Viral Video: Star Wars v Star Trek movie trailer

The ongoing war between Star Wars and Star Trek has been fought between fans for decades. It is also the subject of many mash-up videos, but a new one is particularly well done and has been going viral for the last week. Check it out below.


Star Wars v Star Trek: The movie

This latest Wars v Trek mashup is done in the form of a theatrical trailer for a film "from directors JJ Abrams and George Lucas", which samples mostly from Next Generation films and the original Star Wars trilogy, with a smattering of Star Trek (2009) effects shots. Check it out.

Mashup was created by YouTuber2SunsNoWomen

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Does anyone really consider this a competition???

One quantum torpedo. Only one.

Another one? Great! I’ve been watching a few of these SW vs ST mashups on youtube and a lot of them are so funny! And food for thought and well done. So I will take my leave and enjoy this one. So the great battle goes on between these two. LOL

Nice trailer!

I love both Trek and Wars, but please keep them separate. I’m looking at you, JJ Abrams.

that was great!

NOICE EXPLOSIONS! Although I second Vultan’s motion, Mr. Abrams.

That’s all we fans need. Then iit will become Abrams vs Lucas! Maybe youtube will carry that.

All I have to say is, I hope the next Star Trek movie is more on Trek and less on being Star Wars.

Go Reds!

I want to see this movie!!!

Hmm. Darth Vader pointing a Light saber at Data. Would be kinda kool. Maybe have the Enterprise go back in time to a Galexy Far Far away.

Better Yet. Have the Galactic Empire form an allience with the Terran Empire.

Slow news day, eh Anthony? :-)

or not.

Is it possible that the term ‘viral video’ is not quite defined enough? Is any video posted on the web now ‘viral’? I don’t think so…

Shoot me in the face, please.

#15. Did you want a Gun or a Distrupter or a Phaser.

#16. The ray gun from the Captain Proton simulation preferably. Thanks.

Okay, okay. Yeah — the trailer is cool and well done. But how much do we hear about Star Wars technology? What can be pointed to in today’s world that was inspired by SW? How many scientists are inspired to conduct their research by SW? How many astronauts wanted to joint NASA because of SW? There is more that has been inspired by ST, without question.

They both have their place in the Sci-Fi lexicon — they both are the result of wonderful creative genius and particular views of mankind etc. But I have always found SW a much, much darker vision — and focused on the downfall of one man because of his own inherent demons — a true Greek tragedy. ST, on the other hand, has generally presented a view that mankind eventually overcomes his worst impulses — his worst demons — but examined the journey through a moral compass of “Everyman.”

I like SW — but I adore ST. I agree with John from Cincinnati — for ST XII, less SW and more ST — we don’t need any more Hoth-like planets or its ferocious creatures. We also do not need to repeat Khan or Harry Mudd. An alternate timeline has been created — let there be alternate story lines as well — they have the freedom to do that now. No need to repeat what has already been done — and done well.

Save the tachyon warp core subspace implosion… for the prequels. Gotta wipe them outta this timeline.

Hey, has anyone read a fan script for a crossover movie that deals well with the unique qualities of the individual universes, and tells a compelling story? Sort of in an Avengers vs. Justice League sort of way? Because if something like that exists, I’d love to be pointed to it. And if it exists, I know TrekMovie readers will know about it.

Something like this would make a great comicbook miniseries, now that I think about it…

Frankly, I’m not impressed. All I saw were just various clips from different movies edited together. At no point did it feel like the scenes from the two franchises were meshing into a coherent narrative.



The main problem is how do you deal with the idea of the Force entering Star Trek. Do you keep it one-sided as a SW advantage, or do you introduce that Trek characters could tap into it? Also what era – Star Trek has 3 big ones, and Star Wars has 2 main ones, as well as many lesser-known “expanded universe” eras that would make for an interesting combination.

I’ll tell you one thing (completely off-topic), I’d love to see a mashup of the Borg attacking the reimagined Cylons from BSG. Of course the Borg would wipe the floor with them, but it would be pretty kick-ass.

Nicely done! The clips seemed seamless integrated so it felt like the characters were interacting.

An enjoyable 2 minutes.

Pleasing in your ever so human, juvenile way. Fascinating.

Viral? I have to agree with #14. This video doesn’t make YouTubes top 100 for the week… not even close with 25,000 views while video #100 has over 300,000 views.

I dunno. I’m a Kirk/Spock guy. I like TNG well enough, but they are decidedly the B team. I could picture Kirk and Spock taking the Empire’s lunch money without breaking a sweat. Off the top of my head I could see them “Landru”ing Vader; simply arguing him back from the Dark Side with flawless logic, or getting the Death Star to lower her shields through trickery. The point is, who in the Empire could possibly match wits with Spock? The Empire is sheer brute force (no pun intended). Kirk and Spock et al have an elegant intelligence and human ingenuity.

No contest. SW does have way cooler explosions, though.

The Technology of star wars universe is no Match for the star trek universe.Sure The Force would give the empire the edge. But in the Trek universe there are Far more powerful Beings then just a few who has the force.

#27 — Yea, Kirk and Spock would win, while Picard would fold like a cheap suit against Vader an the Emperor. Vader would get so tired after Picards first few sentences that he would strangled by the use of the Force early in the movie.

Very cool! Entertainment for entertainment sake. Data vs. Darth Vader. The Emperor vs. Picard. Technology vs. Technology. Just the personalities alone seem very interesting. Great job on the video!

I really hope JJ Abrams & Company’s boyish love for Star Wars does not transform the next Trek movie into a Trek/SW hybrid like the first one was. It was more Trek than SW, but still, what is SW doing in a Trek movie at all? They are distinct and very different entities. Make a Star Wars movie, if you want to make a Star Wars movie.

The way it’s edited it looks like the Death Star superlaser just blew a hole in the Enterprise viewscreen. Too bad Alderaan didn’t have antimatter-powered deflector shields, inertial dampers, and structural integrity fields!

Anyone mind giving some comments on my mashup trailer as well?

Thanks! :)


#33 Tom_

Very well done. Very smooth, with soul.

I honestly thought it was kinda dumb. I mean one second its the Enterprise E, then its the new E, and then the D. The editing was well done but the shots they used and how it was put together was unimpressive.

@22 – sounds like you’re channelling Sir Topham Hatt. (Watch a bunch of “Thomas and Friends” with your grandson and you’ll know what I mean.)

As for the whole concept … hmm, let’s see … Death Star: no shields. Enterprise: shields. Enterprise FTW!

Death Star: planet-killing death ray. Enterprise: phasers AND quantum torpedoes. Enterprise FTW!

Death Star: TIE fighters. Enterprise: umm … This round goes to the Death Star. (Although it’s never been determined whether a small fighter can fly through the Enterprise’s shields…)

Death Star: Darth Vader. Enterprise: Jean-Luc Picard. Death Star FTW! (Sorry, Jean-Luc. Now, if it had been James T. Kirk…)

After all is said and done, both franchises exist in alternate universes (and in the case of Star Wars, an alternate galaxy), so “never the twain shall meet,” quoth the Bard.

#35 Thanks! :) Will work harder for other ones (better resolution, better credits, etc.)

It’s a (roughly) two minute trailer. That’s a good start to a two-hour movie.

Two down, about 118 more to go.

Make it so.

That was so good, I daresay it was about five minutes too short.

Hey, take it one step farther. Do a whole movie using footage from both
series of movies. Have it make sense and then I’ll be impressed.


Nicely done, Tom. Good choice of clips, excellent music choice, and well edited. Good job!

@falcon – what on earth gives you the idea that a fighter can fly through the Enterprise’s shields?! Sure, it could if they let it but they’re not likely to do that, now are they!

Another technical advantage that the Star Trek universe offers is targeting computers. Star trek ships rarely miss. The same can not be said of the Star Wars universe where they seem to miss morebthan they hit!

But the biggest advantage of all for the Enterprise is transporter technology. All they have to do is beam an anti matter weapon into the Death Star and it is all over!

Excellent tribute. I may be a Trekkie and a Warsie, but keep the two franchises separate, for ‘Star Trek’ is owned by CBS while ‘Star Wars’ is owned by Lucasfilm. Live long, prosper and may the Force be with you all!

That look crazy. I love both Star Trek and Starwars but Trek is my favourite.

I really hope JJ Abrams & Company’s boyish love for Star Wars does transform the next Trek movie into a Trek/SW hybrid like the first one was.

How cool would it be if Spock and Kirk wielded light sabres on away missions :) and the Klingon Warlord was Vader, who turns out to be Pines Father who was captured by Nero and in turn the Klingons :) :) :)

Isn’t this like 5 years old at least?

I’d like to see a “Star Wars”/”Deep Space Nine” trailer. Captain Sisko and the Defiant would take down the Empire singlehandedly. Plus, the Defiant would fit in well because it has the pulse phasers and is a single-hulled craft like the Millenium Falcon. The Defiant and Millenium Falcon could fight alongside each other. On the Death Star, Trek’s Starfleet officers and the rebels would fight against the Imperial Starfleet’s stormtroopers and Jem’ Hadar. :-)

The ST 2009 Enterprise images didn’t make sense. It should have all been E.