Infographic: Star Trek Explains Local Swedish Politics

The image of the day is an infographic from today’s edition of the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan, which has a two page spread using Star Trek characters to explain how municipal politics work in the town of Lund.


Star Trek explains Swedish politics

If you were perusing the news in Sweden today, you may have come across this…

Star Trek explains Swedish municipal politics – Click to enlarge

The scan of this graphic was sent in by TrekMovie reader Kristofer Håkansson, who explains what is going on:

In today’s south-Swedish newspaper "Sydsvenskan" I was happily surprised by a big double-sided Star Trek graphic explaining how local politics work (in the town of Lund). The header says "Kommunen (swedish word for city/communal/municipal) – this is how it works – from idea to playground." The graphic explains how an idea by citizens, to build a playground on an old industrial site, is handled within local politics, to finally get reality. Various local politicians are given a familiar Star Trek-alias. Also the different departments have a familiar face. For example Riker can be seen in the department of culture. But most important is the choice of head of city government (municipal) who is portrayed as Klingon! So again it is the Klingons taking over!


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