UPDATED: Chris Pine In Talks To Star In Alex Kurtzman’s Directorial Debut? + New ‘Unstoppable’ Images

In August it was reported that Star Trek scribe Alex Kurtzman will be making his feature directorial debut with a Steven Spielberg produced family drama Welcome to People, and now there is a hint that they are interested in bringing in Star Trek’s Chris Pine to star in the film. Plus we have the latest images and poster from Pine’s new film Unstoppable.


Pine considered for Kurtman-directed family drama

Alex Kurtzman’s first time behind the camera for a feature film (he has directed some TV episodes) will be for the family drama Welcome to People, from a script by Kurtzman and his long-time writing partner (and fellow Star Trek scribe) Roberto Orci. The film is being produced by Kurtzman and Orci’s KO Paper Products for Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks, and today the usually reliable ProductionWeek posted the following on Twitter:

Hearing that Chris Pine, Rachel McAdams & Meryl Streep have been mentioned for the cast of Alex Kurtzman’s family drama "Welcome To People"

If cast Pine would be playing a struggling twentysomething man who, after flying home to L.A. for the funeral of his estranged record-producer father, discovers that the will stipulates that he must deliver $150,000 in cash to a 30-year-old alcoholic sister. It is likely McAdams is being considered for the part of the sister with Streep for an unknown part (but a good guess would be his mother).

Of course "mentioned" is a long way from "cast" so at this point it is sounds like the team has a wish list and are interested in Pine, McAdams and Streep, all of whom have active careers. But Kurtzman certainly already has a relationship with Chris Pine through Star Trek, so that may help make the connection.

UPDATE: Pine in talks for Welcome To People
The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed the Production Week tweet, and reports that Pine is “in talks” for the role in Welcome to People.

UPDATE 2: Clooney doesn’t get Pine for Farragut North

Recently it was reported that George Clooney wanted Pine to reprise his stage role in the film adaption of the play Farragut North. Regarding that film Pine told MTV he had not been approached officially but said it would be "f—ing awesome" to work with George Clooney. However, it seems that Pine wont be adding this film to his schedule as Deadline is now reporting that Clooney has tapped Ryan Gosling for the lead.

Everybody Wants Chris + new Unstoppable stills/poster

Right now Chris Pine has just started shooting the action comedy This Means War  in Vancouver, along with Reese Witherspoon and his on-screen rival Tom Hardy (aka Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis). It isn’t clear when Welcome to People is slated to start production, but Pine could probably fit another film in between This Means War and the Star Trek sequel which should start production next Summer. The actor is also attached to the next Jack Ryan movie Moscow, which recently picked up a new writer (Sherlock Holmes scribe Anthony Peckham) and is also expected to be shot in 2011.

Chris Pine will next be seen alongside Denzel Washington in the Tony Scott-directed runaway train movie Unstoppable, which comes out November 12th. Fox has released another poster and some more stills for the movie.


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Looks like Pine has his hands full. I think his Star is realy rising and he is fast becoming an A list Star. That is great for Star Trek.

Good things happen to captains of the Enterprise.

Question is ofcourse if an A list actor would play a Trek captain.

Yea he will play Kirk again, it is what got him all his other roles. it would look really bad for him to leave under contract for the next film.

OMG!!!…..sorry for the enthusiasm….LOL…but CP is so HOT in these photos!!!!….makes me breatless!!!! hahahah!

Ok about “Welcome to People”would be wonderful if his schedule allowed it….CP, Meryl Streep and Rachel McAdams is a dream cast…..probably just a rumor I’m afraid……WOW …..CP has many choices ahead…….

And CP was gorgeous on the set of “This Means War” other day!……I NEED to see all these movies……manly Star Trek 2012….. Captain Kirk again…..can’t wait!!!!


You talking about what? ….. to play Captain Kirk is for an Alist actor now….and CP already said it was important for his career!!!!!

I wish Alex best of luck with his first directing gig! And its good to see him and Bob branch out into other genres. Of course, I look forward to more of their work, specifically “Fringe” and “Star Trek: The Next Movie”.

I ended up missing Bob’s “Hawaii Five-O”, ironically because I was chatting with him on another thread when it was on on Monday night. I’ll catch the next one though!

I wonder if Bob has considered directing anything. Movies. Shows. Or even traffic. :-)

Unstoppable looks like a good movie.

Maybe Rachel McAdams can be Carol Marcus in the next Trek movie, too.

Bring the whole thing around 360, ya know?

Hmmm… so his schedule is full.

TREK in 2012? I don’t think so. They are all so busy…

@9: I think the idea is for them to keep busy until Trek is ready to roll.


Working alongside Denzel Washington isn’t exactly just ‘keeping busy.’ Denzel is the one keeping busy.

Star Trek’s Chris Pine…..Star Trek’s Chris Pine…..Star Trek’s Chris Pine

has a rather nice ring to it, if I do say so myself. Best of luck with your career, Chris!

…..as long as you stay in Trek for a couple more movies….;)

Every A Lister wants a go at a franchise movie these days because that’s where the money is and for many It’s where there name is made. Star Trek has launched Pine’s career from Princess Diary’s obscurity to A-list fame.

I think many A-listers – if the part is right – would grab the chance to play a character in Star Trek.

I’m so happy for Chris this is great for your career

I can’t wait for Star Trek 2012 to see Chris and the other cast again:)

FYI, Clooney’s choice for the role in “Farragut North” is actually Ryan Gosling, and they’re negotiating at the moment.

Last picture, Kirk and Sisko time travel to 2010 :)

# 16

So…problably it’s possible that CP is actually negotiating to do Kurtzman’s movie as reported in the Hollywood Reporter today!…..and to be honest…. I think the story is more interesting than Farragut North…..corruption in politcs bores me a little….only worth watching such movies if played by great actors….my favorite actors…if not I stay away …..LOL!…..and Ryan Gosling is great!

I’ll see any movie that CP choose to do…..since among them is Star Trek 2012!!! LOL!

Funny – I just posted a message to this site but it has not appeared.

A report said that Chris Pine went to Alex Kurtzman about the possibility of playing the lead. As this character and situation is not one he has played, unlike Farragut North, he may find this more interesting and exciting. The Kurtzman seems more of a social comment and possibly more emotionally engaging than a political drama, so I am more interested.

When do they plan to film this – before or after doing the Star Trek sequel?

Anyway, I wish Chris the best in whatever he gets to do and the Star Trek sequel with my Pine/Kirk can’t come soon enough.

I am interested in this as well, I hope Pine does get the lead role of Welcome to people

I have no doubt the current Trek cast will at least do a trilogy.

But beyond that…?

Might be time to head back to TV. :-)

# 19

Hey Keachick!…. actually the question is…… when will they shoot Star Trek Sequel??… hahahahah!!!
But as Kurtzman is also a producer of Star Trek ….for sure there will be no scheduling conflict……I guess!!!!

Okey, Pine has to play trek again. first, they wouldn’t even bother with righting the script if he wasn’t going to do it. And two, he is most likely contractually obligated to do two more films if the first is a hit. third they confirmed the second film even before the first was released. So that means that they new all the cast was coming back (pine included)

# 22
Hey Dee! I think the plan is to start shooting the Star Trek sequel in May/June 2011. Hopefully, by the end of this year, the Trek writing team (Kurtzman and Orci) will have nailed down a super-duper script, so that soon next year, they can get on with the making of the movie.

Since Chris is not doing either Farragut North or it seems the Jack Ryan movie in February, maybe he would be able to do the Welcome to People then before doing Star Trek in May. Anyway, have to wait and see.

I agree that he must be well rested and in top form for Star Trek, as I suspect our young captain could be “really put through his paces”, with interesting aliens, wary crew (or is that wary aliens and interesting crew?) and a very sweet love interest – too cheesy? Gosh, I hope so…:)


Hi Keachick! ….now has a new story about Jack Ryan….. in a recent interview with the producer of Moscow…..he said they hope to shoot the film in spring 2011….then… the way is wait to see what really happens!

now has a new story about Jack Ryan….. in a recent interview with the producer of Moscow…..he said they hope to shoot the film in spring 2011….then… the way is wait to see what really happens!

# 26

What?….no, no, no……I guess I’m not laughing!!!!