylum one … which has been solicited for sale at least 2 or 3 times during the past 2 or so years!

But where’s the news on Excelsior and the Bird of Prey? ):

From a distance those Kirk’s aren’t too bad. They’ve got his stance down even.

The Enterprise Incident Kirk looks cool – too bad no Joanne Linville, though ;)

I loved it, too!!!…..Kirk and Spock are Great…..and retro Pike and Salt Vampire absolutely good and weird!!!!

Pike has wrong phaser. I see so many little detailing mistakes with just about everything that is produced, why is it so hard to get it right?

Where’s the TWOK Communicator ?

and please, someone urge DST/AA to make a First Contat Phaser Rifle role play or better yet, a laser tag like toy based on phasers.. who’s else agrees ?

I see some questions for DST. Feel free to post more. John will try and get them answered by DST/AA. No guarantees but we will try

The Romulan figures are particularly well done.

Not a DST question, but more of a Playmates and DST question: Are there any chances that the 3 3/4″ series of TOS figures that DSTand Playmates worked onever going to see the light of day? In 2012 with the release of the sequel movie maybe? I’d really love to hear any news you can dig up, Anthony. Thanks.

I am still waiting for a DST Reliant.

They look beautiful. Definitely I need to buy new shelves.

C’mon Diamond Select & Art Asylum, where is my Captain Sisko & Command Chair figure?!

The top Kirk is the best of these shown, imo…. And that uniform shirt (the wraparound) was always my favorite for Kirk in the TOS days…

#11 – It’s not the wrong phaser. They’ve designed it to fit with the Classic MEGO line. That’s the phaser all of those figures had.

….while the “Where No Man Has Gone Before” Kirk looks like he has just realized Spock cut the cheese….. and the WNMHGB Spock looks like he -has- just cut the cheese….

I only buy original Kirk stuff and I thought their earlier Kirks weren’t all that great. But the first one above and the one with the Gorn don’t look too bad.

Disappointed though that my phaser and medical tricorder don’t have very good sound.


It was cancelled about a year ago along with the Kruge and Borg figures.

By the way, Art Asylum is also re-releasing the Enterprise E (they didn’t say when) with more accurate detailing. It has a lighter grey tone as opposed to the darker greenish-grey that was painted on the 2006 version. There is also more detailing on the underside of the ship.

Let me tell you what I own (Art Asylum)

TWOK-Regula I Kirk, Khan, Spock, Kirk with bloody shirt, hand phaser Sulu figure signed by George Takei and refit Enterprise

TOS-“Amok Time” Kirk and Spock, phaser, communicator, “Space Seed” Kirk and Khan as well as “Mirror, Mirror” figure signed by Nichelle Nichols

TNG-“All Good Things…” Admiral Riker, Lore, Data, Geordi Laforge, Ensign Ro and Captain Picard with Captain’s chair as well as Enterprise D

DS9-Captain Sisko, Jadzia Dax, Odo, Worf, Gowron and Worf in Klingon suit

TNG movies: Enterprise E and two FC Data figures (one opened, other still in package)

TMP: Kirk and Spock

I also have several Playmates figures:

TNG: Sela, Locutus, Borg Drone, Romulan Warbird, Klingon Attack Cruiser

DS9: Gul Dukat, Deep Space Nine station model

TOS Scotty and FC Riker

New movie phaser, Enterprise, 6″ NuSpock

24. Congrats for the collection. My humble Trek collection is limited to 5 figures: Playmates Captain Picard, Captain Sisko, Dax and Dr.Bashir.
and Old Spock from the new movie.

They´re competing their place on the shelves with some Justice League and Final Fantasy figures. It´s a slum of colorful figures.

I also have a nu-Mego Spock. And a Hot Wheels Reliant. And a whole bunch of books (fiction and non-fiction) and comics, and dvd/Blu Rays…..

26. As Conan would say, that´s the best thing in life :)

The Romulan looks like he lost his puppy. Damn cloaking device malfunction!

Oh HELL yes!!! WNMHGB Kirk and Spock?!?!? Awesome!!

Cool but I lost my interest in DST’s Star Trek action figures a LONG time ago. Bring on Hasbro or Spin-Master for the movie toy license in 2012!!

I was hoping that they would capitalise on the new Kirk sculpt to bring out an Enemy Within 2-pack with Rand but it looks like she may be doomed. I suppose they could still do an ‘evil’ Kirk with a scratched face but that’s a bit more niche than capitalising on the first run of the new sculpt.

#16 – agreed!

DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant!
DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant!
DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant!
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DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant!
DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant!
DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant!
DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant! DST Reliant!

Nitpicking alert: If you look closely at the episode Arena, you will find that Shatner(Kirk?) wasn’t wearing the standard leather boots during the exterior shots around Vasquez Rocks. Instead he was wearing black boots that look like boxing boots or wrestling boots, with flat soles and shoelaces. Running around on rocky desert terrain was probably a bit hard wearing high-heel leather boots.

Did the Metrons provide Kirk with desert-proof shoes? Or was it intended to go unnoticed by the TV audience (low screen resolution of 1966 TV sets and all that)? Should DST provide screen accurate boots or dare correct an obvious on-screen mistake? Questions over questions…

How about larger figures with well made cloth uniforms? Like the 12″ TMP figures.

Nice! We kvetch a lot in these threads when someone puts out a shoddy set of figures or props, but these look well done and ready for playtime. (Need to get two if you’re gonna leave one in the original packaging until the price goes up.) The Gorn and Romulans are especially well done.

Oh, I must nit-pick on thing: shouldn’t the WNMHGB Spock have super-bushy eyebrows?? (kidding! These are great.)

LOVE the Retro cl…er…screw it! The MEGOs!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!! Keep em coming! I buy 2 of each, one to display in packaging, and one to play with!!!!!

Why did we have to wait almost 2 yrs for new MEGOs????

I’m hoping for news on Enterprise B and Excelsior! I love the ships… don’t have room for figures.

The first Kirk (casual Kirk) does seem to have a really good likeness.

As I read this article and looked at the pictures, I took mental notes on the inaccuracies and mistakes on these figures like Pike’s phaser and Kirk’s Arena boots–to see if my fellow nit-pickers would catch them and comment.

You did not disappoint

I’ve been a follower of the Nit-Pickers Guild ever since those Star Trek nit-picker’s guides showed up some 20-odd years ago. It’s all in good fun :-)

Isn’t Pike afraid that wearing his phaser on his junk will cause sterility?

The Mego figures look great but I’d sure rather have a DST 6 1/2 inch Salt Vampire. The mego version looks part Mugato. Perhaps the “M” in M-113 stands for Mugato…I dunno.

@ 41

Pike fears nothing.

Good stuff, certainly–but I wanna see some more ships!! K’Tinga, and most impotantly – -RELIANT!!!!

@ 23

I’m sad they cancelled the Sisko & Chair figure. I have Archer & Chair, Kirk & Chair, Picard & Chair, and Riker & Chair — would’ve loved to get Sisko and Janeway at some point in the future to complete the set.

All good stuff. I urge you all to buy as many AA/DST items as possible so that the company flourishes and I can get my ships. Also, buy all the models you can from Polar Lights/Round 2 and Moebius. And any time you see a company putting out Trek merchandise support them. I have lived through the lean years when NOTHING collectible was being sold. It sucked.

Questions for DST: Where’s the Nurse Chapel, Yeoman Rand, Romulan commander (Mark Lenard), and Salt Vampire figures that we’ve seen prototypes of at past Toy Fairs? Also, when is the geo tricorder coming out?

LIke the new Kirk, but frankly I’ve grown pretty bored of action figures by now.

Would much rather see some decent Trek statues or busts or 1/6 figures.

I actually got a dress uniform Kirk doll for my birthday a couple of months back…so, that’s who goes out and buys ’em dolls.

but, my biggest complaint (at least with these photos) are the arms look waaaaaaaaaaaay out of proportion to their body. but, other than that, I think they’re cool.

I wish I wasn’t a 35 year old guy, so I can take mine out of the package hahaha

do u have 7 of 9 as a borg or the borg set ? & can i buy tham