Limited Mondo Star Trek “Journey To Babel” Poster Goes On Sale Friday

Tomorrow Alamo Theater/Mondo Tees are releasing their fourth limited edition Star Trek poster. This time they have a retro future vision poster for the original Star Trek episode "Journey To Babel". The poster goes on sale tomorrow, check it out below.


Mondo’s Journey To Babel

Mondo continues to come up with cool new designs to show off your love of Star Trek. This time designer Tom Whalen takes a look at that classic episode "Journey To Babel" – full of politics, Federation history…and Vulcan daddy issues. Each 18"x24" screen print is hand numbered for a limited run of 260 prints, at a price of $35. They go on sale at tomorrow (October 22nd, 2010).

Mondo’s Journey To Babel

The Mondo Tees Star Trek posters tend to sell out very quickly so the best way to get in on the action is to follow the @mondonews on Twitter.

Mondo are also giving away a Star Trek and a Star Wars poster via aintitcoolnews.

Past Mondo Trek

the TNG era with their version of a Star Trek: First Contact poster featuring The Borg Queen.


This limited edition poster goes on Sale on Thursday September 2nd at the Mondo website. The posters tend to sell out in just minutes so your best bet is to follow  @MondoNews on Twitter and buy as soon as they announce availability.

Previous Posters

Here are the previous Star Trek posters from Mondo (all sold out)

Space Seed poster (June)

Tribbles Posters (July)

First Contact (August)



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