Karl Urban Talks Character-driven Star Trek Sequel + New RED video interviews

Karl Urban, Star Trek’s new McCoy, has been doing some promotion for his role in the film Red, and he has also talked a bit about the next Star Trek. Excerpts below, plus some new video interviews with Karl promoting Red.


Urban ready for more character-driven Star Trek sequel

Karl Urban has a supporting role in the new action comedy film Red, starring Bruce Willis, Hellen Mirren, John Malkovich and Morgan Freeman. In an interview promoting the film with the Wall Street Journal, Urban talked about the Star Trek sequel, here are excerpts:

Urban on Bones’ famous "cantankerousness"

It’s fun actually, a lot of fun.

Urban on sequel’s focus on characters rather than sci-fi spectacle

I have no doubt that we will be able to continue to strengthen and deepen those relationships. To me that was always the most interesting thing about ‘Star Trek,’ is that it was character-driven. It’s a wonderful, smart thing that J.J. [Abrams] and Roberto [Orci] and Alex [Kurtzman] have done, to maintain that.

Urban on the team behind the sequel:

I think there’s such a wonderful, rich tapestry of characters and territory to explore,” Urban observed. “The great thing is that we’ve got a bunch of Einsteins working on it –- you know, J.J. and Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman that are really sharp. But I’m really looking forward to seeing where we take the next story.

Urban video interviews talking Red and Dredd

Here are some video interviews with Urban talking about Red, and his other upcoming films Priest and Dredd and more (but not much Trek).

High Praise for Red and Urban

Red opens up next weekend and is already getting good buzz. The film has an early 86% rating from critics and Rotten Tomatoes. Urban is getting high praise from critics playing the CIA hit man William Cooper. The highest praise comes from ComingSoon, review which notes:

Effortlessly jumping from a super cool best-at-what-he-does persona to hitting emotional notes on the head, Urban’s may be the highlight performance of "RED." Unlike the rest of the cast, he doesn’t have his own cinematic laurels to fall back on and still manages the right blend of parody and sincerity. There should be no doubt that Urban is ready for true leading man status.

And here are a couple of Red trailers (featuring a few smatterings of Karl):


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Einsteins eh?

The secret of treks success are quality. Written character driven stories, the technology was there and pretty much taken for granted. Like the transporter or food replicator. Just in some storylines when needed the tech was used to call attention. Keep the balance the old reciept works great. We can see the tech and the character to know mankind evolved

sounds good to me. TOS got pretty bad at times when I rewatched it recently, but it was Spock/Kirk/McCoy that kept me interested.

Einstein the scientist or Einstein the dog?
I kid… I kid… :)

You either like or dislike this film I for one thought it was brilliant for a genesis story :0) anyway can’t wait for the sequel

“Einsteins working”…..yeah …Karl is exaggerating a bit!!!! LOL!


For an even better “genesis” story, check out Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock. ;)

RED looks interesting….

I have no interest in Red. Doesn’t look that great.

The Kirk/Spock/McCoy triad MUST be the focus of the next film.

The Kirk/Spock/McCoy triad MUST be the focus of the next film.

Hmm…I clicked once, it posted twice. Is this some kind of temporal causality loop?

RED looks awesome btw, Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis in the same movie? It’s about time!

@13 It already was about time, in 2006, Google “Lucky Number Slevin”. Think they may have even worked together before that.

Karl Urban is perhaps the only actor who has been able to take a role previously done and matched perfectly it in terms of performance. As great as Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto were as Kirk and Spock, neither actor will ever match William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy. Mr. Urban, on the other hand, channelled the late DeForrest Kelley I wouldn’t be surprised if the late actor’s “acting Katra” made its way into Karl Urban’s head. :-)

Looking forward to Red and looking forward to more Bones as well! :-D

wow, Ernest Borgnine! sweet!

wow Richard Dreyfuss! sweet!

I really can’t wait! lol


Ernest Borgnine fan, Buzz? Me too!

Watch this video. You’ll probably never look at him the same way again. (It’s nothing too bad. Actually pretty funny.)


Vultan, yes Ernest is a very fine actor. So versatile, isn’t he. Watch him in the original Flight of the Phoenix. Quite wonderful.

Great Youtube link, Vults, I love it! Thanks for sharing it!


Thanks for the nickname, Buzz! I may have to change it to “Vults.”

And, yes, Flight of the Phoenix is a great movie! I never saw the remake. Didn’t see the point actually, since the original is so good. Another great Borgnine movie is The Wild Bunch—the original bloody shoot-em-up!

Ice Station Zebra, there ya go! Borgnine’s fun in that.

And Roger Ebert hates the movie, so it’s an instant classic. :)

Oh, and I meant to say… Ice Station Zebra rewritten as a Federation/Klingon conflict would be dead-on perfect.

Think Victor Garber as Kor as the double agent akin to Borgnine’s Vaslov role…

That second clip where Urban is interviewed by Alexis and Jennifer–it says “Whatever” in the corner. Is that the name of the show he’s being interviewed on? I thought “Whatever” is another way of saying “I don’t care”.

Not the best name for a show, is it?

#22 I think we’ve known each other long enough to be just Buzz and Vults now. :-D

You know, I actually quite enjoyed the new Flight of the Phoenix. Its very underrated imo. Give it a look sometime and let me know what you think.

Yes, of course, Ice Station Zero is a terrific slow burner of a movie. And again, Ernest was deliciously bad in it. And lets not forget Escape From New York. Another good performance.

#15, Red Dead Ryan –

Well said! Urban’s performance as Bones was the one that left me slack-jawed — a perfect tribute to the original, in mannerism, vocal work and emotion.

Urban pulled his performance off to a T. If I closed my eyes I almost could imagine Kelley speaking those same lines in just the same say. But I never felt Urban was making fun or mocking him.

Kudos to all the actors, though Urban definetly topped my list (along with Greenwood, though his was a more supporting role). The only one I felt needed some work was Yelchin. But the potential is there.

I must agree Karl is carrying De’s Katra! No other way to see it.

#29 lol
and sorry, not ZERO- ZEBRA! But you knew that. I just had a funny little compulsion to correct my previous post there.

thats butter.

better! i should’ve just left well enough alone!

I still giggle at John Quzac cuddling that SMG like a baby…

RED,that looks to be good…

#32. Re: Zero/butter

I can’t believe it’s not butter!

Insert Promise Margarine joke here. (Am I the only one old enough to remember those ads with Shat & wife?)

Am I the only one who loved all the cast in Trek 09 and I loved all their performances:0)

#34 :-D
i can’t believe I don’t check my posts more carefully!

#36 Trekprincess, you regularly seem to have these doubts lol
I’ve tried to put your mind at rest before on this point, let me try again- no, you aren’t! There you go love, does that clear that up for you this time? ;-)
If you still have any doubts go and see how much money the movie made!

#36. & 38.

With regards specifically to the cast , its characterizations and performances I am absolutely with you.

at last someone who actually agrees with me

pmsl. Women! 8-p

Karl Urban is lovely , very nice to see and hear him in a latest interview anyway more Bones please, LLAP,

Judging by the story of the last film from the “Einstein’s”, I think being character driven is the only going for it.

JJ better not shoot star trek XII on HD-video in 3-D instead of film or i will stay home, and refuse to watch it.

okey, this post is about karl urban, and should stay that way, but I do agree that 3-D would be dumb for the movie (I just broke my rule about the post staying with Karl Urban, didn’t I, oh well)

43. and is being character driven a bad thing?

Well, I can only hope that they’re moving towards a Kirk/Spock/McCoy angle in the next film, but the newest film was pretty much Kirk/Spock/Uhura. The rest of the characters were pretty much there because they were there in the original series, McCoy included.

I don’t have high hopes. Uhura is now the love interest of the franchise. They will probably continue the Spock-Kirk love triangle, and it will just be too crowded for McCoy.