Star Trek-themed “Expendibles” T-Shirt of the Day at TeeFury

Back in August TrekMovie featured a cool cartoon dedicated to Star Trek’s Red Shirts (the "expendibles") from designer Dave Perillo. Today TeeFury (who offer one new shirt every day) are selling a shirt based on the “Expendibles” design. It is less than $10, but it is only available today. 


Expendibles Star Trek themed shirt today only at TeeFury

Every day TeeFury produces a new T-shirt which is available for just one day. And today they have chosen Dave Perillo’s "Expendibles" Star Trek-themed cartoon for their design. Shirts (in various mens and women’s sizes) cost only $9.00, but just like a Star Trek red shirt, their time is very limited. Shirts are available today only at (Wednesday, September 22nd).

The shirt is based on the "Expendibles" cartoon from Dave Perillo’s blog

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Still, it’s not nearly as bad when Kirk ordered two red shirts beamed into space and at the end leaving two more red shirts stranded on a planet while he takes the Enterprise to a far away outpost.

I'm Dead Jim!

Done! I loved this when I first saw it.

Red Dead Ryan




Definitely ordering one…in super fat guy size!

Capt Mike of the Terran Empire

One Word. Funny!

As always, a Reminder — artist Dave Perillo is also the co-host of the MegaPodzilla podcast!

If you enjoy Dave’s art, please conceder downloading an episode, and checking us out.

We’re available in the ITunes store under ‘MegaPodzilla’, or click on my name to visit the website!


1 – sure, dude. anything you say

(backs away slowly . . .)


#6 – Don’t look into its eyes. Crouch to make yourself less threatening.


Do a couple of rolls to throw him off…and you can find a way to tear your shirt off while you’re at it!


Just bought one. Love this shirt!


#1 Jeyl just means the episode “And the Children Shall Lead.”
Now that was a strange episode.


Guess we missed out on this one….


Remember a while back a thread profiled those new “official” Trek uniform shirts for something like $450 each??


$10 a shirt? That’s more like it!

Harry Ballz

Sorry, Anthony, I hit the wrong button and my “tear” comment posted as my user name. I wasn’t trying to post under another name.

They call me Stasiu

Finally, an exclusive Trek item I actually had an easy chance of ordering!

The TOS Purist aka The Purolator

This joke got old somewhere back in the 1980’s. Why does it still persist?


@15: Doomed redshirts will never get old — it’s as much a part of Trek as pointed ears, technobabble, and Shatnerian monologing! :)


These are great! Memo to Ensign Sue creators — this is how to do a funny Trek cartoon without violating the essence of the Trek characters we love.

The Mighty Keyboard

@ 15

Your whining gets old too. Why do you still persist?


I find it great! A shame I only see it now…

@3, 6, 7,

Why all the disbelief? Are you saying that Kirk would never do such a thing? Surely not!


who cares about the shirt…that chick is cute.

Robert Bernardo

Ack! It’s been replaced by Zombie Pacman today (Thursday).

Red Dead Ryan

#10, 19

Ahhh…….”And The Children Shall Lead”….not exactly original Trek’s finest moment and alas, a very forgettable episode!



Ah, but it did foreshadow Shat’s future lawyer work.



As did his Nuremberg stint.

Cmdr. Jacobs

Shatner did lots of ‘lawyer’ work before trek – almost as much as after… ever see the clips from the pre-Trek series with Ralph Belamy they blended into Boston Legal? That was a really good job, and made Denny Crane almost likable.

And Denny Crane would have never voted for Obama… unless the Mad Cow…