VIRAL VIDEO: Star Trek Villains Comment on Shatner/Takei Feud

Our old pal Paul "Spockboy" Sibbald has another one of his Star Trek gag videos, and this one might be his best. For his latest viral video, Paul takes on the feud between William Shatner and George Takei, with humorous results. Check it out below.   


Trek villains comment on Bill and George

In "For Bill and George" Paul gets some feedback from of Star Trek’s most famous villains on the Takei/Shatner feud.

For more stuff from the mind of Paul Sibbald, visit his site at
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Spockboy always comes up with great stuff!

OMG I am FIrst THat Was Funny!!!!

shuttup susan.

That was surreal but hilarious!

it’s a cheap laugh, but the Fesarius flashing ‘Screw You” was pretty funny…

BTW–well done video! :)


That was really, really awesome!

now that was funny…too bad the supposed “feud” is one-sided…and you know from whom

Spockboy you rock :)


would like to have seen a tribble-ass-hissy-fit over the feud…

That is sooooo funny! Thanks for posting that.
Excellent work… ; )

“That’s Takei”


My God…it’s full of win!


Nice 2001 bit!


Worthy of Futurama!

Spock boy! I approve!

Spockboy, you sick bastard. That was genius.

Balok at Home Depot?! I KNEW I RECOGNIZED HIM, I was there the other day, he was wearing some Unabomber looking sunglasses and a fake moustache. Great stuff once again Spockboy!

Very creative. A lot of talented people out there.

It’s been too long, Spockboy!
Great stuff. More more!!

I should have watched it before I read the comments I think! My expectations may have gone too high loI. I thought it was a bit meh. Technically very clever.
7/10 A good effort.

Buzz, c’mon, are you kidding?? Good stuff!

Good stuff!

Who turned off the scarifier?!

VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!

Would have paid 50 Quatloos to view this.

Memo to Ensign Sue Creators — this is a great example of how to be funny about Trek without being disrespectful to its characters.

Absolutely stunning! Very funny and brilliantly done. If it wasn’t for the over sized heads, it would have taken me a while to realise that the crew had been manipulated.

Now that’s funny, Thanks for the late night laugh.
Can’t we all just get along!

Brilliant stuff.

That was a riot!

funny like a clown…he is here to amuse us!

That’s some pretty awesome stuff, right there!

Yet there was no feud observed between the accused.


Adding to the shower of praise here….awesome greatness Paul.

The Fesarius flashing like a Humbolt squid.. genius!

Far out funny! Had not laughed this hard since..

A little light on laughs but cool visuals.

Great work on all fronts, and the voice work was awesome… best Ted Cassidy impression I’ve heard.

I needed a good laugh today, this gave me one….nice job :)

Congrats. Very good. The quality of the visuals is outstanding.

Awesome! Great work and editing by Spockboy. I was laughing so hard. Haven’t seen his work for long time since the Doctor Who/Star Trek Christmas episode and the Original Enterprise destroys that 90210 JJprise. Looking forward to his next creation. Thank You, Spockboy.

Awesome! and no lense flares!….since Bad Robot is tied up making a thousand TV shows..maybe Spockboy could develope the sequel!

That was just silly….

– W –
* Good thing I like silly stuff *

Ooo, nice SFX. Hey, there was one lens flare down on Deneva.

Great stuff, Spockboy. 1,000 internets to you.