Previews For Shatner’s Sitcom $#!* My Dad Says + Trip To Taping Contest

A week from now Star Trek’s original Captain Kirk will return to TV, heading the CBS sitcom $#!* My Dad Says. To help get you started on William Shatner’s new show, we have the latest video promos and photos below, plus info on how you can win a trip to a taping of the show in Los Angeles.


$#*! My Dad Says Previews

William Shatner takes on the sitcom frontier in the new CBS comedy $#!* My Dad Says which is about a son (Henry, played by Jonathan Sadowski) who has to move back in with his profane curmudgeon father (Ed, played by Shatner). Although the show was spawned from the twitter account @shitmydadsays from Justin Halpern, the concept is akin to the classic 70’s sitcoms All in the Family, Sanford and Son, and Chico and the Man. The show premieres a week from today on Thursday September 23rd at 8:30 (immediately following the geeky comedy The Big Bang Theory).

$#!* My Dad Says Preview. 

The "Big Bad Ed" promo focuses on Shatner’s character, and reveals the Star Trek gag in the pilot.

This "On Location" gives more background on the show with cast and crew interviews.

$#*! My Dad Says Contest + Shatner on Lat Show Tonight +

Harper Collins (who published the "Sh*t My Dad Says" book) are holding a contest to win a trip for two to a taping of  $#!* My Dad Says. To win go to the official contest site and post some "funny sh*t your dad says". The winner will be picked at random and Justin Halpern will pick some of the best entries to appear on his blog.

Three runners-up winners will receive a signed copy of the "Sh*t My Dad Says" book.

Also, Bill will be on the CBS Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson tonight to promote the show, so remember to tune in (or watch it tomorrow at


Finally, here are some photos from $#!* My Dad Says.

All photos and videos from CBS


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Not funny.

Unless this show is REALLY well written, I don’t see it making a run of it!

sitcoms today are so bad, nothing but one bad setup and unfunny punchline after another…I just hope they can give Shatner some good material and that there are truly funny PEOPLE in the show, not just lame jokes delivered by unfunny people with no comic timing.

All it needs is what it has: WILLIAM F****** SHATNER!!!!!

oh how i hope and pray that this works out. it would be wonderful to see the Shat on the ol’ boob tube on a regular basis.

I REALLY want this to be good.

Looks like I’ll have to settle for “on”.

I hope Shatner doesn’t play his character like the Dad on Frasier.

Tha’ source material o’ this show be better suited fur’ a cable station as many jokes derive from usin’ naughty words and phrases such like boonty, caboobie, daxin’, rand in hand, uhura-a-hoop, spockhole, quarked, blued sulu, and hot free warpcore gorn.

But it be Bill Shatner… so CBS has me so I Can’t But See.

SON: Awwww, Dad… dating is different now. Girls, are like, smarter and more liberated.

WILLIAM SHATNER: In my day we just tore off the skimpy Thiess gown and got down to business… even if she had a green EDITED. Sometimes they try to stab you, so be prepared.


SON: I’m sorry… I borrowed your car and…

WILLIAM SHATNER: You stole my car! In my day, I stole a starship, got my dead best friend’s soul back in his body, saved the earth from a giant stogie, and got a brand new starship!

SON: I just got some SlimJims from the 7/11… but I did stop when a possum ran in front of the car.


SON: Gee, dad, my pal Steve is so desperate for a date… I could maybe help him out by signing him up for…

WILLIAM SHATNER: In my day, when my pal Spock needed to have it, I brought him back to his faraway homeworld to do his wife, but she turned out to be colder than an Andorian’s sack, so I fought him to the death with groovy music playing, got killed and brought back to life and eventually helped Spock file for divorce.

BND: Awwwwwwwk! I bets that brat son messes up tha’ Genesis device!


The one-trick pony gag behind this show is going to get old REAL fast. I give it half a season for the novelty of the title. After that? People are going to see this for the average, generic sitcom it appears to be. Shatner has said that, to him, comedy is playing the joke, not a character; it shows.

Fortunately, Shatner has about a thousand backup careers to fall back on….

The kid is a stiff

Recast the dopey kid

If only Nimoy weren’t retired. Shatner and Nimoy reviving The Odd Couple would be a great sitcom.

While I love the Shat, this does not look good. And I love the Shat.

Who are they trying too fool…this should be called “Boring My Fat Grandad Says.” LOL

Well, I know where I’ll be on Thursday, September 23rd.


I hope that William Shatner does more mainstream movies, particularly more dramas, tries to reach his full potential as an actor and tries to win an Oscar.

I have zero interest in yet another stupid sitcom that insults it’s audiences intelligence.

re: 16. VOODOO – September 17, 2010
I have zero interest in yet another stupid sitcom that insults it’s audiences intelligence.

You do realize that the majority of people watching TV in the current form are idiots, right? Those that are smart realize the show sucks and change the channel.

#11 – Shatner and Nimoy as “The Odd Couple” – Now that’s a good idea. Even if they would do the play together, it would probably be a hoot. I’d pay to see it. The reviews for “$#!* My Dad Says” are not good. I predict that it will be the first show of the new season cancelled.

Why do all the young male actors in Hollywood today look like drugged out, strung out, talentless, high-pitched nobodies? I mean, are there any young actors that stand out today or do they all look like college dropouts with no charisma WHATSOEVER!?

I heard both a critic on NPR and read a review of this new sitcom indicating that it is in trouble, that is, that it is not good. It has nothing to do with Shatner, but with the terrible writing. I heard there is a lot of damage control going on with it, I think including some recasting (not Shatner).

It’s sad, because Shatner was wonderful as Denny Crane on Boston Legal, but it’s par for the course with TV shows. Sometimes, stupid ideas and/or bad writing, which is very obvious to the audience, isn’t obvious to the suits or even the actors and bad shows get greenlighted.

Anyway, Shat-fans, don’t get your hopes up for this one. I recommend watching Boston Legal if you haven’t seen it.

The New York Times Sunday magazine had a long interview with Shatner and he said that he was having trouble getting a lock on the character. Reading between the lines, I had the feeling that Shatner himself seems to have doubts about the show. The man has so many projects, I don’t see how he can tackle them all without at least one of them not coming off as planned.

In any case, my dad is looking forward to the show.

To the commenter who would like to see Shatner win an Oscar for some serious work, add me to the list. While I love a good laugh as much as anyone, I tended to enjoy serious Kirk more than funny Kirk. I enjoyed all of his serious pre-Trek roles and some of his post Trek work too. Would love to see him get the chance to defy expectations again and do some serious Oscar winning roles.

I predict Mr. Shatner will slap the first audience member who criticizes the show.

Yes, you heard it here first………..when it comes to this sitcom………….


Not feelin’ it. I’ll probably skip the first few episodes and then watch to see if the show has hit a rhythm. That is, assuming it survives. The networks are pretty quick to pull the “cancel” trigger.

Done! I’ve entered the contest, and I hope I win.

“The video you have requested is either unavailable or is being blocked by an ad blocker installed in your browser.”

Well, it’s not my ad blocker; that’s the way to promote a show, CBS.

I’ll give it a try, why not? Its Shatner back on TV….Denny Crane retired!

Just watched Shatner on Craig Ferguson. Funny!

I’m not overly impressed with the current state of sitcoms, but then there have always been lame sitcoms. Growing up in the 60’s, we had nonsense like “Gilligan’s Island,” which developed a Trek-like cultism in spite of it’s 6th grade comedic style; “My Mother The Car,” considered to be one of the worst sitcoms of all-time — and for good reason; “The Brady Bunch”—- I preferred a sharp stick in the eye, personally; “Hogan’s Heroes,” another popular show, but a completely ridiculous premise; “Hazel,” whom you’d never want to see in a French maid outfit…
Of course, everyone has their own likes and dislikes, and there were plenty more shows that could fall into the AWFUL or GREAT categories. Sitcoms today are, as #3 Jonboc notes, totally driven by “set-up/punchline” style writing, which is seldom truly funny, and there are few memorable characters. Yes, there are some… but not nearly enough. I’ll take “The Addams Family” any day over “Mike and Molly,” which, to me, looks like a real stinker…
I’ve been watching the CBS Monday night comedies because my girlfriend watches them, and we try to spend quality time together (haha snicker snicker). Sometimes I get a laugh, but mostly it’s a half-smile. I like “Big Bang Theory,” mostly because it’s somewhat different than every other sitcom, and there are those Star Trek references :-) But even this show tries too hard at times, and if it weren’t for the laugh track, I wouldn’t know it was supposed to be funny.
As for Shatner’s show… I love the guy, but the previews haven’t knocked me out of my seat in a fit of laughter. And that’s what I really want. I want to laugh so hard that my gut hurts.

Usually, when an 80 year old is part of the cast of a network tv show … if they even make it onto tv, they are somewhat in the background, a supporting character. Here, CBS is selling the show on the appeal of Shatner. Regardless of what one thinks of the show, it is amazing that Bill commands this kind of media attention at his age. He’s an actor from tv’s Golden Age in the 1950’s! Shatner is awesome.

Even bad sitcoms of the past were at least mildly funny… I was wondering when they were gonna get around to the funny parts in that first clip… wow.

You know, I’m trying to put my finger on exactly what is so poor about this sampling and I think I figured out. I haven’t watched a three-camera live-action sitcom since “Friends”. I’ve been spoiled by the likes of Larry David and other sitcoms without laugh-tracks and it makes all the difference in the world. Funny material and good timing doesn’t require a live audience to work, and I think if you read the blog this show is based on, the humor is geared more to a single-camera cinematic style (30 Rock, Ugly Betty, The Office, It’s not that the show demands HBO language, I think the style is not suited to the material. In fact, does CBS currently have ANY single-camera sitcoms sans laugh tracks? I’m not certain…

#28. P Technobabble “HOGAN’S HEROES, another popular show, but a completely ridiculous premise…”

Hmmmm…not exactly a compelling argument as one could easily argue that that is the whole raison d’être for a comedy: to have a “…ridiculous premise.”

32. Disinvited

You may be right. With “Hogan” I was really thinking that here you had absolutely bumbling Nazis and American prisoners walking around the camp like they owned the place.
Comedies may have an unusual premise, like stranded castaways, or a bumbling secret agent, but it seems most comedies are more real-life — think “Friends,” “Seinfeld,” Two and a Half Men,” “The Odd Couple,” “Cheers,” and so forth. Yes, these are rather funny situations, yet have at least one foot in reality… in the sense that in real life there are groups of friends who have various relationships with each other, friends that just hang out, brothers who live together, friends who reluctantly live together, and so forth. Now, in real life, such situations are not full of one-liners, and slapstick, but I think you get the idea…
But, I agree, the whole idea of comedy is to exploit the silly, the nonsensical, the ridiculous, etc. What else is gonna make us laugh?

“What else is gonna make us laugh?”

Q: what’s invisible and smells like carrots?

A: bunny farts!

aw, c’mon, admit it, ya cracked a smile! :>)

The book was pretty funny. If it captures that, I have hope. I haven’t watched a sitcom in a long, long time.

Admittedly I’ve not seen anything associated with this – but the desperation in the promotion screams that this is going to be an “Emily’s Reasons Why Not” = one episode aired – canceled – and then DVD box set for Shatner completeists.

Or maybe – just maybe it will have success like that Caveman sitcom based on a geico commercial did.

@8 – Your dialog was amazingly profound.

WILLIAM SHATNER: You stole my car! In my day, I stole a starship, got my dead best friend’s soul back in his body, saved the earth from a giant stogie, and got a brand new starship!

So sorry a network managed to get their lame paws on what was a truly hilarious and very R-Rated book. This would have rocked shot cinematically and uncensored on HBO. But with a cheesy laughtrack and the flat sitcom look of Everybody Loves Raymond- it’s just completely inert. Sorry they pulled you out of retirement for this limp wrist exercise in quick cancellation Bill, you deserve better…

Why does Bill have to take every job he is offered?

I am not much for contemporary sitcoms so I think I’ll pass on this show. That’s too bad since I enjoy watching Shatner.

Anyone know where I can find Shatner’s old Barbary Coast episodes? Those would be a fun trip down memory lane…

34 Harry

Here’s another rabbit joke to add to your questionable stand-up routine:

Baby Bunny: Momma, where did I come from?
Momma Bunny: You were pulled from a magician’s hat.

Thanks, PT!

Questionable, huh? Why I oughtta…….:>)

How about a good elephant joke?

Q: what did the elephant say to the naked man?

A: “hey! how do you breathe through that thing??”

Although I’m not falling all over him, I still have very little reason to dislike shatner. I think the priceline commercials are great, Raw Nerve is fantastic, and of course who else could have played Captain James T. Kirk. With that said, I thought the preview sucked. Both him and the other actor seemed to be rushing lines, almost forgetting what there lines were, and on top of it the lines were not that great. My honest opinion is that I just attended a college class for beginning actors, and some of the work turned out by these guys for our final acting project is on par with this stuff (that means the class was good, or shatner is not in his usual form in this preview). I put this down under “I was hoping it was going to look good”, instead of “I can’t believe they put this crap on TV”

You know it is really getting tiring when we cant watch any of this stuff in Canada, god damn copyright laws. Ive had it, I’m going to buy one of those fake ip addresses so i can watch what you guys in the States watches online….

42. Harry

That’s quite a Moe impression you got there! Nyuk nyuk
I think I heard that elephant joke before.
Maybe you can add this one too:

Q: What’s a cow’s favorite tv show?
A: Steer Trek

Ok, so I don’t tell jokes very well….

I promise never to udder another cow joke! Ouch! Talk about milking it!

Harry, you are the milkman, after all…


“Those poor people…”

“$#@! – destined to beat “The Ugliest Girl in Town” for the shortest sitcom run on TV.

PT, and you are the walrus, sir!

#45, & 42.

Last night, I shot an elephant in my pajamas.
How he got into my pajamas; I’ll never know.

Ruined my favorite pair too, the clumsy brute…the buckshot, didn’t help.

You recall that Cosby says “First you say it, then you do it.”?
Well. now I’m certain I know what the elephant word for IT is.