New DVD Set Collects Star Trek Star Westerns + Clips Of Shatner, Nimoy & Doohan as Indians

A now a new DVD collection called "Trek Stars Go West" contains classic TV and film Western appearances of Star Trek stars William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley and James Doohan. Details and clips below, including Shatner, Doohan and Nimoy as Indians.


New DVD: Trek Stars Go West

Star Trek was born in the era of the TV Western, and famously the show itself was pitched as "Wagon Train in space". So it is no surprise that most of the original Star Trek cast also appeared in TV westerns in the 50s and 60s, especially Golden Boot winner DeForest Kelley.

The new DVD 2-disk set "Trek Stars Go West" from Video Service Corp showcases Star Trek stars’ appearances on classic (and some completely forgotten) Western programs from the 50s and 60s. The set contains just the films and series, but apparently no special features. The contents are:

Disc 1

  • Tate (1960): Episode "Comanche Scalps" starring Leonard Nimoy and co-starring a young Robert Redford in the critically-acclaimed but obscure series
  • Bonanza (1960): Episode "The Ape" co-starring Leonard Nimoy and Dan Blocker
  • Outlaws (1960): Episode "Starfall Parts 1 & 2": Starring William Shatner, Cloris Leachman and more in a feature-length adventure

Disc 2

  • The Lone Ranger (1949): Episode "Legion of Old-Timers" featuring Deforest Kelley, Clayton Moore & Jay Silverheels
  • Last of the Mohicans (1957): Episode "The Scapegoat" starring Lon Chaney Jr. and James Doohan
  • Outlaws (1960): Episode "Shorty" featuring Edward Binns, Alfred Ryder and Leonard Nimoy
  • White Comanche (1968): The cult classic western starring William Shatner & Joseph Cotten

Box art for "Trek Stars Go West"

The "Trek Stars Go West" 2-disc DVD set comes out November 9th and and retails for $19.99. You can pre-order it from WalMart – discounted to $14.96.

Video clips – Shatner, Doohan and Nimoy as Indians

VSC have not provided a preview, but clips from some of these appearances have been uploaded previously onto YouTube (although the quality of many is not ideal). The DVD video should be better, but these can give you an idea.

William Shatner in White Comanche

Leonard Nimoy in Tate

James Doohan in Last of the Mohicans

DeForest Kelley in The Lone Ranger


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