Limited Mondo Star Trek “Journey To Babel” Poster Goes On Sale Friday

Tomorrow Alamo Theater/Mondo Tees are releasing their fourth limited edition Star Trek poster. This time they have a retro future vision poster for the original Star Trek episode "Journey To Babel". The poster goes on sale tomorrow, check it out below.


Mondo’s Journey To Babel

Mondo continues to come up with cool new designs to show off your love of Star Trek. This time designer Tom Whalen takes a look at that classic episode "Journey To Babel" – full of politics, Federation history…and Vulcan daddy issues. Each 18"x24" screen print is hand numbered for a limited run of 260 prints, at a price of $35. They go on sale at tomorrow (October 22nd, 2010).

Mondo’s Journey To Babel

The Mondo Tees Star Trek posters tend to sell out very quickly so the best way to get in on the action is to follow the @mondonews on Twitter.

Mondo are also giving away a Star Trek and a Star Wars poster via aintitcoolnews.

Past Mondo Trek

the TNG era with their version of a Star Trek: First Contact poster featuring The Borg Queen.


This limited edition poster goes on Sale on Thursday September 2nd at the Mondo website. The posters tend to sell out in just minutes so your best bet is to follow  @MondoNews on Twitter and buy as soon as they announce availability.

Previous Posters

Here are the previous Star Trek posters from Mondo (all sold out)

Space Seed poster (June)

Tribbles Posters (July)

First Contact (August)



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I love the art style on these posters! First rate!

The first contact poster is beyond amazing.

Love ’em! I just love that retro style.

Nice but they sell out way too fast… I wish I knew if that was good or bad.

Great Job! Love the Little People and all the different aliens at the bottom.

Can’t wait to pick this one up. I missed the Space Seed one, didn’t want the Tribbles ones, and bought the glow in the dark First Contact poster.

I adore Tom Whalen’s work. I have a print of his Star Wars (ANH) poster framed in my office.

I really hate the First Contact poster, meanwhile. ‘s fugly.


I think the First Contact poster is some of his finest work. That thing is freakin’ gorgeous.

Nice stuff.

I will be trying to buy one of these tomorrow morning.

I really, really, really wish they weren’t so limited. Lots of fans miss out. I want to give them my money but they won’t LET ME!!!

10. Print out the posters on glossy paper. It works.

The FC one that glows in the dark is pretty cool also. I was lucky to get one.

Did he get a Little Copper Dude [tm] in the lower right corner!?!? TOS Ferengi, we say! :)

13 um that would be the lower left…

I like!

Gotta say I’m waiting for “City on the Edge of Forever.”

Doomsday Machine, for me. These are rockin’.

FYI, it just went on sales at 9:35am PST.

Mondo Trek Kicks Ass!! OUT-STanding!! =D

Whew, got one. Almost forgot.

#17. Man, if they make a Doomsday Machine one, that would be awesome.

#8 – It’s not to say it isn’t a good piece or whatever, I just don’t like it.

It’s not Whalen, is it? Doesn’t look like one of his.

Ack! Sold out at 5:32 PM Central (US)

#23. They actually sold out around 10:20am PST.

Lol yea I was on top of it, I was lucky i purchased mine just after noon eastern standard time. I checked back soon after and sure enough sold out, I then go to ebay and there they are triple the original price. The Space Seed and First Contact poster are alright, not as impressive as the Babel and Tribble posters ( I mean to say eye catching). I would love to get my hands on the two tribble posters. There is one poster I have been dying to get my hands on and that is the mostly blue Star Trek poster for the new movie with the cool steam punkish Enterprise which were at those Star Trek parties. But I have never seen a single one on ebay, not one! And I am waiting for an email back from Jesse Philips the artist to see if he would ever consider another print run. Fingers crossed. I am just happy I got my hands on a Babel poster.

I would really like to see Balance of terror, Mirror Mirror, The Doomsday machine, and Tholian Web posters. I can only imagine how great they would look.

“Arena” would make a good poster—and would probably sell out immediately!

Have you noticed how many profile shots of Spock there have been to accentuate the ears? Opening shot of Khan, Spock and Uhura in turbolift in latest film, etc. This new poster reminded me of this. Guess that shot’s too tempting for the directors to pass up. Perhaps a new drinking game in the making?

I’d like to see a Piece of the Action, Day of the Dove, or even Bread & Circuses posters next. These are all great so far and I hope he gets a shot at doing the next ST movie poster.