Video of the Day: 2 year-old Trekkie Dances & Sings To Star Trek Theme

Star Trek just had its 44th anniversary, but apparently the show is still able to capture new viewers. Our video of the day is set to Adorable Alert with a 2 year old girl dancing and singing to the original theme for Star Trek. And if you have a Star Trek toddler, we have a link to the perfect outfit. 


2 year old Trekkie dances and sings to TOS theme

Video is from a proud father and mother posted a week ago to YouTube showing how their 2 year-old daughter can identify the different Star Trek characters and sings and dances to the original theme.

Dressing your Trekkie Toddler

Do you have a little Trekkie? If so ThinkGeek sells a series of "
Star Trek Uniform Creepers
" in various designs, including classic blue, gold and red original Star Trek uniform styles. They cost $15.99 each.

Star Trek Uniform Creepers
Click to pick up a "Star Trek creeper"


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