TNT Orders ‘Perception’ Pilot From Trek Vets Ken Biller & Mike Sussman

Veteran Star Trek writer/producers Kenneth Biller (Voyager) and Mike Sussman (Voyager & Enterprise) have most recently been working on the fantasy series Legend of the Seeker and now the pair are writing and producing Perception, a new pilot for TNT. More details below.  


Perception – new TNT pilot from Biller and Sussman

Kenneth Biller (who has 35 writer/producer credits for Star Trek Voyager) and Mike Sussman  (33 writing/producing credits split between Voyager and Enterprise) have a new project called Perception, which has been ordered as a pilot by TNT. Here is the description from the TNT press release:

PERCEPTION (working title) – Executive producer Kenneth Biller (Star Trek: Voyager, Legend of the Seeker) and co-executive producer Mike Sussman (Star Trek: Voyager) penned the pilot for this drama about Dr. Geoffrey Pierce, an eccentric neuroscientist who uses his unique outlook to help the federal government solve complex cases. With an intimate knowledge of human behavior and a masterful understanding of the mind, this quirky, crime-solving doctor pulls lessons from an odd and imaginative view of the world.

Biller’s writing credits on Voyager include "Tuvix", "Critical Care", and Work force – Parts I & II". Sussman’s Trek writing credits includes the popular episodes "Twilight" and In a "Mirror, Darkly – Parts I & II" (where he appeared as a "red shirt"). Biller and Sussman have been working together for the last two years on the recently cancelled syndicated series Legend of the Seeker. Perception is being produced by ABC Studios who also produced Legend of the Seeker

By the way, if you want to keep in touch with Mike Sussman, visit He is also on Twitter @WrittenbyMikeS. Today he tweets:

Woke up to learn that my pilot PERCEPTION has been ordered by TNT. A good start to the day

More new shows from TNT & TBS – possible Frakes connection

TNT and TBS also announced three additional new pilot orders: an untitled police drama from Allan Loeb (Wall) based on the novel The Rabbit Factory, Dallas – a reboot of the original prime-time soap, and Brain Trust from Dean Devlin’s Electric Entertainment. This third series may end up with a Trek element. Devlin’s Electric Entertainment have a close relationship with TNG’s Jonathan Frakes, who has directed a number of episodes for their heist show Leverage and all of their Librarian TV movies. It would not be a surprise if Frakes ended up directing the pilot (or at least some of the episodes if the show is picked up). Here is the official description:

BRAIN TRUST (working title) – Dean Devlin, executive producer of TNT’s hit series Leverage, is teaming up with Marco Schnabel (TNT’s The Librarian movie trilogy) for this pilot about Detective Billy Doyle, whose career and life have hit rock bottom after he accidentally ends his partner’s career. Doyle’s life gets turned around, however, when a recent murder case gets unexpected and unconventional help from three hyper-smart geniuses from a private think tank. If Doyle can survive the chaos and keep these new partners in line, they just may be the antidote to resurrect his career and, ultimately, his life. BRAIN TRUST (working title) is being produced for TBS by Devlin’s Electric Entertainment.

TrekMovie will keep track of these projects and report if they are picked up for series.

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Eh…. room temperature.

They sound like a couple of series already on tv…seriously…can’t they be more original?

*cough* Lie to me *cough*

3… “More original” from the guy who ripped off Stargate SG-1’s “Beneath the Surface” almost verbatim for Voyager’s “Workforce”?

“A quiwcky cwime sowvew. How… owdinawy.” – Lily von Schtupp

Sounds like “Lie to Me” merged with “House.” But, as always, the proof is in the pudding, and if there’s decent dialogue and strong lead actors, anything is possible.

As Harry Ballz would say

“Something new and original, PUH–lease!”

“… From the guy who wrote ‘Tuvix'”

Need I say more

Well the question we should ask ourselves is: do we really need a reboot of Dallas?

I’ve seriously had it up to here with crime-solving television shows.


I simply don’t watch proceedurals. It frees up a lot of time for other things. Like watching Star Trek :)

by this point I think that this type of show has worn out its welcome. we need to move on and explore other things. I say look at AMC and, and try doing new things like that network (how new an original can you get then with shows like Breaking Bad and Mad Men.)

ah who really cares.

Sounds like “The Eleventh Hour”. Biller is keeping up with his tradition of ripping off another series by Patrick Stewart.

#11 i agree with you. I am sick to the hind teeth of crime dramas. Csi’s, ncis, et all are my flat mates fravorite. When is csi gonna suffer franchise fatigue. Come on america tune out of them please




Exactly. Here in America I’m surrounded by millions upon millions of people who love these shows to bits, so they’re not going anywhere. It’s the same thing with all the reality shows. I remember back when Survivor got started, I was quite young but I still managed to think to myself that if other reality shows got big too, it could mean the death knell of scripted dramas.

Here we are in 2010, and it’s like everything is either procedural shows (with a twist… yawn) or reality shows. Of course there are alternatives to be found, but there simply aren’t enough of them, and only a few really grab my attention.

Some of the best shows on Tv are V. Smallville. N.C.I.S Breaking Bad. Star Gate Universe. Caprica.Fringe. Last year we did have LOST and Flash Forward. But there are a lot of cop and lawyer shows. Like Law and Order and S.V.U and now there is Law and Order L.a and of course the C.S.I. We need more orignal stuff. There seem to be a couple of shows coming up but to much of the same ole with different faces.

21… Sorry, I don’t think “V”, “Caprica”, or “Stargate Universe” are even in the same zip code as the best shows on TV. “Caprica” and “Stargate” are limping into another season with only their franchises’ die-hard fans and consequently very low ratings, even for SyFy. “V” barely beat out the (somewhat superior but still flawed) “Flashforward” for a second season on ABC.

A show can have a great premise, like “Flashforward”, but if the characters aren’t well-developed, people lose interest fast. The most successful shows seem to have much more interesting characters, like DiNozzo, McGee, and Abby on NCIS. I couldn’t even tell you the names of more than one character on “Stargate Universe” “Caprica”, or “V”.

Oftentimes, shows are successful because of the dynamic between the main characters (Walter, Olivia, Peter and Astrid on “Fringe”, Mikah, Pete, Artie and Claudia on “Warehouse 13”, elevating their shows above their familiar premises) Sometimes it is to the point that people tune in to watch the characters, the plot is incidental (“Monk”, “Psych”, “Chuck”, “Castle”, “Bones”, “White Collar”).

Too many genre shows seem to put all their effort into their premise, and little or none into their characters (problems which I think will soon kill “Caprica” and “SG:U”) “Star Trek: Enterprise” had that problem and nearly killed the franchise. This might be why crime dramas and hospital dramas are so successful. The writers don’t have to put that much work into the premise: he’s a cop, she’s a doctor, insert case-of-the-week. Sure, the writers can’t be that lazy or we get “Southland” and “Mercy”, but the odds are better when the writers can start at a known quantify, rather than have to invent their own universe.

That’s because you need to be shot.

Well, I don’t have much faith in Kenneth Biller, after watching Chuck Sonnenberg’s reviews of Voyager episodes. (sfdebris)

Dejavu…they just did something very much like this. It was called Numb3rs and it ran for 6 seasons. Time for something new?

Good day! This post could not be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept chatting about this. I will forward this post to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing!