Watch ‘Star Blecch’ The Animated Mad Star Trek 2009 Parody + More Mad Trek fun

Mad Magazine has a new animated TV spinoff on the Cartoon Network and in September they took on the 2009 Star Trek movie. You can watch the animated parody below, plus TrekMovie looks at the long history of Star Trek and Mad Magazine (and MADtv). So get started with all the Star Blecch below.


Mad takes on Star Trek 2009

The new Cartoon Network animated Mad series has taken on the 2009 Star Trek movie. Here is the full episode, with the "Star Blecch" spoof as the first bit after the credits.


Mad Star Trek

Mad Magazine has a long history of taking on Star Trek. The first "Star Blecch" parody was in Mad #115 in 1967. If you want to check it out, the website Star Trek animated has posted it frame-by-frame online.

Here is a famous photo of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy on the set of Star Trek checking out the Trek parody.

After that Mad Magazine continued their "Star Blecch" franchise through the years. The next time they took on Trek was when the show was having its big resurgence in syndication in the seventies, getting it onto the cover with "Mad Star Trek Musical" parody in Mad #186 (October 1976). Scans of the musical are available online at MyStarTrekScrapbook.

The Star Trek Musical parody made the cover in 1976

And Mad continued taking on Star Trek. Mad parodied all of the TV series except for Enterprise. Here is a breakdown of Star Trek TV series Mad parodies:

  • TOS: Star Blecch (Mad #115 – December 1967)
  • TNG: Star Blecch The Next Degradation (Mad #282 – October 1988)
  • DS9: Star Blecch Deep Space Swine (Mad #321 – September 1993)
  • VOY: Star Blecch Voyeur (Mad #339 – September 1995)

Deep Space Nine was the only TV series to get a full cover treatment in Mad

Mad has also been taking on the Star Trek feature films. Six Star Trek films had parodies inside magazines, here is a breakdown (note links for where MyStarTrekScrapbook has some scans online):

Star Trek IV was the only movie series to get a full cover treatment inside a standard Mad Magazine

In addition both Star Trek VI and Star Trek: Generations had parodies inside special Star Trek editions of Mad Magazine, which compiled previous parodies. The two issues were:

  • Mad Super Special with Star Trek VI (September 1999)

  • Mad Star Trek Spectacular w/ Star Trek Generations (Holiday 1994)

Star Trek VI and Generations were parodied inside special issues

Mad TV

The Mad Magazine inspired sketch comedy show MADtv also took on Star Trek a few times over the years, mostly. All of the sketches are available on YouTube, check them out below.

Mexican Star Trek

The Kirk and Spock Variety Hour

The Captain Kirk Show

Star Trek: Deep Stain Nine



Thanks to Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site

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