Sirits, DeLancie, Picardo, Roddenberry and Masterson Set Sail For Star Trek Cruise 2010 + TrekMovie Readers Get $100 Discount

The Star Trek Cruise takes the idea of combining a Star Trek convention with a Caribbean cruise. This year the cruise embarks in December with Trek celebrities Marina Sirtis, John de Lancie, Robert Picardo, Rod Roddenberry and Chase Masterson on board. See below for details, plus info on how you can get a special discount.


Press Release


Star Trek Cruise has announced that Marina Sirtis, John de Lancie, Robert Picardo, Rod Roddenberry and Chase Masterson are all confirmed to attend the Star Trek Cruise from Ft. Lauderdale through the Eastern Caribbean on Celebrity Cruises, December 5­12, 2010.

"The 7-day cruise will be a vacation with Star Trek celebrities that fans will love. I’m extremely pleased that we’ve been able to contract these particular Star Trek Celebrities due to their popularity as actors, as well as each of their personal approaches to the fans," said Star Trek Cruise Founder Doug McEntyre.

"These actors are truly fan favorites, and this cruise is set to be an unforgettable experience for anyone who attends," Star Trek Cruise Co-Founder Jeff Lind agreed. "The Celebrity Solstice is a gorgeous ship, a perfect setting for the events we have planned."

Celebrities for Star Trek Cruise

Activities aboard the cruise will include dinners with the stars, photo ops (included in the price of cruise) celebrity Q & A’s and autograph sessions. As a bonus, one free autograph per celebrity per attendee is also included in the standard cruise price.

Producer Jennifer Ramsey, along with actors from Ramsey’s Replicas, will be presenting a Star Trek Themed Murder Mystery at their "Bon-Voyage Event". "The Mission to Cardassia Prime", an original Star Trek themed murder mystery will be presented at our Bon Voyage Event and Mini-Convention. "This featured event will be a wonderful kickoff to Star Trek Cruise 2010," Jennifer Ramsey, of Star Trek Cruise says.

The Bon-Voyage Event will be held at the Fort Lauderdale Hilton the evening of December 4, 2010 and open to the public as well as cruise participants. Tickets for this pre-cruise event will go on sale in October.

Shore excursions with the stars are also available for attendees. Ports of call include San Juan, Puerto Rico, Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, and Philipsburg, St. Maarten.

For more info, please click on

TrekMovie readers get $100 discount

A special discount offer is now available to fans through A discount of $100 will be applied to each cabin purchased prior to September 30, 2010. Log onto  and use TREKMOVIE as the discount code.

Star Trek Cruise map and Celebrity Solstice ship

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Sweet! :)


That would be great fun !

Allen Williams

I can see the headlines now. Star trek fans stalk stars on cruise ship.

Thanks, everybody — yes, it will be great fun! And actually, we’ve found the fans on Star Trek Cruise to be very respectful — we all have a blast. Hope to see you there —


Harry Ballz

Gawd, out of any of these actors, it’s John de Lancie I imagine having the patience of a saint. I can just see him trying to enjoy the cruise (during his off-time) with his wife, while throughout the entire cruise all the crazy fans are running around in the background (like irritating pigeons), yelling out, “Q! Q! Q!”

Another Q

I would love to do it – been wanting to go on a
cruise for the longest – but jeez! How do keep
from being “star-struck”? I hope these stars
know what they’re getting into…

Harry Ballz

Chase Masterson here on our site?

May I say, young lady, that I think you are SCRUMP-DILLY-ISHUS!!

(this being the opinion of the pickiest 55 year old male in the world)

TMMW (formerly TrekMadeMeWonder)

Well? how much is it? I’d go.


Who is “Picardo Rodenberry” ??? Never heard of him …

Captain Conrad

Someone should take this thing to the extreme of the Disney cruise. Design the whole thing to look like a 24th century luxury liner… actually better yet, make a TOS section, a TNG section and a DS9 section. Be sure to include Quarks and of course the various starship bridges to play on. You could even put a new Star Trek experience on board! And of course all the crew would wear uniforms from the show! …okay bad idea cause most everyone else on board would be wearing them too, but design a special Trek like uniform that’s unique to the boat with its own badge and everything! I’d invest my own money into it, but my first Star Trek goal is to put in a full on Star Trek Experience with Hotel and resort in San Fransisco first, then I’ll look into building a boat.

Captain Conrad

Oh and Anthony, I have a better deal! I’ll pay you one hundred dollars if you buy me a cabin on the cruise!


Chase, do you have a date yet? (hint,hint)


Yes, Chase is my date. Okay, maybe not. A guy can dream can’t he?


@ 3. Christopher Doohan – September 16, 2010


Yes, Chase is my date. Okay, maybe not. A guy can dream can’t he?
Ha,ha! Good one. Yes, he definitely can.

Big fan of your Dad, by the way. We all definitely miss him.


hahaha someone sign Chris up!


Holy crap, they’re going to transporter accident merge Robert Picardo and Rod Rodenberry. Into “Picardo Rodenberry”? That’ll make for an interesting voyage.

“Oh, wow, the doctor and gene’s son, can I get an autograph?”
“Pleeaaaseeee…don’t want to live like this….”

Or he could be all happy-go-lucky like Tuvix. you never know.

Jim Nightshade

haha….Sigh…sounds like lotsa fun, great cast of stars too!
Too bad no MOOLAH sigh sniff pout]

CHASE said hi on trekmovie! WOW!!

Will Always love Chase…got to see her sing and perform at the one and only trek convention I was able to get to, back in 06 the 40th ann. Las Vegas Creation Con..She was wonderful of course…
And I really love that she supported Star Trek The Experience as much as she did! Right up until the last night crew send off….

I flew down 2 weeks before they closed to say Goodbye to all those wondeful cast and crew members….

We will always luv ya CHase!

Exciting and new
Come aboard
It’s phazoring you

The Star Trek Cruise 2010!!!!
Sooooon will be sailing with actors aboard so fans will be glad

The Star Trek Cruise 2010!!!!
Should I chase John DeLancie around and ask him about “Breaking Bad?”

Set a course for Marina Sirtis
Or chase down a bikini-ed Chase by the swimming pool
I don’t think Picardo would hurt us
If we ask him to be a hard-ass EMH and call us all fools

The Star Trek Cruise 2010!!!!
Try to outdrink Sir Rod Roddenberry until you puke green

The Star Trek Cruise 2010!!!
Think I’ll stay home as I get seasick whenever Voyager begins

Oh, I kidz cuz’ I luvs!

I watched Voyager so much I thinks I became lost in tha’ Mississippi Delta…

I’m saiiiiiiiilin’ aways…
Gunna’ have celebrities throw me overboard as I rummage through thar’ staterooms fur’ toenail clippin’s… or copies o’ Chase’s “Naught Fur’ Hire…”

Oh, I kidz cuz… cuz I be drunk…

BND: Hey, you be blockin’ me sun, ye’ silly prat!

JOHN DeLANCIE: Really? (snaps fingers, BND disappears) Ahhhhhhh… such a nice ship. (spies Chase in her bikini, snaps fingers and… )



Sounds like a great time! Lucky folks who get to go- hope they can keep us posted on their trip-

And Hi Chase and Chris! Good to see you here, especially when one can’t make it to the cruise. :( Still, hope everyone has an especially great time!

What I wouldn’t give to see Marina and Chase in bathing suits. WOW!!

James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK



whats wrong with some of the posts here, lol. Some very very weird comments.


Regarding Chase, I had the opportunity to meet her at a very small convention in Indianapolis a few years ago. When I went up to the table to get her autograph I turned into a complete moron. I uttered some incoherent sounds and stood there like a deer in headlights.

It wasn’t one of my finest moments.

Harry Ballz


Don’t worry, I’m sure she’s used to THAT!

Oh, and, yes, she has some mighty fine “headlights”! :>)

Holy crap! $1200 to $2200 dollars for a cabin…
Do any Star Trek fans have this kind of money to spare?!?

Did anyone notice that on the cruise web site they have a bit which says the next Star Trek move will be released 2012 June 29th? Or is that old news which I have missed? :)

The price includes all taxes and port charges. All events are included, even autograph and Bon Voyage Event the night before. No other cruises includes this in the price. When you consider what you pay to travel to a convention, fee, hotel, food, autographs, etc. That really isn’t bad.

Lt. Bailey

The price is comparable to other lines on that same ports of call. Not to mention that not every passenger is a ST fan. If the ship holds 2000 passengers, it may have 10% as fans, hopefully more. Plus you have to figure in Airfare to Ft Lauderdale as an added cost. A lot of cruise lines use Florida as a base to sail from. Perhaps a short 3 or 5 day cruise to Mexico for those on the west coast??? I sure would have purchased this if we did not have a cruise booked already.

Its cheaper than our Disney cruise to Alaske next year but Disney has the special cache.



FAMILY CIRCUS has a gremlin named Ida Know that their kids would blame things on – maybe this site’s gremlin can be “Trek Moive”?


Too bad this is right before Finals week or I’d consider it.. Attendance is mandatory at my school. I guess I could always ask for permission to be excused from class so I can go on a Star Trek cruise, but I don’t think that would work with my professors! Wish this cruise was gonna be in January! Have fun everyone!


Chase is amazing. I spoke to her a bit in Las Vegas this year. It took me a millisecond to notice how beautiful she is on the outside, but maybe two minutes to notice she is as lovely on the inside. I told her that. She seemed to really appreciate it.
When she spoke on stage about how she was proud to be a part of Star Trek, with its positive philosophy, I really was smitten.


Is food and alcohol included in the price too? Also, is the entire ship being devoted to the Star Trek experience? Or is it limited to just a few people.

I’d love to go, but unfortunately don’t have a travel partner, so I’m not sure how I’d feel about going it alone. Sounds like a fun time, and this Star Trek fan definitely has the money to spare. The only other thing that might hold me back would be the timing. Being at the beginning of December isn’t the most convenient for be as it is the busiest time of the year for me, business wise. But I’m definitely going to think about this.

Doctor Smith

Does anyone remember the Saturday Night Live skit “Love Boat: The Next Generation”? Patrick Stewart was the host that night.

Man, I wish I could go. How cool would it be to meet all these stars!!

Maybe someday…


Now, this is a great idea!

Trek Fan

I’m going!!! And I can’t wait!!!