VIDEO: Sheldon Builds Transporter For New Big Bang Theory Promo

The nerdy CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory is well known for referencing sci-fi and especially Star Trek, and so to announce their move from Monday to Thursday they made a Trek-errific promo, check it out below.


Big Bang Beams To Thursday

Here is the new promo (from thebigbangtheory)

Season 4 of The Big Bang Theory kicks off Thursday September 23rd at 8:00. This season is sure to have more Trek gags, including a guest appearance by George Takei and possibly the return of Wil Wheaton.

Shatner paired with Big Bang + behind the scenes w/ Bill’s promo shoot

CBS also seems to be seeing some kind of geek synergy by following The Big Bang Theory with the new William Shatner sitcom $#!* My Dad Says, which premieres this Thursday at 8:30.

William Shatner also just released this behind the scenes video from his $#!* My Dad Says promotional photo shoot.

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Sorry Big Bang, Community is what I watch Thursdays at 8PM. CBS should not have moved you guys.

PS: The ad was funny…not only is it a transporter, but a time-travel device.

Also: sorry Shat, but Parks & Recreation is a terrific show. When it comes back, it’s on.

Good thing I have a DVR I guess.

Shat looks like he’s having fun. Nice to see.

Shat looks good for 79; thanks goodness he’ll be around with us for a long time…more Shat means more Kirk.

Who watches TV when it’s broadcast anymore?

Community is tough competition for BBT- far too much viewer overlap (and I’m going to want to watch 30Rock right after).
They would have done better against The Office, and would have wiped the floor against Outsourced.
At 9:30 they would have won the timeslot and been a good lead-in for whatever CSI-leftover CBS shows at that time of the night.

This will become the ONLY night I watch broadcast TV “live” (i.e. realtime):

8:00 PM – Big Bang Theory
8:30 PM – Tina Fey – er, 30 Rock




Me too.


Me too.


Me three!

Not really a time machine. Just keep everyone in the pattern buffer for the correct amount of time. Odd the food is cold but thats probably just a bug. Those homemade jobs are a little ‘iffy’ sometimes.

Now I’m glad I never got into TBBT, because Fringe owns Thursdays and I wouldn’t miss it for anything.

I’ve managed to survive without a DVR.

Each show is uploaded to its broadcast website anyway

Well, another Fall season and still no Star Trek TV series… maybe next year

It is pretty ordinary when a promo is blocked because you are in the wrong country.

One day, when Australia establishes the federation, we will remove these parochial restrictions. Qapla’

Could someone post a link to a Big Bang Theory trailer that will play outside the USA, please?

Infuriating, getting that “you can’t watch this, you’re not in the States, nyah, nyah” message.


I live in the states and I can agree on that one. If the show is as good as you sat it is (and I’m sure they are saying it’s good) then let the world watch it previews, trailers, and all (oh my.)

Every time it says I can’t watch a clip (I live in Canada), I simply go to Youtube and watch the same clip there. No restrictions. Easy!

I love Shatner.

Some day someone will Google my name and see how many times I’ve said that.

“The Big Bang Theory” is my favorite!!!!!! To bad CBS moved it to Thursday nights, I’ll have to DVR it!

All the “Dramedy”s” on NBC are just terrible. Big Bang Theory is great.


Me too

Community FTW on Thursday, but I love ya, Big Bang.

I hate CBS – It seems that they don’t really have a clue how to handle anything Sci-Fi even if that Sci-Fi is a comedy – that (bad word) Les Moonves seems like a right (another bad word).

I hope in time Star Trek get’s bought by Paramount outright.

How insulting…I cant watch the video as “This video contains content from CBS, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”

What do you think im gonna do CBS? god forbid me copying a few minutes of video!

The background sounds are from the bridge, NOT the transporter room! DISASTER!!!

Notice the TNG transporter sound effect?

Ugh, guys, stop supporting this piece of shit. It’s a completely traditional (=unimaginative, insultingly stuipid, boring) sitcom that just pays the vaguest of lip service to “nerd” culture while completely shitting on it.

Just go watch Full House or something equally “awesome.” 3-camera laugh-track comedies?…no. Just say no.

If they really wanted an inside joke at tBBT, they’d have gotten Chris Doohan in a guest role as the “transporter operator” :)

There’s another TBBT promo about moving to Thursdays with another Star Trek reference in it. Sheldon and Leonard are playing 3D chess with what appears to be an authentic TOS 3D chess board, although we don’t get a clean shot of it. I can’t find a link to it on the CBS website, but it goes something like this:

Sheldon and Leonard are playing chess.
Sheldon: If we were characters on a television show, and that show was moved to Thursday night, would we be aware of it?
Leonard, focusing intently on the board: No.
Sheldon: OK
Announcer: The Big Bang Theory, now on Thursday night!
Sheldon: Did you hear that?


Please, figure out which side of the bed is the wrong one and avoid it, cranky.


Just for that, I will set some time aside to watch the thing, just because you told me not to, Herbert!

Who’s the owner of the ugly arm with all the freckles on it?

LOVE this show!

They actually say “Bleep” my dad says. They say the word bleep. It’s YouTube, have some fun. Say the title. It’s Shit my Dad Says. Emphasis on the word shit.

Finally a reason to watch more than half an hour of CBS. Should be a solid hour of entertainment. Big Bang is already a great hit and hopefully Shat’s got enough $#!* in him to make this go more than 13 episodes or 1 season.

13… Just FYI: “Big Bang Theory” is on CBS at 8/7 Central. “Fringe” is on Fox at 9/8 Central. No DVR necessary.

#36 They’d have been fine just to say “My Dad Says”. We get the rest. Literally saying ‘bleep’ is really dopey.

And Sheldon uses the correct upward slide motion on the transporter to beam away people. ;)

Blocked in this country.

This just in–They’re doing a Gorn this season, too. It shoots either next week or the week after.

#24 Thank you!


I want that transporter thingy in my living room.

to change the channel or beam in some beverages and whatnot.



I want that transporter thingy in my living room.

to change the channel or beam in some beverages and whatnot.