Watch ‘Star Blecch’ The Animated Mad Star Trek 2009 Parody + More Mad Trek fun

Mad Magazine has a new animated TV spinoff on the Cartoon Network and in September they took on the 2009 Star Trek movie. You can watch the animated parody below, plus TrekMovie looks at the long history of Star Trek and Mad Magazine (and MADtv). So get started with all the Star Blecch below.


Mad takes on Star Trek 2009

The new Cartoon Network animated Mad series has taken on the 2009 Star Trek movie. Here is the full episode, with the "Star Blecch" spoof as the first bit after the credits.


Mad Star Trek

Mad Magazine has a long history of taking on Star Trek. The first "Star Blecch" parody was in Mad #115 in 1967. If you want to check it out, the website Star Trek animated has posted it frame-by-frame online.

Here is a famous photo of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek checking out the Trek parody.

After that Mad Magazine continued their "Star Blecch" franchise through the years. The next time they took on Trek was when the show was having its big resurgence in syndication in the seventies, getting it onto the cover with "Mad Star Trek Musical" parody in Mad #186 (October 1976). Scans of the musical are available online at MyStarTrekScrapbook.

The Star Trek Musical parody made the cover in 1976

And Mad continued taking on Star Trek. Mad parodied all of the TV series except for Enterprise. Here is a breakdown of Star Trek TV series Mad parodies:

  • TOS: Star Blecch (Mad #115 – December 1967)
  • TNG: Star Blecch The Next Degradation (Mad #282 – October 1988)
  • DS9: Star Blecch Deep Space Swine (Mad #321 – September 1993)
  • VOY: Star Blecch Voyeur (Mad #339 – September 1995)

Deep Space Nine was the only TV series to get a full cover treatment in Mad

Mad has also been taking on the Star Trek feature films. Six Star Trek films had parodies inside magazines, here is a breakdown (note links for where MyStarTrekScrapbook has some scans online):

Star Trek IV was the only movie series to get a full cover treatment inside a standard Mad Magazine

In addition both Star Trek VI and Star Trek: Generations had parodies inside special Star Trek editions of Mad Magazine, which compiled previous parodies. The two issues were:

  • Mad Super Special with Star Trek VI (September 1999)

  • Mad Star Trek Spectacular w/ Star Trek Generations (Holiday 1994)

Star Trek VI and Generations were parodied inside special issues

Mad TV

The Mad Magazine inspired sketch comedy show MADtv also took on Star Trek a few times over the years, mostly. All of the sketches are available on YouTube, check them out below.

Mexican Star Trek

The Kirk and Spock Variety Hour

The Captain Kirk Show

Star Trek: Deep Stain Nine



Thanks to Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site

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Yikes…..that sketch was terrible….how could 3 and a bit minutes feel like 3 and a bit hours?

I’m referring to the first sketch…too tired to watch the others..

Anyone else watching Film 4’s star trek weekend? Cripes, it great to see how wonderful the movies still are…

Gosh these sketches are terrible.

They misspelled “Trekkin'” on that Mad magazine cover. (October 1976.)

It’s nice to know that so many people find humor in Trek.

In these humorless times, Trek parody can bring a light touch to life.

THAT SKETCH SUCKED BIG TIME!!! It was One of the Worst Sketches I’ve ever seen.


That is how the new movie was.

Thank you.



The Amok Time duel music!! Ala Disco! FTW!

So it’s basically an un-funny copy of Robot Chicken.

I had no idea they were still producing Mad Magazine.

Oh okay!…’s funny I laughed a bit…..just a little bit I confess!!!!

Oh ok. I t was a little funney. But I like the Spoof of Trek on In Living Color. That was funney. Of course everyone remembers the Sketch of the Shat on Sat night live where he said to Get a Life. Love that. But my Fav was with a Fat Sulu with Khan where the Big E Was Cited for Food Violations. Or when Picard was on with Star Trek the Next Gen Love Boat with a Fat Sulu.

I’m a lifelong Mad reader and collector, and I’ve always loved the Star Trek parodies!

Ive always loved Trek Parodies too but that TV with actor head cut outs sketch was not very funny at all. just mostly stupid…has this been on tv already?? No advertising for the show on cartoon network I guess…

They woulda been better off using regular animation in the styles of their comic magazine and also have the writers who actually can write something funny while spoofing it…

As someone else already mentions ROBOT CHICKEN does the same thing, far more creatively and far more funny as well with the toy stop motions they use….

Their Star Trek experience spoof was dead on and funny as hell…

AP you might want to get rid of that Digits ad – it plays a video and eats up a load of MB wether you want or not

Surprisingly unfunny.

“Mum’s the word. *ejected*”

Not funny:
Everything else.

Star Trek: srs bsnss.

Wow. If Bob Orci says it is not funny then it is realy bad.

Ha ha ha, oh wow. I think the parody of the parody may have managed to improve on the original parody.

That was funny!

Really bad sketch….Ensign Sue-level bad.

The movie parodies are the best — the caricatures are superb, and I love all those little visual gags in the background, like the go-go dancer in the turbolift tube, or the lonely bowling ball pining for Ilia, or the search for anything that rhymes with Spock! :)

That was embarrassingly bad. Just stupid man.

So, props to CN and MAD for having Star Trek as one of the sketches, and it cracked me up at how accurate it is, but really? Ben 10? Uhura watches Ben 10? Even with Dwayne McDuffie writing in Ultimate Alien, I can’t pay attention while watching. Overall, I laughed, but MAD art bothers me overall and the animation style makes me think of that one show that used to come on HBO Family. And toilet/fart jokes? So last century.

I think what really bothered me was that Spock’s voice sounded like Roy Mustang from FMA and two of my fav characters mixed together didn’t really make me happy when I see their creepy big heads and small bodies.

Why even post the video. Is this site THAT slow for news it has to post this? Trekweb is leaving you in the dust, and that site still looks like it did in 1999.


Even if Trekweb posts more news (which is cool but their site is pretty cluttered), Trekmovie seems to have more people commenting on the main page and if that is any sign, I’m sure the forums are the same.



Yeah, that TrekWeb page really needs an overhaul.

I found it to be hilarious!

My older brother had copies of all those old Mad magazines, including the 1967 one. I remember reading them over and over way back when as a kid. The first time I read one, I recall being too young to be able to read all the words, but he wouldn’t read it to me. LOL! I was a Trek fan even then! Wonder whatever happened to them. :)

Why couldn’t the poll say “all of the above?”

Yep, agreed, not funny.

#28 right way to go! I too still have my Mad m. Star blechhh paradies since 1967. I believe I mentioned them a few months ago along with Spock @ kirk reading one on the filming set! I’m happy they brought these out of the moth balls for all to see and share. If mad would agree to consoludate all the paradies into one book that would be realy cool. Now to wath the videos! Memoies and laughing to come!

Wait. Chaceldon Presbyterian Church is closed because of snow? What about the blueberry pancake breakfast? This is a disaster!

ps- Lighten up, folks.

None of them were funny. But I gotta give them props on “The Captain Kirk Show” … They got the hair right.

i have nearly all these issues.

Back in the 60s-70s marvel comics had a humor mag called crazy–loved it i even had letters printed in it–also for comic fans marvel had not brand ecch–funny as hell with humor written n drawn by the likes of stan lee n jack kirby spiofing their own superheroes–was great-ahh the good ole days

Star Blecch is right. Not funny and just bleh.

Thanks, Anthony, for the kind links! Hope everyone enjoyed reading the posted Mad spoofs.

Re: #35, Jim, I have posted a couple of Crazy Trek spoofs…
The Cracked spoofs were fun also:

#37 Frederick I give full kudos for preserving thes trek treasures from the paradies to all things trek with news clippings and such. I think its high time for Anthony to give you a tribute to you and your fab collectionn trust me I felt your agnst in parents thas or my father that was anti trek mom was cool about it. Thanks for the links and the great memories like taping trek on a cassete recorder. Those were great trekkie days! And Anthony thanks for this star Blecch!


I loved that “The Captain Kirk Show” got the Klingons right!

I actually loved those early days of MAD-TV. Very clever at a time when SNL had gone stale. I think Will Sasso (Kirk) is hilarious. Funny that he is now among the cast of “Crap My Dad Said” with the Shat.

Re: #38, Losira,
Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Anthony has done very well by me already, he awarded the blog “Best New Fan Site for 2008,” which was quite an honor; and he regularly links to stuff there that has relevance or interest. I’m grateful!

Cool Frederick. Thanks for the Crazy Spoofs links…Been a lonnng time…I still have my collection somewhere molding away at my folks garage sigh ahahah

My two favorite childhood memories….Mad Magazine and Star Trek!!!

I still have that Mad Star Trek Musical!

Just wanted to pipe in and say “Enterprise” DID have a parody in Mad Magazine (Issue No. 420 “Endless-Prize”). Just a little FYI. I’m a huge fan, have been since I was a kid.

P.S. They also parodied Star Trek’s V, VI, and VII (as a part of the Star Trek Saga in the Trek Super Special).


ohmogaree biteo mr mugato?

Re: Mad I Should clarify: ST V was a two page parody, STVI was a full parody, and STVII was part of “Star Trek Saga” in the all Trek Super Special.

I would give my left arm if someone has a link to a hi-res version of that pic of Nimoy and Shatner reading Mad Magazine.

Or at least someone’s left arm.

What is amazing is how accurately prescient the last panel of the 1976 parody is, showing the young boy watching Kirk & Spock on the living room furniture t.v. set, then the adult watching the same scene on a spherical Panasonic set from the ’70s, then the old man in his wheelchair watching the same scene of his heroes on a flatscreen from his wheelchair. I read that when it first appeared and recognized myself in it immediately — and the truth of it is proved every single day, all around the world.