New Star Trek Statues Coming From Hollywood Collectibles – First Look At Kirk Statue

Good news for collectors as statues are back. CBS has granted a license to Hollywood Collectibles for new Star Trek statues. The first offering will be the original Kirk, with more on the way. TrekMovie has exclusive details below.


Star Trek Statues from Hollywood Collectibles

The first of the Hollywood Collectibles Group’s Trek statues will be released on the first quarter of 2011, and  is now available for reserve preorder. The hand-painted 10 inch statue of James T. Kirk sitting in his command chair (from the original Star Trek) is made from heavyweight polystone and is presented in 1:6 scale. Hollywood Collectibles is offered in two versions. The regular edition statue is limited to 600, and is available directly from Hollywood Collectibles Group’s website and online retailers for $199.95.

Captain Kirk Statue from Hollywood Collectibles

There is also an exclusive edition limited to 150 for the same price available only through the HCG website. The exclusive edition includes data chips and a Captain’s logbook.

"HCG Exclusive" Edition Captain Kirk Statue from Hollywood Collectibles comes with Captains log and data cards

Star Trek statues have been a staple of Trek memorabilia for decades, with characters from James Kirk to Seven of Nine being immortalized as statues. The last statues offered were in 2007 and 2008, including a Spock Christmas item and a set of three statues based on the episode "Amok Time." Now, Hollywood Collectibles Group, which has licenses for such iconic properties as Lord of the Rings, Iron Man, Rambo, and Superman, presents the first of what could be a diverse line of Star Trek statues. In fact, Hollywood Collectibles Group holds one of the most expansive and complete licenses for Star Trek statues ever issued as it includes all versions of Star Trek, from the 1960s show to the 2009 Star Trek feature film. Items from various Star Trek incarnations are planned for the future. The next planned statue for 2011 will be an original Mr. Spock to match the Kirk statue.

more details on "HCG Exclusive" Edition Captain Kirk Statue from Hollywood Collectibles

As Star Trek nears its 45th anniversary in 2011, TrekMovie will continue to bring you all the new and exciting information about Star Trek products like the HCG Trek statues.

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Who sculpted this? It looks NOTHING like Shatner and the facial expression is NONE-like I ever saw onscreen Kirk’s character ever projected! WTF?

I’d buy one if the guy looked like Captain Kirk. But this isn’t the guy. Must be the stand-in…

That’s Shatner as Kirk? Sorry, there’s too much of a squnit on his face. He looks constipated. Eye size is too narrow. Send it back to the sculptor. There are plenty of pictures of William Shatner as Kirk in the original series.

From a distance, in the thumbnail, it’s rather nice. But up close… man, he looks just way too pissed off. :D

Oh, and I meant to add that the non-facial details are actually rather awesome. ;)

That is a Klingon spy. Take a close look at the forehead.

The brow ridge makes it look like a ‘Neanderthal Kirk.’

Nice statue… except that it looks more like Andy Richter than William Shatner.

Everything else is perfect!

Captain Caveman Kirk angry he have ugly tablet instead of pretty iPad!

Very Cool! He is totally in command of every situation :-) Loving it!

Great. Almost-Kirk pinching a loaf on the Bridge for $200. And for more money, he’s got his own Kindle.

For that kind of cash, at least get Shatner’s face on the figure. It’s licensed out as the face of Kirk.

William Shatner’s face is NOTORIOUSLY hard to draw (comics) and sculpt (figures). All things considered…it’s not that bad. Certain angles look better than others.

Poorly sculpted in my mind. Beautifully painted though but the sculpt lets this down – I know it’s hard to capture Shatner but there are $15 action figures with better sculpts.

I’m looking forward to the next year because I assume we’ll know more about who has the master toy license for the next movie (please let it be HASBRO, or Mattel even!)

Sorry, for $200 it’s needs to be much better. And I buy quite a few expensive collectibles. But this won’t be one of them.

Why the hell can’t anyone get Kirk’s face right? This guy looks like a linebacker who forgot to put on his helmet.

I recently bought the DS Kirk/Gorn action figure double pack and the facial likeness on the Kirk figure is pretty good, and much better than previous figures.

As for the statue, while the face ain’t right, everything else appears to be well done. However, I won’t be buying it because there are so many other things to spend $200+ on.

It looks like he’s squinting, like he’s trying to read something far away…

Looks a bit like Gordon Ramsay with a haircut after he’s spit out his crabcakes


Perfecto! Andy Richter as Kirk. You nailed it. Shatner seems to have the single most difficult to sculpt face on the planet. The MEGO toys are better. The rest of the details of the statue are nice but that face is B-A-D.

Look, Captain Kirk, we all know you’re allergic to Retinox, but you really need to get your eyes checked, buddy. You keep squinting at the viewscreen, and the Klingons aren’t liking it!


Is it me, or does this Kirk look a little Russian? Chekov would be proud….

MEGO’s sculpture of Shatner’s face is still the best IMO.

This looks nothing like Shatner Kirk, plus this guy looks really REALLY angry.

For that kind of money, the captains chair better have sound effects too. The detail is great and well done but I have to agree with those here who think the head is all wrong.

Even when Shatner glared his eyes were never that small such a disappointment since everything else came out perfect

its the new universe … what Chris Pine will look like in 12+ years. :)

It looks fine. It’s made of stone. Chill out.

The face straight on somewhat reminds me of Mickey Roarke.

Other than the face, everything is pretty spot on. It captures a classic pose and all the details look great!

(except for the face…)

i totally agree with all who’ve said it looks nothin’ like Mr Shatner’s Kirk…

history has it that very rarely do these type companies actually get permission to use the likeness of the actor and merely put out product to make a buck

i don’t think the wax figure at madame what’s-her-face look anything like Bill or Mr Stewart…IMA(artistic)O…

Awful. It’s like Meatloaf went to a convention.

It looks EXACTLY like Bruce Greenwood as Captain Pike! EXACTLY!

#20 – I agree. Looks like Gordon Ramsay.

Wow, unfortunate face. The rest looks promising, but I wouldn’t get it with that head.

26. TZFan

Hey homeboy, try posting some links that we can access!


TrekCore has it tendencies to go haywire sometimes, they were working just fine before, see this link for that exact same pose, HD>Miri>Page2>Cap21

If you cover that one eye and eyebrow on our left, it actually looks exactly like Shatner. That’s the problem with faces – one feature off and it wrecks the likeness. But this one actually got the shape of the face right – most sculpts make him too cartoony heroic. He actually has a very soft face. If they’d fix that one eye and eyebrow it’d be perfect.

I think it’s an alien doppleganger trying to “replace” Captain Kirk – the poor likeness alerted the crew immediatly that something was seriously amiss…

A little underwhelming. Face isn’t good. And of all the iconic poses…they pick the one that makes him look like he’s waiting for a pedicure.


The pose is good, the face looks sort of like Shatner from the side… but overall he looks kind of too mean for Kirk from the front… plus not really like him anyway.

He looks pissed. With an expression like that he should be sitting on a toilet not the captain’s chair

I think his feet n legs look too thin–or too small or something–kinda like his legs are made otta slight squished toothpaste tubes and yeh the eyestrain on kirk–too vain to wear glasses–being allergic t retinex sucks–

Oh my, when did they ever get the face right? I think the pose is good, and I like the hair…;-) And it’s real Kirk – so no complaints from me.

The price – well, it’s a wee bit expensive, but originals tend to get more expensive with time. I bet 45 years from now PineKirk will be make a great bargain…:))

Y’know … it actually looks more like a young DeForest Kelley.

(Check out the Star Trek Medical Tricorder ad on the right side of this Web page!)

Gosh… another Kirk… Booooring….

Looks like Matt Damon. Problem is, Matt Damon is not Kirk.

I hope no one gets me this as a gift.

Wow, very nice.

omg so NOT canon. Where is the carpet on the chair base with the coffee stain??

Looks like Shat is trying to take a sh.t!….whats up with that constipated expression! Maybe some young yoeman just spurned him!