Shatner “Would Love” To Be In Star Trek Sequel…If The Money Is Right [VIDEO]

It is time again to check in with William Shatner and his level of interest in appearing in the next Star Trek movie. This time Bill talks about how he is ready to go, if they can meet his price. The original Kirk also talks about his ability to talk Leonard Nimoy out of retirement and more. Watch the video below.


Shatner would "love" to be in next Star Trek (if they pay him)

William Shatner talks to Access Hollywood about Star Trek, saying he doesn’t know if he will be in the next Star Trek film, but notes that he and Star Trek producer/director JJ Abrams have a "tentative relationship". Bill goes on to say (with a joke) "I would love to be a part of the next Star Trek film, but I am very expensive (laughs)". Bill also talks about how they are now editing the Captains documentary, which should be coming out in six months. Shatner also says "I can get him" when asked if he can convince Leonard Nimoy to appear on The Big Bang Theory (which airs right before Shatner’s $#*! My Dad Says) on CBS on Thursdays. Here is the video.   

And here is more from Shatner, talking about all the retirement age people on TV today.


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I have grown weary of hearing Staner being asked if he’ll do XII.

It would be great to to see the Shat make an appearence on Trek 12. Perhaps if he was not killed. He could be a mentor from the future via recordings of missions. From old timeline. Just in forms of advice and wisdom. That young kirk could see @ Listen too. In this shat would not be concerned about aging. He would be retired or teaching at the academy instead of dead. Just a thought

Shat, we’d love to have you in XII if “the weight is right?”

No to Shatner in ST 2. And, yes, it’s all about the money for him. And, no, he can’t get Nimoy to do ‘Big Bang’ (he tried repeatedly to get him to do ‘Boston Legal’, without success).

sick of Shatner.

I love his new show! I’d rather he do voice over work for a new ST TV series that takes place during Kirk’s era

I remember hearing something about the possibility of Shatner doing a little cameo in the form of a birthday message… whether it was for XI, or generations, I cant remember… I could see it working well…. Maybe Pine-Kirk watches it early on, and later goes back to it, and sees the key to their problem in something Shatner-Kirk says… Who knows. It could work well.

William Shatner is a joy to watch on TV, movies, interviews… you name it.

I know it is a very polarizing topic but I sure would love to see him in the new Trek movie.

I would like to thank the producer for the camera angle on the interviewer.

Shat is awesome. :)

(And worth every penny.)

Bad shat
Get out the laxitives
Tis runny and gooey now
Bad Shat
Poopy Shat
Like chocolate milk, only stinky
Bad Bad shat

#4 It’s not all about the money. Shatner loves the character and has said since his last appearance in Generations he’d love to return to the role again and again. He had a hand in the creation and evolution of Kirk. A lot of the character was born in Roddenberry’s office with suggestions from Shatner. He has an attachment to Kirk and it’s never left him. You might want to milk the comedy in the interview as pure greed, but you are so wrong that all he cares about is the money.

Yes Mr Shatner, I would love to see you in the next movie, but I certainly hope you are joking about the ‘money being right’. One Harlan Ellison in Trekdom is quite enough.

It’s not about the money. It’s about the billing. And screen time. And money.

This ship has sailed. No Shatner in Star Trek now.

7 it was the the new trek movie trek movie report reported about the scence. to be honest i did not read it as by that point i was so pissed off with shanter going on about not being in the bloody film i could not give a beep and to be honest i wish shatner would just shut up about it ive not brought a couple of his book becouse of his books i just wish he get the massage already your charactor died a pointless death in a crappy trek film he is dead and quitet frankly i dont give a beep what you say


its gets old listening to Shatner talk about “if the money’s right I’ll do it”. Total BS. Bill has all the money in the world. I agree actors need to make a living at what they do but in this case take a pay cut and be greatful for what you have. If it wasnt for Star Trek Bill, you would have never had the level of success achieved.

#17. Agreed. He knows Abrams is never going to ask him to be in the movie, so that deal about this money being right is kind of a face-saving thing for him. Sheesh, he has an ego that would make Captain Kirk look humble.

Well, since Shatner is the Captain, a paygrade above Commander, he should get more than Spock to reprise his role. And I doubt that his “price” would be an issue for a major movie given that he’s been hired for a TV show. With Shatner’s fame, it would be unwise to NOT bring him back.

I think whether he’s in has more to do with whether the Three Amigos can credibly squeeze him into the story.

#19. I would need to see a major weight loss, or have him digitally modified like they are doing with Jeff Bridges in the new Tron movie. I love the guy, but he would look buffoonish at his current weight in a Starfleet uniform in Trek 12 — I would be embarrassed for him. This is hard for me to say, but I think we all know it is true.

Huuummm!!!…..Does anyone know if he actually interviewed CP for The Captains?

@ 13

No joke. Money is what kept him off of Enterprise.

If he REALLY loved the character, he’d do it for free. He doesn’t NEED the money. He just wants the ego stroke.



The “jerk” comment was directed at Shatner…I hope you didn’t take it as directed at you.

(I’m so disappointed by the guy. It would be different if he was still a struggling actor and he DID need the money. He doesn’t.)

Very funny he talking about age…..and of course he didn’t use Botox or plastic surgery….LOL….Mr. Shatner okay!….I’ll pretend to believe it ….anyway I like you…LOL!!!!!

I suspect Shatner’s “price” is a lot higher for Star Trek than for other jobs. Price is a function of supply and demand and Shatner has a monopoly on “original Captain Kirk”. A sitcom like $#*! My Dad Says would be different with someone else, but they could have done it with someone else.

Reminds me of a little boy who insists he dosent want a birthday party, and then pouts when he doesnt get a birthday party. I’ve grown tired of Brett Farve retirement announcements, and Shatners “will he or wont he” game. Walk away with a shred of dignity, the ship has sailed…

He’ll have to keep talking about Star Trek ….so he’ll always get something different to take effect….Mr. Shatner has fun with it!

William Shatner continues to be an exuberant and life affirming inspriation. I think he is right about “retirement”. If only more people would aim to continue to be more vitalizing, and make an ongoing commitment to zestful maturation.

**looks around, checks calendar… funny, looks like 2010, but sounds like 2007, goes back to sleep**

Yeah, I love the original Kirk (that means Shatner too), but I’m… sick… and…. tired…. of this debate. He doesn’t need to be in the next movie. Shat-Kirk is dead and buried. RIP. NEXT! No cheesy pandering to actors who want that last spotlight. He got that in Generations. Now leave it alone, man! All I want Mr. Shatner to say about Star Trek from now on is “It was a great ride, and now it’s time to let young Hollywood shine”… or something to that effect.

The $#*! Old Kirk Says!

Get Shatner in the new movie…Enough said.

Sorry but if he wanted to be in anymore movies, he should have refused to be killed off. shatt kirk = dead. End of story.

ps bleep my dad says sucked

#23 Actually they were debating Shatner right until the show was cancelled. As soon as it was axed, Rick Berman didn’t need Shatner for a ratings stunt to try and secure a new season, so he dumped the idea. Had the network left the decision open, there’s a good chance they would have not only coughed up the money but got the ratings as well.

But Shatner not appearing on Enterprise turned out to be a blessing in the end. Berman wanted him to play the ships chef! And Shatner and the Reeves-Stevens idea to have him play Tiberius and not James T was a waste. What’s the use in having him as an evil clone? He could very well have played James T and been involved in the time war.

#33 You seem to think that Shatner wrote Generations or had anything to do with the story. He was hired as an actor. It came to light in recent years that Rick Berman told him if he didn’t appear they would kill him off screen anyway.

If ANYONE, Shatner was the one who saw the death as a major mistake in Trek lore, and immediately pitched the return of Kirk in a follow up movie. When Berman and presumably Sherry (anti-original series) Lansing said no, it became a New York times best selling novel. Shatner has tried to get back in, but been met with resistance at every step by Lansing and Berman.

You want to blame anyone for killing Kirk it’s Ron Moore. He came up with the idea.

Sorry. But Mr. Shatner looks very tired out.

Man, get some rest BIll. You deserve to take a break. We don’t want to loose you! We’re stronger With you, than without you!

Get a checkup.



Dennis, you are right. Shatner would want a major role in the next movie. That would be a catastrophic mistake and JJ knows that.

Speaking of money, does anybody here happen to know how much Nimoy was paid for being in the last Trek film? I’m guessing around $5 million.

Hey. The what should do it. He can now easily be written in as this is a different time line. In this time line he was never in the nexus and never killed by soran. I want shat in the next movie.

Sorry. I meant the Shat.


good to see you back!

p.s. I sent my postcard (you requested) to your offices at Universal City…I assume that’s correct.

Hey Bob. Are you almost done with the script for trek. Oh. I love what you are doing on Hawaii Five O.

It is hard to say whether it would be
good to have him in it or not at this
time. I was pretty sure I didn’t want
to see him in Trek ’09 – but when I
read the scene (in the hologram),
tears came to my eyes and I was
very disappointed that he didn’t do
the project. If the creators could
do something that well again and
negotiate some pay – it MIGHT be
worth it. But whichever way it goes,
I’m sure we all just want the sequel
to be great.

I’d have thought he’d feel the need to do it for free to atone for allowing them to kill Kirk.
Sorry Bill, but its just not going to work. You’ll never be able to do a scene with Pine the way Quinto did with Leonard. While Chris does have a certain similarity to a young Shat the height difference will be so noticeable. And to be truthful I can’t see very slim
Pine ever carrying the weight that you are now packing.
And I say that with love and respect!
But hey, if you want to go on getting new Trek publicity then power to you.


Keep dreaming Shat, keep dreaming

23: “If he REALLY loved the character, he’d do it for free.”

Oh so you think Nimoy did it for free?

Get real. They’re actors doing a job. They were Star Trek when the show had no fans and no expectation that it would be the phenom that it was, and you want to sit in judgment as if they should be the same kind of fan that you are?

@21: Yeah, I expect that if he does make an appearance it will be the younger version as he appeared in Generations.

Bob! There you are!!

@ 47

Having Nimoy made sense, Shatner does not. If fans are so uppity about established canon, they know this to be true. Kirks dead, people need to get over it.

Whether Shatner makes sense depends on the story, not fan edict.