Video of the Day: 2 year-old Trekkie Dances & Sings To Star Trek Theme

Star Trek just had its 44th anniversary, but apparently the show is still able to capture new viewers. Our video of the day is set to Adorable Alert with a 2 year old girl dancing and singing to the original theme for Star Trek. And if you have a Star Trek toddler, we have a link to the perfect outfit. 


2 year old Trekkie dances and sings to TOS theme

Video is from a proud father and mother posted a week ago to YouTube showing how their 2 year-old daughter can identify the different Star Trek characters and sings and dances to the original theme.

Dressing your Trekkie Toddler

Do you have a little Trekkie? If so ThinkGeek sells a series of "
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Star Trek Uniform Creepers
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I WANT HER! xD She is too cute. :)

That is too cute!!! They should take that video off the web.


But why is his TV showing the picture as a box in the middle of the screen?

there is a photo of me as a kid performing a mind meld on my brother XD

Cute! Yeah my young kids are already Trekkies too.

3- Looks like its double-letterboxed.

That tends to happen a lot these days if you have a 3:4 SD TV and its hooked up to a converter. (I have that exact TV in my bedroom; its our old one before we switched to HD.) Its probably a 16:9 HD broadcast of a 3:4 program, which is letterboxed on the sides. And then the 16:9 broadcast is shown on a 3:4 TV which means its letterboxed (top and bottom) again.

Sometimes depending on your equipment, you may be able to “zoom” and get it to fill the screen, but it depends.

All of the aspect ratio switching is the most obnoxious part of the “modernization” of TV. We very frequently have to look at letterboxes, double-letterboxes (occasionally), and stretchy people. :-)

Soooo cute

My daughter is now 10, and my son 8, and, despite my greatest efforts (and thanks to them as well), my son is a SW fan. No care in the world for Trek.

But, my 10 year old daughter gets a gold star for saying “that sucks” to Spock and Uhura in the new film after lots of exposure and supposed indifference to the franchise. We barely watch it, but all those years in the swing, or whatever, as we watched as she grew, made an impression.

You have to love the universal power of Spock. Zack gets it too. But he messed up in the lift, for sure!


Yeah, you got that right. The stretchy people really get on my nerves. I just wish the industry would just pick ONE aspect ratio and stay with it.

Oh Yeah really CUTE!!!

So I’m not the only father that turned his kids into geeks while they were still in diapers. I think I have a similar piece of footage on my old 8mm videos. My daughter’s imaginary friend was Barry Allen because The Flash was on TV when she was about 2. Ran around with a little action figure everywhere she went.

“Daddy, Barry is mad at you.”

“Oh yeah, why’s that?

“Coz you wouldn’t give us any candy.”

“Ohhh….I see.”

#7 – They did. HD Programming is 16×9. Pre-HD programming is 4×3. TV programming retransferred to HD, such as the original STAR TREK will be 4×3 in a 16×9 frame (pillarboxed).

Programs on Blu-ray are all 16×9. The movies themselves can be 1.37 4×3 (pre-1954), 1.85, or 2.40.

Hi, I am the dad of this little beautiful little girl!

My wife and I were shocked to see that she’d gone viral after only a week! (I was wondering today why the view count had gone up so much today)

Thanks,, for showing the world how much fun we have watching my little girl enjoy Star Trek!

@#3 – We have an AppleTV (not one of the new black ones – one of the “old” white/aluminum ones) We bought all three digitally-remastered seasons of Star Trek TOS a few months back from iTunes.
The upside: we now have one-click access to ALL of TOS Star Tek episodes…
The downside (since AppleTV only outputs video in wide-screen): We have to put up with the “border” all around the picture on our standard-def TV.

Thanks, everyone for the sweet comments about our little girl!

*(and, if you want – you can see a pic I made of my comic strip character dressed up like Spock – I called it “Amok Tim”)


Wait a year. It’ll change.

I think this is proof that people are born Trekkers.

I’m her proud gma! We actually heard her momma scolding her recently with, “You won’t get to watch Star Trek with Daddy this evening if you do that again!”…and, she sobbed!

That’s a cute video. It reminds me of the days when James was two and watched TOS with me. He would walk around the house, extend his hand, and say, “Nice to meet you, Spock”.

#10 – I work in video. No it will not. Even the upcoming 4k format is 16×9.

4×3 was a TV standard for over 60 years.

I mean #12…(not 10, which is *me*)

Oh my God, that was ADORABLE! :)

Adorable! While my sons have yet to see a Star Trek, I share in Jeremy, Mary and mother’s delight. This video will warm their hearts (and embarrass their daughter) for many years.

God bless,
C.S. Lewis

That was great! My kids also used to dance to the Star Trek theme at that age and are still big fans today as teens. Thanks for sharing!

That is absolutely adorable. I feel that my hardened mannish exterior has just cracked and Im feeling broody!

Bless her

This finally captures how I feel when I hear that tune. :)


Sir, you’re daughter is freakin’ awesome. Kinda reminds me of my niece headbanging to Metallica and trying to do the devil horns…lol.

Double letter box—its so beautiful—maybe even a triple letterbox–sob sob cry cry—-maybe someone can make a hit internet song based on double letterbox ohhuhh its a double letterbox ohnoh oh—or is it—-

that is so adorable sir you’re daughter is a trekkie as well at only 2 years old.

Well I started my children as babies, on trek. During my 2am feedings, I put on a trek Vhs tape of trek called Formula ala trek.

I just love it when people discuss aspect ratios and formats, LOL!

Here’s a funny Spock video I found today on YouTube: Spock’s English School.

Hey, the kid likes the “talky-gooey” old school Star Trek. Bad Robot are you seeing this? : )

aww just spotted this. Ain’t she a cutey!

THE NEXT NEXT NEXT Generation? This is proof Star Trek will go on forever :)

She is now officially the cutest kid on the planet! That was so funny at the last part when she opens her mouth really wide to “sing” awww!

You guys have such a wonderful little daughter

Too cute.

@Basement Blogger: Bad Robot will do what It feel like based on the knowledge that producers and writer have, not know-it-all fanboys like you who don’t know it all.