Photos & Video From Dragon*Con Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant

One of the highlights of the Trek Trak at Dragon*Con is the annual “Miss Star Trek Universe” Pageant. The contest of Trek beauties was held this year on Sunday, hosted by Star Trek Voyager’s Garret Wang (who was the host of the Trek Trak). Check out photos and video of the winners and contestants below.


Trek costume record broken again at Dragon*Con

This year’s “Miss Star Trek Universe” at Dragon*Con in Atlanta, CA around a dozen entrants with girls dressed as Federation and Alien babes from the various eras of Star Trek. The MC for the event was Dragon*Con Trek Trak host (and Voyager star) Garrett Wang, and there was an all-star group of judges: DS9’s Rene Auberjonois, Voyager’s Robert Beltran, and the Klingon double act of Robert O’Reilly and J.G. Herztler.

DragonCon 2010
Contestants + judges for the Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant (Photo: Signalite on Flickr)

The trophy (and dangerously elaborate crown) for Miss Star Trek Universe 2010 was awarded to an Orion Slave girl (aka Alejandra Sanchez from Mexico). According to the Daily Dragon, as part of her acceptance speech she made the point that “…the needs of the Orion girls, the needs of the normal girls.”

DragonCon 2010
Garrett Wang & the Winner of the Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant, “Orion Slave Girl” – Alejandra Sanchez (Photo: Signalite on Flickr)

The runner up trophy went to “Gia Dax” a Trill in a bikini also known as Deena Roth, who had spots that went all the way down.

DragonCon 2010
Garrett Wang & Gia Dax (Deena Roth) Runner Up for the Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant (Photo: Signalite on Flickr)

More Photos

DragonCon 2010
Contestants at Dragon*Con “Miss Star Trek Universe” pageant (Photo: Signalite on Flickr)

DragonCon 2010
Contestants at Dragon*Con “Miss Star Trek Universe” pageant (Photo: Signalite on Flickr)

Pagent winner Alejandra Sanchez (Photo: Barbara Nies on Flickr)

Contestant as 7of9 (Photo: Barbara Nies on Flickr)

Contestant dressed in Mirror Universe outfit ropes in Garret Wang (Photo: Barbara Nies on Flickr)


Here is video of a dancing 7of9 of the event from MistressKoloth on YouTube

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wow under 200ibs not bad!;)

@ 1. Happy someone else noticed that.

Mirror Universe girl is cute… maybe even cute enough to endure getting shivved by on her way to the top….. And 7 of 9 lady is quite well preserved. They’re all pretty good, really (thus their being finalists). *applauds*

… Although I will note, with no disrespect to the woman wearing it, that lavender unitard is not going to do almost any women any favors….

I’ll pick “Contestant with most revealing outfit to win it” Alex.

DAMN! that mirror universe chick is actually SUPER-DUPER cute!!!

You have to wonder if Garrett Wang feels he’s reached a low point in his life.

That’s a tough call man, the Terran Empire girl is cute but the Dax girl is gorgeous. I’d have a hard time choosing!


-A big smile on his face—check
-Surrounded by a bunch of fun-loving Trekkies—check
-Surrounded by beautiful women—check

Yeah, I can see how Garrett would consider that a “low point.”

Alejandra Sanchez of Mexico yesssssssss with Ximena Navarrete MU-2010 uuuujjjjjjuuuuuuuuu :)

It could have been worse for him… those girls could have been *over 200 lbs… :S

It seems Trekkies are slowly looking better and better over time…
by my calculation, Trekkies will be hot within 300 years!

#5: Bingo! Or, perhaps, more in-universe: 500 quatloos on the skimpiest costume!

Anytime someone dresses up as Troi you realize Marina Sirtis’ job wasn’t as easy as it looked!

There should be more William Ware Theiss classics at these events. The Orion slave girl is too popular, like all the Slave Leias at Star Wars conventions. How about some of these?
Andrea from “What Are Little Girls Made Of”, that’s a great costume that can’t be too hard to make. Theiss bought two colors of jumpsuits, cut them up and combined them brilliantly.

I think the Troi should have won. Her poem was the best talent by far and her answer was hilarious. She was pretty good looking too, the photos here didn’t do her justice.

Fluffy women in catsuits….300 years, or lots of alcohol…

So glad these people have worked out that Star Trek is about respecting people for what they can do, and their individual talents, rather than judging them by what they look like.
No Medusan entries then?

Too bad (or perhaps lucky for the other contestants) the Chonastock ladies weren’t in the pageant.

Wow, the Trill girl has quite a killer figure! The Mirror-Universe girl is also really cute, plus she’s TOS-themed – why didn’t she win?

Oh well…no surprise the Orion chick was picked.

Woo hoo, 7 of 9 bringing it home for the post-30 set. Approval!

Actually, I wonder why the Trill girl didn’t win… perhaps because she wasn’t wearing a DS9 costume? It’s a toss-up, for sure, since the Orion girl has both the costume and the skin color right, but painting all the Trill spots is significantly harder than painting yourself green.

I want to become 7of9’s pen pal.

The Terran Empire (Mirror Universe) woman was by far the best looking and best costume, and one of the few TOS themes too!

@7 How about Beltran playing second fiddle to Wang at this point in his career. :-)

Yeah, the Troi costume is not the most flattering but she is very cute.

In my book, the Trill is No. 1. But the Orion Slave Girl put a great effort into her costume, besides looking pretty. So victory is well-deserved.

The Orion Slave Girl was obviously a professional belly dancer — I think the talent portion won her the crown. Interesting — most of you probably know that until this year, this contest was the Miss Klingon Universe pageant, and it was more about being funny and in character. From now on, I’m expecting the hottest girl to win every year. Sad, in a way.

What? No Miss Congeniality Award?????

Haha, so the two winners were the least dressed. Big surprise! :)

Also, why was Sharon Stone dressed up as 7 of 9? Has the nosedive in her career forced her to take up gigs as a Jeri Ryan impersonator? That’s kind of sad.

So the Orion Slave Girl = Slave Leia of Star Trek, huh?

7 of 9 FTW!!! :)

Go figure the Orion wins.

Her stage name was “6 of 9” actually. The Klingons dancing with her were just hilarious. The Orion’s solo dance was very excellent, from start to finish, and her green skin looked very good on stage. Dax won 2nd place, and we could see from the 25th row that she was P.O’d about it. Maybe an actual Trek costume of some sort to accent the spots? Mirror Earth girl was smokin’ 60’s hot.

Wow… I didn’t realize that it was Garrett Wang in those UPS commercials until just now!

I’ll be in my bunk.

Never thought I’d see the day where Hillary Clinton was dressed up as Seven of Nine…

PS: Get a haircut Garrett!

Shatner should have hosted this. With Candice Bergen…

That trill is hot!

Wow. Where do I meet girls like these?

Most are already hot. But throw in some Trek costumes and ‘voila’!

Brings a tear to me eye. ;)

I love HIPS . . . and that “Troi” contestant’s got ’em! Beautiful curves. Counsel me, baby. I don’t live in my mom’s basement; call me. ;)

Seriously, it takes a lot of courage to get dressed up, get in front of crowd, and compete. Congrats ladies.

Folks I read this article and some of your responses. First of all, whoever wrote this article needs to get their facts straight! Atlanta’s Dragon Con takes place in Atlanta GEORGIA every Labor Day weekend. BTW this was the first year for the Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant, so come on!!! Second some of your responses were just not called for.

Does anyone else cringe a little?

You dudes who criticise these beautiful and bold Trekkie chicks secretly wish you had boobs! Thank you girls, for providing entertainment. Some of these trogs don’t deserve to lick your boots!

I laughed so hard during rehersals, I almost hurt myself! At least I knew what to expect during the competition

LOL the 7 of 9 with the 2 Klingon back up dancers. Now that is getting into the spirit of it all.;)

Ultimately, everyone will view beauty by their own criteria. I’m at an age now where if I sat down with a woman who met society’s standard of beauty, but was hideious to talk to, and another woman with a few physical flaws, but was charming and engaging, the one I’d be taking home would probably be the latter.

To each, his own, I guess…

I think #16’s pics put my vote for Cat-Suit Troi – the pic with her and Marina Sirtis is freaking adorable.

Great job ladies, you look great! XD


México !!, México !!, México !!, México !!, México !!, México !!, México !!, México !!,

Dance video.

She was hot. But the klingons saved the show. Better than expected.

Simon, I don’t look like a 63 year old fat lady. :(

The greatest thing about Trek (and the utopian politicos will probably get huffy about this!) is that it allowed you to perve over hot women . . . who happen to be nuclear physicists, xeno-biological doctors or whatever as well as being hot!!