Image of the Day: Feminine Hygiene Gets Star Trek Tech

There has been a lot of talk this year about the link between Star Trek and Apple’s new iPad. But it seems that Apple isn’t the only maker of a pad that sees a Star Trek connection. Today’s image of the day has a feminine product promotion that is out of this world.   


Pad Factor 10

Just how fast is the new Always pad? Apparently faster than the speed of light. 

via: Multicultclassics

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I see stars.

It doesn’t have wings, it has nacelles.

It bears a STRIKING resemblance to the Defiant. Huh….

Definately somewhere that no MAN has gone before.

I hear Borox is good at absorption …


Soooo many “Sheilds up”,,and “Red Alert” jokes are going to happen,,

You mean like, “RED ALERT usually leads to using WARP SPEED”?

They’re still running without panty shields, sir. Of course, we are one big happy fleet.

Lets see what’s out there. Engage! (Star Trek TNG Credit music)

#3-nope, looks more like a runabout from DS9 to me…



**Shaking head** Make it stop… please…

Ack!! it does. Won’t see that ship in the same way.

Think they’ll get someone like Jeri Ryan or Zoe Saldana to endorse it?

“When your exploring new worlds at that time of the month…”

This is SOOOOOO wrong on some many levels I don’t know where to begin! And a company PAID an ad agency for this, and were NOT laughed out of the room? And they weren’t snorting white powder? OMG!


That’s one tough little ship!

……………….write your own
joke here…………………….

Baa haa haa some of these coments made be larf!

Damn you #3. DAMN. YOU.

This is so… not right. at all.

Well, the nacelles on the original Enterprise resemble, well, something long, tapered, and cylindrical also. So, I guess I won’t look at the Big E the same way anymore, either…

#3: You just ruined the Defiant for me forever.

Haha, jk, but this is still pretty disgusting. How is a Trek reference supposed to work for the general American female? I bet if you asked 100 women what Warp Speed was from, at least 60 of them would say Star Wars.

I almost hate to bring it up, but… do I see a lens flare?

Whether it’s funnier or not, now that I reflect on the exact line….I was trying to quote 2001 and meant to say “It’s full of stars”.

I’d personally like to thank Paramount/CBS/whomever for surpassing my beloved Star Wars for the Marketing Whore Awards. This is a beautiful moment. Slight denoument from the urn, but still…no one said that a maxi-pad ever had the power of the Force.

Now hear this, now hear this:

Too much information.

That is all.

What, no tasteless jokes about controlling “red matter” ?

Oooh, sorry about that one…


No, because that would be BLOODY disgusting!

Surprised nobody made a worm hole joke here either. What’s next?…. Star Trek condoms? Sure wouldn’t want to mention warp speed there though. LOL


Glad I’m not the only one who had the same thought as #3! Thanks for putting that out there man!

Be careful. Don’t want to cause a warp core breach.

so this is what it’s come to…

I now feel obliged to try these, simply because that’s awesome……
Women trekkies ftw!!!!!!

@27. brandon – “What’s next?…. Star Trek condoms?”

Cloaking devie. For use with the stem bolt, when it isn’t self-sealing.

31. YEP!

4. 8. 25. 27. LOL! I look forward to seeing the condom ads.

14.20. 23. Lighten up.

20 . It is not disgusting. It is part of being female. Get over it. Are you female, btw?

Ugh! Was a Vulcan just using that?!?


I am never, ever, ever buying from this brand due to half the comments I just read. Dear lord above some things you just can’t forget.

3. haha does it ever

You all have made my day! Very, very funny.

erm, whats the link between a sanitry towel and star trek?

@ 20

I’m one of the women who would NOT reference Star Wars! I find this Trek reference hilarious, if a little degrading to the franchise. But just a little. Mostly hilarious. And whenever I use an Always pad, I’m going to remember this advertisement and it might make their slogan “have a happy period” just a little more true.

Yay. Just yay. Still can’t get over the hilarious-ness.

I would only be concerned if the Duras Sisters find out the frequency modulation and break through the shields….

You have all made me very proud. :)

We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your hips.

This is the most epic post I’ve read in years! Thanks marketing firm for producing this lulzy ad!

Super absorbant, even through Pon Farr…

Up next: Captain Kirk erectile dysfunction wonder-drug… beam me up!


And we thought the Star Trek urns were in poor taste. ;)

Would you all just let this topic die already? It’s bl__dy disgusting!


^^ Pun intended. ;-)

Unlookable -.-