Design and Sell Your Own (Licensed) Star Trek Merchandise at Cafe Press

Have you ever had an idea for a cool Star Trek T-shirt? (or mug, hat, or other merchandise?). Well CBS and CafePress have teamed up to allow fans to design and sell their own licensed Star Trek products. Find out more below.


Buy and sell fan-designed Star Trek merchandise

Right now Star Trek fans can create and purchase customized Star Trek apparel and gifts, all fully licensed by CBS via the online merchandiser Cafe Press. Designs can come from any of the five Star Trek series, and can be applied to t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and other unique gifts.All of the Star Trek merchandise is now available at

To add your own designs, all you need to do is create a "store" at and upload your design. Designs need to be approved, and there are restrictions, such as not using copyrighted material or likenesses, or combine Star Trek themed designs with political messages, drug imagery, etc.

There are hundreds of designs currently available to be applied to a number of different types of merchandise visit to see them all.



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The heart on the “I (heart) Spock” mug should be green, no?

Someone on a message board at TrekBBS came up with a great idea for a Trek-themed day of remembrance: Wolf 359 Day. Some people came up with ideas for shirts like “Never Forget” and similar things… I thought it was a great idea!

I TOLD YOU ALL!!! Reports of Trekmovie’ demise have been greatly exaggerated…introducing NEW trek news.. the ST merchandise tie-in! Thanks goodness we are back in business…phew!!! :-)

Merchandise is Futile!

#2. By coincidence, or perhaps not, the 359th day of any given year except Leap Year is Christmas Day.

My ever creative ur demented bro is wanting to design a terran empire line of products! I’m looking forward to what he will come up with. My daughter and I are thinking on lines of hair assessries based on what trek woman wore. Like jadzia’s pony tail barrett. If its aloud. Also sweatshirt and T celebrating 1st contact day and a 50th aniverery shirt of Star Trek (when it comes) I do applaud the fan who designed the memorial items that’s great.

There goes my life savings again…

To be on the side of caution. I would see a lawyer to clarify “the fine print” before attempting to market. Your fan products just to be on the safe sidem don’t need any legal. Screw ups.

The Trekkie Fish Sticker is a ripoff from…

What is also needed is redshirt products! In loving memory to

Where no one has gone before boxers. WOW!

This is the best idea in the history of mankind.

Also, for those who had concerns that TrekMovie was not updating — along with you, I’m glad we have TM’s awesome coolness back once again.

This Trek junkie needed his fix.

“Design and sell your own (licensed) Star Trek merchandise at Cafe Press”

Why do I have the feeling this is going to be short-lived?

I better buy something before the lawyers jump on this.

I’m still waiting for the report that Hasbro has been awarded the master toy license and their first product will be a 2 foot electronic, lights and sound USS Enterprise based on the 2012 movie.

This is fun :) I created the real final frontier :)

I also saw the trek fish on Entertainment Earth catalogue too.


Don’t even tease me about that! Its really cruel! :-)

Paramount would be wise to consider/do that, but I’m guessing George Lucas at least partially owns that company and thus the studio doesn’t want a rival profiting off of its movie. I get the sense Playmates will not renew their contract for the sequel and we’ll end up with nothing.

#18. Red Dead Ryan felt “I get the sense Playmates will not renew their contract for the sequel and we’ll end up with nothing.”

That’s my sense too and it will be another indication to me that the 2009 effort couldn’t possibly be as financially successful as some imagined nor that genuine new fans with no basis to gauge Playmates’ quality could possibly be, on bulk, responsible for the success that it did have.

Those Trek ’09 figures were horrible, and everywhere on clearance. Not surprising that Playmates once again dropped the ball.

Playmates was a bad sign from the get go, their stuff is not good enough for the serious Trek collector, often-times it comes across as being too toy-like for most Trek fans, less they wind up buying it for their kids of course.

– W –
* Who’s not surprised Playmates once again failed to deliver *


But that’s just it: if all the fans the 2009 movie drew were totally outside of previous Trek fandom, as is often touted, then they wouldn’t be able to discern the lack of quality as they wouldn’t have anything with which to compare Playmates’ stuff. “Serious” collectors would have been doing so for years and thus were not the expected market for Playmates’ wares.

I appreciate spending some time for making clear the terminlogy on the newbies!

Isnt Gaudin under control (if the Yanks want to) next year?

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