Star Trek Hot Wheels Wave 3 Available Exclusively At Costco

In May 2009 Mattel released their first wave of Star Trek Hot Wheel vehicles and back in January they released the second wave. Now the third wave with some repaints and some new ships (including the Narada) is available exclusively in Costco stores. Details below.



Star Trek Hot Wheels Wave 3 available at Costco in Mattel Fan Pack

The third wave of Hot Wheels star trek vehicles are available in Mattel’s Star Trek Ultimate Fan Pack is available now, only at Costco for $80. The pack contains six Star Trek Hot Wheels vehicles (a mix of repaints and new ships) along with the Star Trek SceneIt DVD game.

Here is a breakdown of the Star Trek Hot Wheels die-cast models in the pack (each is 7" scale): 

  • HMS Bounty/Klingon Bird of Prey (Star Trek IV) [repaint]

  • USS Saratoga NCC-1867 (Star Trek IV)  [repaint]

  • Battle-damaged USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A [Star Trek VI] [repaint]

  • Enterprise NX-01 (Enterprise) [NEW]

  • USS Enterprise NCC-1701 (TOS) [NEW]

  • Romulan mining ship Narada (Star Trek 2009)  [NEW]

Here are photos:

Hot Wheels NX-01

Hot Wheels Battle Damaged NCC-1701-A

Hot Wheels HMS Bounty

Hot Wheels USS Saratoga

Hot Wheels Original USS Enterprise

Hot Wheels Narada

The third wave is a welcome addition to this series. The first two waves of the Star Trek Hot Wheels die-cast ships were well made. The 7" scale is a good size to allow for interesting details, but they are not too big and can easily adorn your office or all be displayed on a single book case. The most exciting bit for this series is the inclusion of the Narada as this is the only Narada toy available (Playmates never made one) and one of the few 2009 Star Trek movie items available this year.


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…..the Narada!…. Best updated Doomsday Machine ever.

Great….I don’t have a Costco within at least a couple hundred miles from me. :( Hopefully I’ll be able to order these online.

Man, the Narada is one dumb looking ship. I just can’t get any logical sense out of it’s look. Why does it have sharp, pointy, jutty things on it? Why does it look like some kind of bug? It’s like the designers (who shall not be named) just wanted to come up with something scary looking. The Scimitar was sort of like that. It has no mechanical logic to it, therefore I don’t think of it as a space traveling machine/vehicle. And yes, I get that it’s all just fantasy. I liked the old days when Klingon, Romulan, and Federation technology all came from different cultures but ended looking a bit alike because that’s how things physically worked, in this make-believe universe of technology.

As for the toys:

I am a ship guy so I am all over them like a dog on a bone.

The narada hot wheels looks like a cockroach

The ships look great! I really like the HMS Bounty BoP and Fed ships, but what’s that fat squid/SeaQuest thing doing in there? ;)

The Narada looks like a flying roach. I liked it better in space when I couldn’t tell what it looked like and it looked black.

(lol just as I typed this the train movie Unstoppable preview came on.)

Excelent…The “REAL” Constitution Class U.S.S. ENTERPRISE NCC-1701! I’ll be purchasing that to go alongside my refit Enterprise and Relient.

@3 THX-1138

As I said, it would have been a glorious updated “Doomsday Machine” design with some minor touches like putting that big energy consuming opening where the hanger used to be. By no means should this design have been used for a SIMPLE MINING SHIP!

I think that’s what happened here. They designed a ship for a completely different series for… I don’t know. The THING may be since it has no basic shape, form and has tentacles. Since the project was abandoned, JJ decided to take a design from this unrelated series that by no accounts in any form of Star Trek has ever been built by the Romulans (Drone ship may be close, but A. It’s design was from a completely different race from Voyager and B. It had a sense of shape!) or any other race for that matter.

I’m guessing Mattel had to make the Narada the way they did because otherwise the all of the sharp “tentacles” could cause injuries.

Well, that sucks. They finally release the Narada, and it’s in a huge pack full of ships that I either don’t want or already have replicas of, and only at a store nowhere near here. GRRRRRRRR!

Not bad at all…I’ll take it. Nice that they still think of the NX01.

too bad that they got the Saratoga wrong….. unless they meant for it to be the one from ST: IV not the one from DS9

i should read before posting lol

Yeah, thanks Mattel. Way to reward those of us who hunted down the first two waves. Now I can buy extras after a three hour drive!

I really try not to be cynical on here, but this is really a lousy way to do this. I am sure the after market will be horrible as well. I hope they at least make the three VERY available on

The HMS Bounty looks like it’s been tie-died! (I guess maybe the artist did a little too much LDS.)

not to shamelessly promote something…well, what the the lead-in comic adaptation (of what was rumored to be the early draft of Trek 2009 to include TNG cast) and it kinda explains why the Narada looks the way it does…

and, my fav detail, someone took time to do the right version of the Enterprise and not the 70s model kit and left the “deflector ribs” off the top of the saucer section..she’s smooth like she’s supposed to be

I just ordered the original 1701 on ebay…I think they did a limited run for one of the Comic Cons. I agree with John, this is a nice size and level of detail for a good personal display piece.

Cool set! But I still think the Narada looks like a Klingon suppository. :P

i posted about this on here a couple of weeks ago. i think i should atleast get some credit for it :p

p.s. im sick of people telling me i should read the countdown comics in order to understand something that was never explained in the 09′ movie. if i was meant to understand something about the film it should have been INCLUDED in the film.

20. You have a very good point. Even though I read the comic, I still expect the film to stand on its own. If it’s a Romulan craft, it should bear some resemblence to past Romulan designs unless it’s explained somewhere in the script.

And FWIW, the Narada reminds me more of a Goliath Beetle than a roach. But it’s still fugly.

The Narada is pretty much a vorlon ship.

words fail me on how disappointing it is that it was impossible to collect this series due to lack of distribution, and that the final ships are locked in a Costco.

Whatever happened to Micro-machines? They had some great Trek and Star Wars sets back in the 90’s.


Galoob went out of business.

I’d love to have the TOS Enterprise but not enough to spend 80 bucks on a DVD game and 5 ships I don’t want.

Of course, I could always sell them on eBay …

Yeah the Narada looks like a spiky piece of poop with that coloring. The rest look cool, though, especially (strangely enough) the NX.


Ooh, sorry to hear that. So, I guess that fast-talking guy is back with Fed-Ex? God, I feel old….

Hasbro bought out Galoob and killed pretty much all the lines. the recent line of Titanium Series stuff for Star Wars, BSG, and Transformers has galoob/micro machine logos on it, because that’s where Titanium series started. They tried a run of Micro Machines a year or two ago, but they were not decent quality, and failed to sell.

Where’s the new movie Enterprise? It is some exclusive piece where only 12 were made?

I love the NX-01… but it’s a shame there’s three repaints.

Why does Saratoga have a “rollbar”?

AdmrR has the Costco card and she’s in China!

**flails arms and legs, pounding the floor**

SO nice to see ships of the line out there again. So sick of seeing Star Wars crap on every shelf.

ps – The Narada is flying backwards. It attacks prongs first. Nero must be drunk.

The Hot Wheels ENTEPRISE flirted with being good, but the build on all the ones I’ve seen is crap — the saucer has a weird angle to it as assembled.

I sure wish someone would make a good, “engineer’s reference” kind of line with some attention to detail and care about the final product.

Just my 2¢; I know some really like this line.

I don’t remember seeing anything about “Wave 2”. What ships were in that wave?


Because it’s the Saratoga from Voyage Home.

Ummmm, don’t they have the Narada pointing in the wrong direction?

#4 – It does look like a cockroach. Or a serrated grape leaf.

Why would the Saratoga from Voyage Home be made into a collectable? Oh I know, so they could re-hash something already out in the market and get out the easy way. Maybe they thought we wouldn’t notice. Take off the roll bar and give us a ship that meant something. While I’m griping, when do we get a decent Defiant (DS9) and maybe an Enterprise C? How many bird of prey models do we need? It’s a cool ship but there’s one on every flea market aisle by now. I also agree with 35, I would have added an Enterprise refit, like the one above, but the warp nacelles were ACTUALLY WARPED. Also, why does Narada look like a grasshopper that’s been drying in the sun? On a positive note I do like the NX-01 pictured. At least that adds some variety. May get that one.

What was in Wave 2? I never heard/saw anything else after wave 1.

What no love for the USS Kelvin?? It opens the movie with a bang, it’s a cool design, what’s the deal, it seems we will never get a model of it.


Frackin’ ay! Give us a frickin’ Kelvin for crappin’ out loud!

And I hate these store exclusives, especially since I don’t think there’s even one Cosco in my state!

And I never saw the new E in stores. Was that Wave2? I almost bought the Enterprise (TMP) and the 1701-D but there were just enough missing or misplaced details that made it not worth the money. Do we only have Hallmark to get it right now? The Johnny Lightning sets were pretty good, although repetitive.

Wahey! I love me some spaceship models! I’ll be picking up the Narada and NX-01 for sure, maybe the TOS ENT as well.

The incorrect sculpt for the Saratoga is putting me off her, and if the plastic warping is as much as it was for the wave 1 refit, I won’t bother with that either.

Also, I too have never seen the new movie Enterprise in stores anywhere. Does anyone know the reason for this?


The design of an alien ship is something that doesn’t need to be explained in science fiction movies to 99% of the audience. for the hardcore fans that have to know why a certain control panel is flashing in frame 21,678 of the film, you have EU things like the comics and tech manuals.

Is there a version without the DVD Scene It game? Already have it so I don’t really want doubles, if I can avoid doing so.

Agree with another commenter, from a distance the Hot Wheels look good but up close things get a little funky. My Enterprise-refit has the saucer at an odd angle relative to the neck and engineering hull.

I think the problem is that Hot Wheels is using a mix of die-cast and some weird soft plastic that doesn’t hold shape very well. It would be better if it was all die-cast, or die-cast + more rigid plastic. The stand’s ball joint also looks fragile such that it’d easily break off and get stuck inside your ship.

THAT SAID! They’re nice little display pieces, especially for the office, since they’re not fragile ships and not expensive/delicate enough to worry too much about damage. They’re also fairly affordable.

In spite of all the flaws, for the first few days I had the Enterprise-Refit on my desk I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Lowered my productivity it did :)

I hope they sell it without the Scene It game. I already own a copy of that game.

I hope you can order these from another source. That is not fair or right to fans who don’t have a Cosco in their City.

The battle damaged 1701-A looks cool but why do people always make this ship such a bright white? I don’t remember the forward tip of the secondary hull contrasting so much with the rest of the body either. The thing looked gray to me on film.

I also think they got the coloring on the Narada all wrong, although I’ll admit much of the color seen in the film was due to lighting effects more than the color of the ship itself.