Film4 Running ‘Star Trek Weekend’ – Watch Cool Promo

The Film4 channel in the UK is going to the final frontier with their "Star Trek Weekend" movie marathon kicking off on Saturday. They will be showing the first ten Trek feature films. Check out their cool promo and the schedule below.


Film4’s Star Trek Weekend

This weekend Film 4 channel in the UK is running a Star Trek marathon with the first ten Star Trek feature films, plus Trekkies 2. Here is their cool new promo.

Here is the schedule

Saturday October 16th

14:00 – Star Trek: The Motion Picture
16:40 – Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
18:55 – Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
21:00 – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
23:20 – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
01:25 – Trekkies 2

Sunday October17th

14:00 – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
16:20 – Star Trek: Generations
18:45 – Star Trek: First Contact
21:00 – Star Trek: Insurrection
23:05 – Star Trek: Nemesis

More details (and another trailer) at

Thanks to Saltleyville

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holy cow a star trekathon – why have i not done this before!!! Good old film 4

Just wondering why the new Trek isnt on the list ??

#2 its only been on sky movies a month or 2. It’ll be next year when it gets it network premier

@Martman Probably because of the cost of licensing fees to play a recent film is crazy ridiculous.

@ 2 – because Film 4 is a freeview/terrestrial TV station owned by the british TV network Channel 4 – usually it takes around 5 years between the release of the movie in the cinema and the network premiere of a popular summer blockbuster – for example, the first Transformers movie has only just been shown for the first time on terrestrial TV (BBC, ITV, Channel 4, FIVE).

VERY well made promo. Props to the UK

I urge you all to check out the other promo on the link, I saw this on Channel 4 the other day and had a geekgasm! Really great! :D

Too bad it costs so much to watch TV here in the UK!

Lens flare….

At least the camera isn’t being banged on to give us camera shaking effects.

Now THAT’S a promo.

Those who are not in the UK, dust off your DVDs/Blu Rays and follow suit.

At least they’ve got the good sense to show them in order. Sky Movies show the ‘Trek movies pretty frequently, but it’s usually in random order.

Gotta love the people who do C4/E4/More4/Film4’s graphics. As a designer, they’ve had me in awe since their very early, coloured “4” that flew together since the 80’s, right through their Tomato years and their idents now are absolutely genius.

Sadly Film4 isn’t in HD except C4HD did show them over a 2 month period back in June…

The Wrath of Khan and then the Merseysude derby all on my Birthday weekend…. LL&P and COYB!

Has anyone ever really watched all 11 Trek films in a row like that before? I don’t think I could do it…


And YES #14, we’ve done it! Twice now! Hmm…this makes me want to go for #3. =D

Happy Trekking! =)

I wish the BBC still had the rights to Star Trek. No bloody adverts.

Channel 4 (linked with Film4) already showed Treks 1-9, one a week, for a couple of months, just a couple of weeks ago here in the UK. Nevertheless, great Stuff: I always see new things in the films.

PS. It’s great to get some UK news on Trekmovie. We Brits have to wait ages before the Big Bang Episodes, etc, you highlight come to our shores….


Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan will be censored in parts on UK tv at 16:40pm.

I’m hoping Star Trek: The Motion Picture will be The Directors Cut ???

20: Good point. I’m yet to see the director’s cut. My ex bought me the Original Movie boxed set a couple years back and, for some reason, it has the original cut. I’d be interested to see the differences.

13: Film4 is available in high-def on Virgin Media, but not yet on Sky. I read on a forum that it’s unlikely they ever will offer it since it’ll eat into Sky Movies subscriptions. However, since Film4 seem to show a lot of their own movies, which Sky will never have the rights to, that seems a little counter-productive. Especially when Channel 4 and E4 already broadcast in high-def. It’s all moot to me since I’m still in Cathode Ray land. To own a high-def set…

Trek is so awesome, no amount of awesome trailers can do it justice. However, the awesomeness of an awesome trailer can only be increased by the fact that it promotes Trek. All awesome trailers are awesomely welcome!

An awesome deal all round!

Also, it helps that the VSS Enterprise, Virgin Galactic’s new spaceship, has just completed its first manned flight. And yes, like the Space Shuttle Orbiter OV-101, I believe it, too, was named for the known universe’s most famous starship.

Star Trek: It’s Virtually Real!

Film 4 HD?

Loose the frellin lens flares!!!

I love the Brits.

Someone needs to produce a Star Trek channel

Brilliant! I love it when producers/art directors “get” Trek and deliver a promo like that. Clearly they love the source material and can still find a way to make it fresh.

Ok! If Lens Flare’s are going to be the thing that Trek will be remembered for, I’m gonna yell!

Wish I lived in the UK sometimes, just for the TV….it has come a very long way in quality


Why does this feel like a case of the program director being a trekkie and abusing his position a little. lol

I only wish trek was treated that way by channels here in the states.

#8 Kayla Film4 is available on Freeview.

We’ve been enjoying this trailer for a few weeks now. Excellent stuff.
I expect i’ll dip in and out during the weekend. I have already seen them you know ;))

I don’t think I can watch all those movies all at once.

At best, I’ll MAYBE watch a couple of movies on the two days if I find the time to watch them. I’ll probably watch First Contact at 6.45pm on Sunday – The PERFECT time to watch a Sunday evening movie!

I saw a different version of the promo yesterday, using the epic music from the Trek ’09 trailer!

#34, yes, the second Film4 promo was linked to in #11’s post. It really is excellent – bringing together all the really dramatic character moments from the ten films and putting them to that fantastic 09 score.


I love the lunchroom scene…

the new trek isn’t on the list because this is REAL STAR TREK. for true trekkies only. the new trek isn’t part of the canon.

Nice! It will be great to have the oportunity to watch some Trek all day. :D My girlfriend will probably kill me. ;)


Jolly nice of you to say so. Thank you :o)

Its good to see at least some thought going into UK programming for a change. Good chance for younger generations to get into Trek who maybe wouldnt go out and buy the movies.


There’s also a short interview segment with Leonard Nimoy and Jonathan Frakes talking about their experiences of directing Trek movies. It’ll be shown on both days iirc.

#11 Thanks for sharing that link! =)

#19 Say what?? Yes, call me old fashioned, but I really dislike the language, violence and gore, and sex, on today’s TV & movies; I think they’re way over the top, but – what the heck is there to be censored in STII:TWOK??

#25 & #40 I do too! Married one actually. (Well half a one.) =D

Back in 1985, the NARO theatre in Norfolk Va. had a marathon of Star Trek 1, 2 and 3 in one afternoon. It was great. For the cost of one movie ticket ( I think it was about $4.00 to $5.00 ) you got to watch all three films. Even better, this was a older restored theatre with one big screen, and freshly made concessions at reasonable prices. But, even with 30 minute intermissions, we were squirming a bit, and our butts were tired at the end of those 6 odd hours. I can’t imagine sitting through all ten in a row!

One fun thing about that day; I wore a fanmade, but official and professional looking t-shirt that I bought at a convention to the marathon. It was black, and emblazoned on it in blue graphics; “Star Trek IV – The Trial Of James T Kirk”. It had a profile silhouette of the Enterprise, and was in the official Trek movie typeface. On the back of the shirt, if I remember correctly, it said “Coming Summer 1987 From Paramount”.

All day long, especially in line to get tickets and during intermissions I had so many people coming up to me, asking where iI got the shirt…did I know someone at Paramount…did I know any script details…etc.. I did set everyone I talked to straight, and told them that it was just a T-Shirt I got at a convention, so I had no special insight into the next film, but it was kinda fun being the center of attention for a day!

Hi all,

Film4 have updated their site to include a Nimoy/Frakes interview on Gene Roddenberry and fandom:

Plus the clip-based trailer with the Star Trek 09 trailer music is here:

As a former Channel 4 employee, I’m so pleased to see the quality of their promos and interstitials is as strong a ever.


How we doing gang? I watched most of TMP (which had been heavily edited I noticed. Not the Directors cut) and have caught much of Wrath in among dog walking etc.
Just watching the last scenes of TWoK and something has always baffled me- why does Kirk state he ‘feels young’? He’s just lost his closest friend in horrible circumstances. I struggle to understand why he would feel young. Any thoughts?

#43 I did something similar- all to get a free ticket to see Nemesis!
Treks 2,4,6 and 8! We bailed out half way through 6. It was an experience but not one I’d rush to repeat! lol
Great shirt by the way! That’ll be worth something i’d imagine?

Still blown away by the wonderful fx in tmp and wrath.
Comment was even passed at how good they are by a non-Trek fan visitor to the Cagney household.

Just watching Trek 5 now. Great movie.


#42: ISTR from previous viewings the insertion of the brain worm is trimmed slightly, as is the moment on Regula I when the skinned corpse drops down. It’s not so much an issue of those moments being particularly bad, as the timeslot — shown later in the night those moments stay in but in an afternoon/daytime slot like this, there’s often slight edits to stuff.

Didn’t notice, to be honest, if those were trimmed for this showing, but I think that’s what #19 was referring to when predicting edits.

Really enjoyed what I saw- naturally! But credit to Film4 for the links with Nimoy and Frakes. Very enjoyable!
Not being the biggest fan of TNG i have to say I had forgotten just how good First Contact was. Really enjoyed it!
And I very much like Frakes- even though I don’t much care for Riker.
Good job Film4.