Klingons Invade UK Politics On BBC Panel Show [VIDEO]

2010 continues to be the year of the Klingons. Today the Empire appears to have invaded British politics, with a Star Trek-themed discussion on a UK panel show about how the Klingons would fit into the government. Watch the clip below.


Klingons Join UK Coalition Government?

The long-running BBC comedy panel show "Have I Got News For You" quizzes British celebrities on the news of the week. The 40th season of the show kicked off Thursday night and at one point the topic veered to the UK cabinet and panelist Victoria Coren started a conversation about how the collation government with Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat Party) and Prime Minister David Cameron (Conservative Party) reminds her of Star Trek, watch it below.

It was not too long ago that a stone with Klingon markings warning of an invasion was found in Scotland, so maybe the coming Klingon attempt to takeover the Earth will start in the UK. Could they end up being voted in?

Nick Clegg (right) with his potential Klingon coalition partner?


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Could they end up being voted in?

I would vote for that guy ; )

I saw that go out on BBC One tonight, and I swear, I almost passed out laughing with Cameron and Clegg being likened to Klingons and Red Shirts…

I wouldn’t have Cheng as my coalition partner. he was one of the people behind the Kithomer Conspiracy! Clearly British politician, need education.

Nice! Chang would make a lovely politician… though I’m not sure we’d be able to vote him out of office once elected.

“I am constant as the Northern Star!”

VOTE FOR CHANG!!!! Wait! I mean…Vote for CHANGE!!! Yes….Change :):) mmmmmwwwwoooohahahahaha!!!

Besides, it’d be nice to have a Shakepeare quoting Klingon during PMQs!

“I wish the hell he’d shut up”! :)

Viral marketing already?

Damn I forgot this was on! Will have to catch a re-run.
This is probably the funniest show on British tv so its great to see Trek getting some time. :-D

Unfortunately for us Brits… The conDem government are more like the Obsidian Order :(

Please, Scotty… Anybody…. Beam me the hell out of the UK

Wow, chat about Klingons *and* Benedict Cumberbatch from Sherlock on HIGNIFY? Double win! :D

Oh I watched this last night and as a Trekker, LOVED it. One of my favourite panel shows anyway, and 20 years old this year, Have I Got News For You is fantastic. My favourite is Ian Hislop, who is on the far left. In more ways than one.


Excuse me? Are we a nation of uneducated leaders?

Pathetic dig.

I was just going to say Chang seems at home in a loud Brit tie. Probably even LIKE the local food.

(How’s that for a dig, Mr. Kirk?)

Chang of the Klingon Party is quite a riot!

#12 can’t say i’ve ever viewed him as far left or far right. He is just a common sense kind of a guy. I reckon he dislikes any form of extremism.
I really enjoy the other shows Ian has done over the years. His war programmes are brilliant. A top bloke.

About the same level as #3?

@3 & 14 – clearly the US aren’t trained in the art of intelligent ‘digs’…

Cheng? It’s Chang.

British politician, need education? Even if this whole post made any sense (which it doesn’t) shouldn’t that be…. Clearly British politicians need educating.

“I was just going to say Chang seems at home in a loud Brit tie” eh? “Probably even LIKE the local food.” eh??? That made no sense LOL

Clearly the dire US education system has failed you guys…


@3 & 14 – clearly the US aren’t trained in the art of intelligent ‘digs’…

Yes, unfortunately due to the current economic downturn there have been severe budget cuts in our education system here in the States. First, there were cutbacks in the art programs, then the total elimination of the Department of Intelligent Digs (excluding paleontology, of course), and now there’s talk of doing away with the “Saving Europe from the Occasional German Invasion” training program.

Dear oh dear… so very sad…

“I’de pay real money if he’d shut up”

Vults i believe it to be the case that any military action you partake in over here is actually quite the little money spinner. Britain only just finished paying you guys off 3 or so years ago for the, undoubtedly invaluable, assistance you ‘gave’ us.
Of course no sum of money can cover the cover the loss of life, but it was to our mutual benefit that fascism was defeated.
We shouldn’t snipe and score cheap points off each other. :-(


Sorry for the truthiness, Buzz. It just gets a little annoying with the constant “stupid/ugly American” comments from abroad. I think quite a lot of the Brits (and the world in general), and it always pains me to have stones skipped across the oceans at us. Part of me wishes the Soviet Union was still around just so we could say, “Hey, we’re not so bad. Just look at those guys! Over there! The ones marching with the big, pointy missiles!”

Mate, I understand entirely. Fear not, I’ll not skip any unpleasant stones your way. Sadly there are those that will, in both directions, but they aren’t worth the time and energy to get worked up about.
Leave ’em to it. ;-)

EPIC, I’ll watch this on the extended show later!

Well, they didn’t want that particular German (i.e. the fanatically racist and genocidal dictator) in charge any way.

The current royal family hails from Coburg I believe. The Anglo-Saxons themselves are the end result of a German invasion. The Celts, Romans, Danes, and Norman French have also left their mark on the British Isles.

The history of Europe does read like an epic Klingon opera at times.

I gave the heads up for this…where is my credit!? lol

Only kidding, I was very pleased to see it come up though.

The Celts are the native ‘Britons’. The Romans assimalated them, then came along the Danes, the Saxons and the Angles. They assimilated again into society, with our culture largely becoming Anglo-Saxon. Then the Norman conquest happened, with the Normans being related to previously displaced Celts and Norse men. The French have never successfully invaded the UK, nor have the Germans


In a strictly political sense, you are absolutely correct. There was no Germany before 1871. And that entity has certainly never successfully invaded the UK. There was no France when the Normans conquered England in 1066. Philip II was the first Frankish monarch to use the word in his title. And even that was a bit of an empty boast, as the centralized French state came much later.

However, I think the cultural landscape is far more complicated than the political one simply because of the constant grind of migration, assimilation, and adaptation. The Normans, for instance, adopted the language and culture of their Frankish neighbors long before they got to England. That is why there are so many French loan words in the English language. Even the word Parliament is derived from “Parle” (to speak).

It is very difficult to define where one culture ends and another starts.

I do consider all the concepts you have introduced to your post. They are very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are very brief for newbies. Could you please extend them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.